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Hermione Granger studied her features in the spotless mirror that hung over her bathroom sink. In less than twenty-four hours she'd be turning twenty-one and she was already looking for any signs of wrinkles amongst her skin. Twenty-one is not normally considered old, but to Hermione, being single and living on her own made it seem like she was. She lived in her very one own flat across the street from the Leaky Cauldron in muggle London. Its two bedroom, spacious living area, and kitchen space fitted her and Crookshanks perfectly.

Hermione picked up a brush from the the counter and brushed her hair back into a low hanging ponytail, except for a few wavy strands that she left alone to frame her face. She stared at the color of her hair that seemed to have puzzled her over the past three years. Ever since the war ended, as well as some relationships, Hermione took time to focus on herself and only herself. It took a while to realize it but eventually she did.

Her hair color had changed.

It wasn't too drastic so that people automatically commented on it, but it was noticeable to her who had to look in the mirror every day. She once had wavy chocolate brown hair that cascaded down passed her shoulders, but now it was chocolate brown with a hint of honey streaks here and there. Nothing else changed about her so she figured it was her magic acting wonky and never brought it up to anyone who didn't ask.

A phone ringing in the distance brought Hermione out of her thoughts and she made her way into her bedroom. Seeing that it was her parent's house phone calling, she accepted the call and plopped down on her bed.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hello, dear." Mrs. Granger replied from the other side of the phone call. "How are you this evening?"

"I'm fine, Mum. Just getting ready for bed and picking out an outfit for my birthday tomorrow night at the Burrow." Hermione was tracing an invisible pattern on her pant leg as she spoke.

"Oh, I see. Hermione, I'm really sorry that your Father and I can't make it-"

"It's fine, Mum. I already told you that." Hermione assured her. "Those tickets you and Dad have are very hard to come by. It's okay."

"If you're sure." Mrs. Granger paused for a moment, something she never did when talking to Hermione and Hermione instantly knew something else was on her mind.

"What's wrong, Mum? Has something happened?"

"No, dear. Nothing like that." Mrs. Granger cleared her throat and continued on. "If it's possible, do you think you can stop by the house before you leave for your dinner? I need to speak with you real quick."

"Sure, Mum, but why can't you just tell me now?" Hermione was now sitting up, her full attention on the unusual phone call.

"No. This has to be done face to face." Hermione could hear some shuffling on the other side of the line. "Your father should be home soon and I must speak with him as well. I'll see you tomorrow, Hermione. Bye."

Hermione didn't even get the chance to say her 'good-bye' before her Mother ended the call. She sat there speechless for a few moments before setting her phone aside and letting her mind go crazy with thoughts of what that phone call was all about. Right away, she thought for a moment that her Mother might tell her that she was adopted but immediately squashed that thought when she remembered she already knew she wasn't. She had first asked that when she found out she was going to attend Hogwarts for Witchcraft and Wizardry but her parents laughed it off and told her she wasn't adopted. She couldn't think of anything else that might be wrong so she decided to call it a night and just pick out her outfit tomorrow.

After making a quick trip around her flat to make sure that all appliances were off, as well as lights, she made her way back upstairs and went to bed.






Morning rolled around and Hermione woke up with Crookshanks pawing at her cheek. When she had finally fully opened her eyes, Crookshanks pressed his flat face against Hermione's cheek and purred.

Hermione chuckled and hugged her cat to her chest. "You're the first to wish me a Happy Birthday, Crooks. Thank you." After releasing the cat, he walked to the edge of the bed and jumped off, rushing back to his comfortable bed in the corner of the room.

Hermione then proceeded to take her time getting up and getting ready.

She sleepily stumbled her way down the stairs and cooked herself up a nice breakfast. Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, plump sausages, and toast with strawberry marmalade with a big glass of orange juice. (If she had red hair, people would think she was part of the Weasley clan who was known for their huge appetites.) After she noticed that she made too much for herself, she brushed some off into Crookshanks bowl and let him eat along with her.

During her entire breakfast, owls kept swooping in and dropping off letters and birthday cards from all her friends. Majority of them came from the Weasley clan, including Charlie who was in Romania, Harry, and some of her newer friends that she made while working at Flourish and Blotts. She quickly read every letter and card before she decided to take an early shower and go visit her parents.

After a long steamy shower and some time spent grooming in there as well, Hermione found herself standing in nothing but a towel before her closet. She never had so much trouble picking out an outfit to wear before. Deciding that she was just going to pick whatever her hand landed on first, she closed her eyes and stuck her hand in the closet, pulling out a hanger that held a shirt and jeans. Opening her eyes, she found that she was holding black skinny jeans that was matched with sky blue v-neck shirt. Remembering she had a short black leather jacket that she usually matched with this outfit, she pulled that out too. After putting on the outfit, she thought it was more of a clubbing outfit but since she wanted to get out of her flat already, she wore it anyway. She pulled on some black open-toe stilettos and grabbed her wand, magically drying her hair and pulling it into a side-way ponytail at the nape of her neck. Making sure she had everything she needed, she made sure Crookshanks wouldn't be able to get into mischief and apparated into the backyard of her parent's home.

Hermione had barely made it to the back door when it was pulled opened and she was engulfed in a hug by her Mother. She noticed that her Mother was slightly trembling and very tense.

Mrs. Granger pulled out of the hug, holding Hermione by the shoulders and smiled sadly at her. "Your Father is sitting in the other room. Why don't you go say hello before I talk to you?"

Hermione nodded and found her feet leading her to where her Father usually sat at. She quickly found herself standing outside his study area and knocked gently on the door before entering. After she shut the door behind her, her eyes caught her Father staring at her as he curiously studied her. When his eyes landed on her hair, his shoulders seemed to have slumped and he heavily sighed.

"Hi, Daddy." She smiled.

Mr. Granger feebly smiled, stood up and walked around his desk to hug his daughter. "Happy Birthday, love." He tightened his hold on Hermione for a split second and then released her. "If you excuse me, I- uh-, have to be at the office right now. Last minute dentist emergency." His eyes never met hers and he quickly left, leaving Hermione standing alone.

Feeling like she had done something wrong that she didn't know about, her eyes grew misty and she wiped at them when she heard the door open again. Mrs. Granger stepped in and gestured for Hermione to take a seat in one of the chairs.

She fought hard to keep her eyes from misting over again when Mrs. Granger grabbed her hands within hers. "I have something to tell you.. and I'm not sure how you're going to take it."

Hermione looked into her Mother's eyes and saw that, she too, was fighting back tears. "Does this have anything to deal with why Daddy seems upset?"

Mrs. Granger nodded and then frowned, a tear slipping down her cheek and falling to the ground. "I let him in on a long kept secret and he wasn't too happy with me." Hermione tensed, afraid that something was wrong with her parent's marriage. Mrs. Granger looked down at her lap and let more tears fall. "I, uh, I don't know how to exactly tell you this-"

"Please don't tell me you're getting a divorce?"

"No!" Mrs. Granger's head snapped up. "No, you're father and I are perfectly fine.. well at least I hope we still are."

"Then what is it, Mum? You can tell me anything." Hermione's heart was hammering hard and fast against her rib cage. What in the world could be so bad that her Father would be upset with her Mother?

"You-you're not exactly muggleborn like you think you are." Mrs. Granger spoke so softly that if there was any other noise, Hermione wouldn't have heard her. "You actually have magical blood running through your veins. You get it from my side of the family, just in case you're wondering. The magic tends to skip some generations in our family and since it skipped me, I thought it would skip you as well. I only told your Father last night and he wasn't too happy about it. He loves the fact that you fit in with the magical community but he just never thought for a second that it ran in my family. I guess he's just in shock at the moment since you know.. he's never really liked anything magical to happen right in front of him." Mrs. Granger had stopped crying and was now sitting up straighter, staring Hermione in the eyes.

Hermione, on the other hand, was shocked. That was something she didn't expect to be hearing. "Why are you only telling me this now?"

"Because of your hair color." She answered. Hermione's hand quickly shot to her hair and she ran her fingers through the ponytail. "I noticed that the color got lighter and now that your twenty-first birthday is only hours away, some other traits might kick in as well."

"W-what other traits?" Hermione stood and started to pace back and forth in her Father's study. "I'm a witch who carries a wand like other witches and wizards. What other traits can I possibly get that they don't already have?"

Mrs. Granger sadly smiled and shook her head. "Yes you have magic like every other witch and wizard, but you don't have the same blood as they do."

Hermione knew she should be angry, but she couldn't find it in herself to be angry with her Mother. So she wasn't a muggleborn, who cares? At least now, some nasty witches and wizards couldn't look at her anymore and say she had dirty blood. "Then what type of blood do I have?"


For a split second, Hermione stopped breathing and she quickly dropped herself into the empty chair. "V-veela? Like the bird head, long talons, and scaly wings Veela?"

"Yes.. and no." Mrs. Granger chuckled after she saw that her daughter wasn't angry with her. "You have very little of the blood within you, so I don't think you will transform all the way like full-blood Veelas do."

Hermione playfully rolled her eyes and started to laugh. "Oh, well that's comforting."

"Yes, well you have a dinner to get to and I have a husband to talk to again. You should be heading to the Burrow, shouldn't you?"

"Um, yes, I should." Hermione checked the time and saw that she had hours before she was needed at the Burrow but she decided to head over early anyway.

Before Hermione could leave the house, her Mother placed a hand on her shoulder. "Remember, dear, at exactly 7:37PM.. other traits will kick in. I'm not sure what traits you will end up getting so please be careful."

"Of course, Mum. Goodbye!"

And before her Mother could say 'good-bye', she apparated on the spot and soon found herself directly outside the front gate to the Burrow.

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