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A Love Worth Fighting For.

A story of a love that surpasses the test of time. A love that lives in the past, present, and future. A love that should have never been, but quickly became the only thing worth fighting for.

Chapter 7

When the spinning stopped, Hermione found herself right back in Professor McGonagall's office. The Professor herself pouring over a stack of parchment on her desk, her Quill in hand.

"Professor McGonagall." Hermione spoke softly, announcing her presence to the other woman, without trying to startle her too much.

Minerva's head rose at the interruption and was a little surprised to find a young girl standing in the middle of her office, though she took it in stride, and didn't let her surprise show through as she addressed the girl.

"Yes, How may I help you?" Minerva asked, sliding her reading glasses off her face, and placing them on the desk.

Hermione was startled when the professor had risen her head and Hermione had seen her face clearly for the first time. It was clear to her that she was indeed Minerva McGonagall, though the woman sitting in front of her looked to be a substantial amount younger, than the one she had left mere seconds before, and Hermione instantly realized that something was wrong.

Hermione gathered her wits, and went to address her teacher.

"Professor, My name is Hermione Granger. Mere moments ago you gave me your Time Turner, and sent me back in time to try and change the past and therefor fix a mistake that had been made in the future." Hermione informed her, pulling the time turner out of her sweater and showing it to the other woman.

"...Though I'm afraid that judging by the way that you don't seem to know me, as well as the way you presently look, that something has gone terribly wrong." Hermione revealed.

Minerva just stood there absorbing the information that she had been given, She knew that what the girl was telling her was entirely possible, and the necklace she was wearing was in fact her Time Turner, but she was still trying to process everything.

"Here this will help." Hermione stated reaching into her bag and pulling out an envelope and handing it to the Professor.

"The "You" from my time, instructed me to give this to the "You" of the past, Though I daresay I'm extremely thankful that you did now, all things considered." Hermione stated, as Minerva opened the envelope and began to read its contents.

"Well Miss. Granger everything seems to be as you said." Minerva stated folding back the letter, once she had finished.

"…and from what I've read I seem to be quite fond of you, and am here to help you in whatever way you need. Though I do not understand why you think something is wrong. You seem to have made the trip alright." Minerva said walking over to her, looking her over.

"Well to speak bluntly, Professor. The version of you that I just left, was quite a bit older, than you seem to be now, and since I was only meant to travel back in time about a month, it leads me to believe that I was obviously sent back quite a bit farther back than I had originally intended." Hermione explained.

"Well that does sound like a problem." Minerva agreed. "...But one that can be easily remedied. Let me see your Time Turner, and let's see if we can send you to the right place, this time around." Minerva stated kindly, taking the necklace in her hand.

"Oh dear." Minerva stated a few moments later. "It's seem that I cannot in fact send you back, something seems to be wrong with the Time Turner, though what exactly, I do not know." She told her, and Hermione's face fell, She didn't want to be stuck in some random period of time, she had a task to complete, and a life to get back to, and a woman to save.

"Don't worry, We'll take it to Albus. I'm sure he'll know what is wrong and we'll get this whole thing figured out." Minerva told her once she noticed the other girls worry and discomfort over the possibility of being stuck in the present time line.

Hermione smiled weakly, glad that there was still some semblance of hope that things could be fixed, and followed Minerva out the door, as they headed towards the Headmasters office.

After Hermione and Minerva had informed Dumbledore of the whole story, they both sat their patiently while the waited for any news as the Head Master tinkered with the Time Turner.

"Well it seems that you were right and wrong in your assessment, Minerva. There isn't anything wrong with your Time Turner, it isn't broken, Though you were right when you said that we couldn't send young Miss. Granger back." He informed them.

"Magic in many ways is still a mystery, even to the greatest witches and wizards. It seems as if you didn't make a mistake when you programmed the device, rather than the Time Turner purposely altered your journey. For one reason or another, whether you know why or not, for the time being, this is where you are meant to be." Dumbledore explained to her, and Hermione's face fell.

"Don't despair Miss. Granger, you will be able to go home again, I just cannot send you there. It's seems that since the device was self-set that it is also self-locked, and there seems to be a countdown of sorts in place. So where as you will be sent home, you will only be, when the Time Turner itself decides." Dumbledore stated kindly, sensing the young witches despair.

"Well when does the "Time Turner" want to send me back then?" Hermione asked, feeling slightly odd about how the previously inanimate object, was now deciding her fate for her.

"That I do not know, Miss Granger. Though I will be able to let you know closer to the actuall date, and should be able to tell you indefinably at least a few days prior to your departure." He told her, his answers vague as ever. Just like the Dumbledore she knew from her own time.

Though the one thing she found curious, was that where Minerva looked a lot younger, Dumbledore looked exactly the same as he always did, and Hermione figured that he must be a lot older than she had first thought.

"For now I will keep the Necklace with me, and monitor it, until it is time for you return to your own time, and seeing as you may be here for a little bit, we should go ahead, and get you settled in, and set you up as a student while you're here." Dumbledore informed her looking excited now, which unnerved Hermione more than a little.

"What year are you to be in Miss Granger? And are you of age yet?" He asked her, taking out a small book and quill.

"Yes, I am. I've already turned 17, and should be in my 7th year, Professor." Hermione answered.

"Splendid" Dumbledore exclaimed writing something down."...and what house were you sorted." He asked.

"Gryffindor, Sir." She answered again.

"Uh huh, Good." Dumbledore returned. "Slytherin it is then." He stated, shutting the small journal he had been writing in.

"Professor?" Hermione asked confused, by his proclamation.

"You being a student here is altering the time line enough, Miss. Granger, we don't need to push it any more than we already are. Slytherin house is the most different from Gryffindor. We can't have you doing all the same things that you would be doing in your own time line, now can we?" He asked her, with a hint of a smile on his lips.

"...and it's always good to have new experiences." He told her, and Hermione could swear he winked as well.

"Very well, Professor." Hermione agreed, nodding her head resolutely.

"Wonderful" Dumbledore smiled clapping his hands together. "Now, we'll assign you one of the Slytherin Prefects to show you around and get you settled in." He informed her. "Let's see whose available shall we." He stated ,with a smile, flicking his wand and conjuring a floating map of sorts in front of his desk.

"Both of the Carrow's are on patrol, so we won't bother them." Dumbledore stated aloud as he read the map."…Though it looks like both Malfoy and Snape are available." He said turning to the two women.

Hermione took into account the familiar surnames as they were spoken, but didn't really give much thought to them after that. Most Slytherins were purebloods that came from long family lines, so it wasn't odd to hear the familiar names, nor did it help her to distinguish what time period that she was actually in. Knowing that there would always be a Malfoy, a Black, or even a Weasley in almost every decade she could visit.

"Maybe one of the female Prefects will be better suited for the task, Albus. They would be able to help Miss. Granger, more fully in the dormitories and such, more than the male Prefects could." Minerva said, giving her opinion on the matter.

"Quite right." Albus agreed turning back to the map. "Well it's seems that Miss. Black is available as well, I'm sure that she would be more than satisfactory to help Miss. Granger settle in." He stated, and Minerva nodded her head in agreement.

"Perfect, that's settled then. I'll inform Horace right away, and he'll send her up." Albus stated to the two woman, before turning to the fireplace, to inform Professor Slughorn of the news.

"It seems as though things are settled now, Miss Granger. There will be several Slytherin uniforms and robes waiting for you in your dormitory, as well as any toiletries and school supplies you may need, and don't hesitate to ask if there is anything else you need during you stay. Just let me know, and I will be more than happy to retrieve them for you." Minerva told her with a smile.

"Thank you, Professor for all your help. I'm sure I would have been quite lost without it." Hermione told her genuinely.

"My pleasure, dear. I'm here to help." Minerva told her softly.

"Well, there is one more thing you could help me with, Professor." Hermione revealed a moment later.

"Could you possibly tell me, how far back I've actually been sent?" Hermione asked.

"Of course. I'm surprised this actually hadn't come up sooner." Minerva smiled, and grabbed the Time Turner off the desk, well Dumbledore had placed it, before taking a moment to read the dials.

"You were right, you were sent back quite a bit farther than you intended, it seems you have been sent back nearly 20 years, 19 to be exact." Minerva informed her, replacing the time turner on the desk.

Hermione was a little shocked at the knowledge that she had in fact traveled through time, nearly two decades into the past. Well at least she wouldn't have to worry about destroying the time line anymore, by running into herself, since she herself hadn't even been born yet.

Then that's when it hit her, she was at Hogwarts 19 years in the past. She had never known exactly what the age difference between herself and Narcissa actually was, but she did know that is was about that, which meant that there was a very real possibility that Narcissa was still a student here, that she was standing her alive, somewhere in this very castle.

Though Hermione stopped her train of thought after that, she couldn't allow herself to hope such things, only to have them ripped away from her if she was wrong. So instead she pushed her feelings aside, and just decided to see what happened, for she knew that only time would tell, if she was actually right or not in her assumption, and she hoped to the gods she was.

"Miss. Granger?" Dumbledore stated again, snapping Hermione out of her inner monologue.

"I'm sorry, Professor." Hermione replied, not having a word that the man had said to her.

Dumbledore chuckled "Everything is set, Miss Granger. She will be waiting for you in the corridor, to take you down to the dungeons." He informed her and dismissed her at the same time.

Hermione nodded in reply, thanking both of the Professors for all their help, before she turned and left the office all together, heading down the staircase to meet the Slytherin Prefect who had been assigned to her.

When Hermione reached the corridor, her breath hitched violently in her throat at the image she saw.

The Young Slytherin Prefect standing there, leaning up against one of the stone pillars. Skin as white as snow, with long pale blonde hair. High cheekbones, a strong jaw, and a pair of captivating blue eyes, that Hermione could never forget, regardless of how many times she had tried.

Standing in front of her was a young and very much alive Narcissa Malfoy, Hermione was sure of it. And If she hadn't already been sure before by the girl's appearance and poise, she was once she had seen those eyes, and felt the way her heart sped up in her chest, when they were directed at her. This was definitely Narcissa, the only difference being the fact that instead of being a woman in her 30's like Hermione was used to, this Narcissa was a 16 year old girl.

Hermione was pulled out of her reverie, by the sound of someone lightly clearing their throat. She looked up, at the noise and saw that Narcissa was now standing directly in front of her, an amused smirk gracing her lips, and Hermione suddenly began to blush, now aware that she had been very obviously checking out the girl in front of her, and Narcissa was more than aware of it.

" I'm Narcissa Black. You must be Miss. Wyndham " Narcissa stated smirk still firmly in place, offering her hand to Hermione.

"Umm.. Yes... You can call me, Hermione" She returned shaking the blonde's hand, trying to fight the blush on her cheeks.

Professor Dumbledore had decided for Hermione to keep her first name, since it was common for many people through the years to have the same first name, as well as the fact that it would feel more natural for her, and prevent confusion. Though they had opted to change her surname to her mother's maiden name of Wyndham, instead of going by "Granger" as she usually did.

"You can call me, Miss. Black." Narcissa returned, her face now an emotionless mask.

Hermione then wondered just what she had gotten herself into, reminding herself that she had no idea of what this version of Narcissa was like. Though a moment later Hermione was brought out of her thoughts by the sounds of Narcissa's melodious laughter filling the corridor.

"I'm just kidding." Narcissa informed her, once her laughter subsided.

"...It was only a joke." She added with a bright smile, before leaning into Hermione and whispering in her ear.

"You can call me whatever you like." Narcissa purred, causing Hermione to involuntarily shudder in response.

Narcissa was grinning when she pulled back. "Come on, Hermione. I'll take you to the dungeons, and we'll get started from there." Narcissa instructed, and began walking down the hall, Hermione following behind her in silence.

Hermione herself lost in her own mix of disbelief and excitement over Narcissa's actions. Knowing that this version of Narcissa without a doubt had just been flirting with her, and she was once again reminded that she really had no clue about this version of the blonde witch that had managed to steal her heart, what was now a lifetime ago.