The friends had taken shelter against the cold snow outside in a pizza place. The restaurant in question was called O'Malley's. It was a favorite hangout spot for teenagers with five bucks to spend on good, cheap pizza and Coke straight from Mexico (oddly, it was cheaper than US Coke and had a higher sugar level). Think a mixture of Irish Pub, pizza place, and Karaoke Bar. The regular patrons gave them no heed. Indeed, O'Malley's had long been a proud sponsor to the Jefferson High MCJROTC, despite the school mascot being named the "Highlanders" and the school anthem being Scotland the Brave. They even "adopted" 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company ("Gibbs' Own"), the unit of the group of friends and up for Platoon of the Year. The cadets were so often seen there it was assumed that they worked for the restaurant. Which they did, for fundraisers.

Cam, outgoing Platoon Commander was being promoted to Cadet Captain and being placed on the Cadet Battalion Commander's staff, sat furthest right and was eating a slice as big as her head. Next to her was Kate, Cadet Sergeant and up for commission to Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, who was reclining against Jon Trevodur, newly field promoted to Cadet Corporal. Next to him was Brennan, a Cadet Lance Corporal, and Jon's assistant Squad Leader and rising star on the Academic Team. Furthest to the left was Ziva, Cadet Corporal and the Martial Arts Team Leader. In front of them, Booth and Tony, both Cadet Staff Sergeants and highly respected Cadets in their own right, were playing a game of darts.

"You need to break up with her," Tony advised as he threw his final dart.

"Maybe I give her another shot," Booth said.

"No, Booth, you need to dump her like a poor style," Ziva said as she sipped her Coke.

"Bad Habit," everyone corrected.

"Why is he so apprehensive about this?" Jon asked.

"He's never broken up with anyone in his life," Cam replied.

"That is not true," Booth declared.

"Really?" Tony said, "Remember Stacy Connery?"

Booth shifted as if he were in pain. Brennan asked, "What happened with Stacy Connery?"

"No need to tell that story," Booth declared.

Tony and Cam looked at him as if he were crazy, "Yes there is!"

"I'll begin," Tony declared.

"Our young friend Booth was in the second grade dating a young fox by the name of Stacy Connery. No relation to the actor, unfortunately..."

"And you have been obsessing over that since second grade," Booth accused.

"Shut up, Booth, he's telling a story," Jon snapped.

"One day, Booth deigned to share a Hershey's bar with her at lunch..."

"She told me she was on a diet!"

"Booth, I will throw this dart at you if you don't shut up and let Tony tell the story," Ziva threatened. And they all stopped playing her and Jon once they realized that it wasn't so much as hitting the bulls-eye for them as it was waiting for one of them to miss the bulls-eye...

"For the rest of the day, she acted sourly to him. Finally as the final bell rang and all the cute little boys and girls were lining up to get on the bus home, our young friend Booth cornered his princess and demanded to know why she ignoring him. He said that if she did not tell him, then their long, three-day-relationship would be as good as over. She thought of a rebuttal, and then firmly planted her foot into his groin."

"Ooh!" everybody threw their heads back and laughed.

"And that was the closest Booth has ever gotten to breaking up with somebody," Cam said.

"Not true!" Booth protested, "What about Jordan Micheals?"

"Not going on a second date isn't breaking up with someone, Booth," Kate said.

"Booth, let me demonstrate how to break up with someone," Tony volunteered, "Ziva, you and I are dating-"

"I don't want to date you," Ziva protested.

"Relax, I'm going to break up with you."

"You? Break up with me?" she scoffed, "Please. I would break up with you!"

"You ever get the feeling that we're not needed?" Jon asked Kate.

"All the time," she replied as Tony and Ziva continued to bicker like an old married couple.

"Sorry, but not all of us can have the rock solid relationship like you two," Booth said playfully to them.

Jon and Kate groaned, "How many times do we have to say it?" Jon said.

"We're not dating!" Kate said.

"Then how do explain him carrying your books?" Cam asked.

"Or the fact that you two ride together to school everyday?" Booth asked.

"Or the fact that you two haven't dated anyone during the time you two have known each other?" Cam said.

"Or the fact that Kate is currently leaning against without inhibitions?" Brennan asked.

"He doesn't have a car and his house is on the way to school," Kate said.

"I carry her books because she gives me a ride- not like that!" he protested as Cam and Booth bit their lips to keep from laughing. Brennan, as usual, missed it.

"No one meets our high standards," Kate said.

"Her high standards," Jon corrected, "I'd never hear the end of it if I dated someone bellow them," Kate half turned to him and arched her eyebrow, "You know that's true," she considered for a moment then shrugged.

"And we're comfortable with eachother, so what?" Kate said.

"I think you two got something going on the side," Booth said. Then he frowned and turned to Tony and Ziva, who were still bickering, "How did you get from beak-ups to ice cream?"

"Which ice cream would be the best to break-up with," Ziva said, as if it were obvious.

"I think I just lost two IQ points from that one statement," Brennan snarked. Everyone stared in astonishment at her. She sighed, "What? I can be snarky, sometimes."

Jon tapped his head like it was short-circuiting and said, "You know what, I'm going to prove that we aren't dating."

He got up off the couch and pulled Brennan up. Without any hesitantion, he kissed her full on the lips. He twisted and bent so that she was being supported by his arms only, her back parallel with the floor. All talk from the group stopped. He whirled back so that she was standing straight up and ended the kiss. She blinked a few times, stunned. Then she kneed him in the balls.

Jon doubled over and clutched his crotch. The group exploded in laughter, even Brennan chuckled a bit. Tony said, "Just like Stacy Connery!"