Flower Boy Chapter One

Bleach and all of its characters belong to Tite Kubo.



Hanataro walked home from school one afternoon not looking where he was going. He was daydreaming like always.

"I wonder what sister Rukia and Ichigo are doing right now?" he thought as he walked.

Rukia and Ichigo had gotten married a little over two years ago, and had gone on their second honeymoon about a week ago and should be getting back any day now. He didn't mind, he was getting along just right with his new family, even though Isshin was a little anooying at times. Like when he attacked him out of nowhere trying to toughen him up.

"No male family member of mine is going to be a weakling." He would say. "By the time I get through with you you're gonna be big and strong, just like me." He would also say, opening his shirt showing off his pecks and making them dance. The sight always made him and his new sister-in-law Karin want to puke. He was always an easy target, for everyone. He thought about today's lessons and what his teacher said during class. He was also wondering about what Yuzu was making today.

"I wonder what sister Yuzu is making for dinner today?" He thought. "I hope she makes meatloaf again, her meatloaf is always good."

All of the sudden he felt something hard hit the back of his head sending him forward, and falling hard on the floor.

"HEY, ASSHOLE I'M CALLING YOU!" he heard a female scream, turning around to see his sister-in-law Karin standing there with an angry expression on her face. "I've been calling you for a while you fucking idiot."

"Oh, sister Karin." He answered a little embarrassed. "Sorry, I didn't hear you." He apologized.

"No shit, you were daydreaming again, moron." She said helping him up.

Karin was just like his own sister, a little overprotective of him, but at the same time, a little bit of a bitch at times. They walked home together everyday after practice, she was in their schools soccer team, and him, he was the team's towel boy, as well as the team medic. As they walked home they passed the park and saw some of her friends playing soccer. They waved at each other as they walked by. When they got home he was attacked by Isshin at the door, and was sent flying back into a wall. Karin just stood there watching not saying anything.

"You were not ready." Said Isshin. "No son-in-law of mine is gonna be a slacker."

"Dad, you're a jerk." Said Karin, as she walked into the house.

"What, it's for his own good, to make him strong, like a man should be." He answered her.

Hanataro stood up a little dazed and walked into the house, passed his crazy father-in-law. When he went in he was greeted by a high pitch squeal

"HANATO!" screamed a little girl, running to him.

"Oh, hello Mari." He answered, bending over to pick the small child up. Mari was Ichigo and Rukia's daughter, she was one year old.

He picked her up as he walked to the kitchen where Yuzu was fixing dinner. Karin was changing in her room, and Isshin was still outside talking to the neighbors. He set her on a chair, as he sat down next to her.

"So, how was practice?" asked Yuzu.

"It was okay, I guess." He answered her.

At that moment Karin walked down the stairs and sat next to Mari, who was coloring a picture in her coloring book.

"So Karin, how was practice for you?" asked Yuzu.

"It was great, we have a game this Saturday." She said with a big smile on her face. "And we're goona kick ass."

Hanataro and Yuzu didn't say anything, they just stared at her a little nervous about her talking like that in front of Mari.

"ASS!" screamed Mari.

"Don't say things like that Mari." Said Yuzu. "Karin watch your mouth in front of her, you know she like to repeat what she hears."

"Oops, sorry." Said Karin, smiling and patting Mari on the head.

Hanataro laughed a little at her response. She looked at him, and smiled at him. The two of them were rather close, even though she liked to pick on him a little she was a little overprotective of him, just like his sister. She like being around him. When he first moved in he was the biggest wuss she had ever seen, scared of his own shadow, literally. She made fun of him a little, and even tried to scare him on purpose. At school whenever he got picked on or beat up, she would stand up for him. She liked being around him, but it was more than a mere sister/brother feeling she had for him it was something more. She liked him, not like a sister liked her brother, but something more. In the two years that he lived there with her she had, fallen in love with him. And, unknown by her, he had also fallen in love with her. She was taller than him, faster than him, and even stronger than him. But still, there was something about him that attracted her to him. Maybe it was his cute little body, or his kind, shy nature, or maybe it was the easy way it was to mess with him all the time. The way he was always falling for the same tricks, over and over, again. She didn't know what it was, all she knew was that she wanted him, and wanted him bad.

To be continued.