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A Love Worth Fighting For.

A story of a love that surpasses the test of time. A love that lives in the past, present, and future. A love that should have never been, but quickly became the only thing worth fighting for.

Chapter 2

The Next time Hermione saw those familiar blue eyes. Was when She, Harry, and Ron, and been captured in the forest, and brought to Malfoy Manor, to be handed over to Bellatrix Lestrange.

Hermione watched as the blue eyes that had been haunting her night after night, widened in shock, as she was brought into the house at wand point, though beyond that Narcissa's face was still an unreadable mask.

Soon after, the boy's had been taken to the dungeon and Hermione had been left alone with Bellatrix. Hermione's mind began to race with all the possibilities of what could happen to her up there, before all thought was cut from her mind, and the only thing she was aware of was the blinding pain that ripped through her, as Bellatrix hit her with the Cruciatus Curse.

After being tortured for what seemed like hours, Hermione was given a short reprieve while Bellatrix conversed with one of her fellow deatheaters. Hermione let her head flop to the side, and was met once again with Narcissa's blue eyes. Which wasn't surprising, but what was surprising was the look of intense pain that she saw reflected in them.

Though she didn't have much time to dwell on the unexpected development, since she was once again hit with another curse. As this happened Hermione saw Narcissa turn her head, and shut her eyes tightly, almost as if she was trying to will this all away.

After a few more rounds of the Cruciatus, Bellatrix sheathed her wand, before climbing on top of Hermione, and pulling out a small dagger.

Soon Hermione once again felt pain flow through her, as Bellatrix began carving into her skin.

"You're going to tell me what I want to know, aren't you. You filthy little Mud Blood." Bella taunted, as she carved the capital "M" into the girl's arm, loving it as the girl cried out in pain beneath her.

Narcissa hadn't realized what her sister was doing at first, but quickly realized what was happening when Bella started to carve into the young witch's skin. Narcissa's face then turned from worry to disgust, before her features quickly settled into a look of intense concentration as she stared intently at where Hermione and Bellatrix, were on the ground.

M...u...d...b...l...o... Bellatrix began to carve the insult into Hermione's flesh, but just as quickly as it came, the letters started to disappear, Bellatrix was enraged when she looked and saw only a M...u...d on the girls arm, and that the "D" itself was fading fast.

She then began to carve the word a second time, using more force this time, as she made each cut.

"Mudblood" she carved out, and evil smile twisting into her features, when she completed the task, though the smile was soon replaced with udder outrage when mere seconds later Hermione's arm only sported a single letter "M"

After that Bellatrix maniacally glanced around the room, to try and assess what was happening. Once she deemed that nothing was out of the ordinary she turned back to Hermione and began manically cutting into the girls arm again and again. Each time spelling out her insult to its full extent, and each time the word disappearing from view. Bellatrix soon thrust the dagger back into her pocket, before leaping off of Hermione.

"You" She screamed out pointing to one of her fellow Deatheaters. "...Bring me the Potter look-a-like, and that blood traitor Weasley." She ordered him, and without so much as a word, the man left the room to fulfill the order he had been given.

"Cissy" She called turning to her sister. "Take the girl down to the dungeons, I'll play with her again later." She ordered

Narcissa nodded in acceptance of the request, before pulling out her wand, pointing it towards Hermione, and uttering a firm "Mobilicorpus" Hermione's body instantly rose above the ground, and Narcissa flicked her wand out in front of her, and Hermione's body began to float off in the direction that Narcissa had pointed to, the blonde witch walking slowing behind her, as the pair made their way down towards the dungeons.

When they reached the dungeon Narcissa gently lowered Hermione onto the ground, tossing a quick silencing charm over her shoulder, before walking over to the brunette and crouching down beside her.

Kneeling on the ground with a sad smile Narcissa raised her wand over Hermione, causing the young brunette to flinch involuntarily at the action, which in turn caused Narcissa to instantly halt her action.

"Please... I just want to help you." Narcissa states softly, so softly that's it almost a whisper.

Hermione looks at her for a moment, unsure at first about the blonde's intentions, before slowly nodding her permission.

Narcissa smiles ever so slightly when Hermione agrees, but then instantly goes to work, casting several "Episkey's" over the younger witch's worn body, following it up with a quick "Scourgify" when she's finished healing the wounds, before helping Hermione into a sitting position.

"Unfortunately the "M" is going to be permanent." Narcissa informed her, trailing her fingertip over the now scabbed letter "M" that had been carved into her arm, causing Hermione to shudder at the touch. "...I wish I would have realized what Bella was doing sooner." She sighed.

"...She had already carved the "M' into your skin, before I had begun the counter spell, so I wasn't able to make it disappear like I did with the rest of the word." Narcissa informed her, sounding heartbroken over the matter.

"You... You were the one who made it disappear?" Hermione asked with a mix of disbelief and admiration, and Narcissa nodded.

"Ww..Why?" Hermione stuttered out, not quite believing the situation, not only was Narcissa treating her extremely well, but the woman had kept Bellatrix from permanently branding her with the derogatory term she had been carving into her skin, but she also treated and cleaned each of Hermione's wounds, once they had entered the dungeon.

"Why are you helping me?" Hermione repeated, looking Narcissa straight in the eye, as if searching for her answer there.

Narcissa sighed, and closed her eyes briefly, before looking back at Hermione, and cupping her cheek in the palm of her hand.

"I don't know." She whispered, almost in defeat. "...I don't know."

They sat silently after that, just staring at one another for a few moments, before Narcissa dropped her hand from Hermione's face and took a few step backs from the Gryffindor.

"Can you stand?" Narcissa asked a moment later, and Hermione nodded, before accentuating her point by standing.

"Good" Narcissa returned before pulling out her wand again, and flicking it around the room, muttering a few words and strung together sentences, as she did.

"Now, I'll be able to get you out of here, but we must act quickly." She stated.

"Wait... Get me out of here? Your letting me go?" Hermione replied stunned by the blonde's words.

"Yes, but as I said, we have to act quickly." Narcissa returned.

'"But what about my friends? I can't leave them here ...I just cant." Hermione returned adamantly.

Narcissa sighed, before grabbing Hermione's hand and looking her dead in the eye. "Do you trust me?" She asked.

Hermione knew the logical answer should have been "No" but Hermione had never been logical, when it came to the witch standing in front of her. She shouldn't have trusted Narcissa, she had no reason to.

In reality she hardly knew the woman, the same woman who was married to a Deatheater, and who's family was in service of Voldermort. Hermione's answer should have been "No" but her heart, her heart wanted her to say "Yes"

"Yes, I trust you." Hermione stated softly, and Narcissa couldn't help but smile at the admission.

"I will help your friends. I will get them out of here, I promise. But in order for me to be able to do that, I first need to know that you're safe." Narcissa confessed, with so much emotion behind her words, that Hermione knew she meant it.

"Ok" Hermione nodded.

Narcissa then walked over to Hermione and wrapped her arms around the younger girl's waist.

"Close your eyes, and hold on tight." Narcissa instructed her, and Hermione automatically complied to the request.

Next thing Hermione knew they were outside, standing on the forest's edge and shrouded in darkness.

"You know how to apparate, right?" Narcissa asked her quickly, taking Hermione's wand out of her robe and placing it softly into the girl's open hand.

Hermione just nodded her head in reply, still not really sure what was going on, or why Narcissa was doing this.

"Good, apparate to Hogwarts, to The Order, wherever you feel you will be the safest. Tell them what happened." Narcissa instructed.

"...I will try to get you friends away, as quickly as I can." She added, before turning from Hermione.

But before Narcissa could leave, Hermione reached out and grabbed her wrist, turning the blonde back towards her.

"Why?" Hermione repeated her earlier question.

"Why did you help me? Why do you care?" She asked, her words laced with every bit of the vulnerability that she was feeling in that moment.

Narcissa stared at Hermione intently for a moment, almost as if she was mapping out the brunette's features and committing everything to memory. Almost as if she knew that she would never see her again.

"I can't answer that. I don't have any explanation to give you, as to why I care so much ...Just know that I do." Narcissa told her seriously, a look of something more, something unspoken, reflecting in her eyes. Then a second later she was gone, and Hermione was alone.