So...I know ya'll know I'm the hugest Joe Levitt fan and usually keep my GI fics to Cobra themed, buuut...Snake Eyes has really been growing on me as of late. He's got that extreme mystery surrounding him. Plus, I went to go see Phantom Menace today and G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer was on, so in honor of Ray Park being one of the only charectors to not get wacked, I am starting a fic on our beloved yet illusive Snakes! Plus, I mean come on, Ray Park is pretty bad ass as BOTH Snakes and Darth Maul! Lol my martial artist and gymnastics training is totally showing through now. Anywho I'ma shut up and let you read now! Oh and comment/add!:-) I'm more likely to update if you do^.^

I growled.

A three story fall onto your head is not exactly my definition of fun. I placed my hands against the cold hard cement and was about to flip back onto my feet when a katana was suddenly against my neck. The sound of several guns cocking and footsteps of being surrounded rang in my ears. My vision had become slightly blurred, due to the fall I had taken to my head no doubt. I made out a black figure in front of me. It was the man who had accidently kicked me off the building in the first place. I snickered at him. "Don't move!" The red head practically screamed. I rolled my eyes. As if I was in a position to move. What did she think I was an idiot? I would like to keep my head, thank you very much. I growled as spots began to appear around my line of sight. I fought to keep my body from giving out, but I knew it was inevitably. I was drifting off into a peacefully silence...and fast. The last thing I remember was the black figure reaching down for me, and then I was out.

3 hours prior...

The only sound in the building was the loud sound of my stilettos knocking against the marble floor. I walked for what felt for hours before I finally found the door. I opened it with caution, the room was untouched. Or at least it appeared to be. I smirked. I knew he was here, he was watching me, I could feel it. I snapped around, drawing my blade and pulling it up just in time to connect with his, as the two blades met, it caused a clanking of metal to reverberate around the room. He smirked. "Hello, Starfire." I gave him a wicked smile. "Storm Shadow, just the Ninja I was searching for." His eyes danced in glee as he let a slight chuckled erupt from his chest. He withdrew his blade, and I mimicked the motion. As we both set the blades in their rightfully place, he turned his back to me and motioned towards the desk. I gave a nod, even though his back was facing me and followed him to sit across from the head. He sat in the chair and I did as him. He began to speak. "The commander, wishes you to retrieve the warheads from the M.A.R.S. base. The Joes are currently occupying the base, and are in possession of the warheads." I nodded signaling for him to continue. "As Zartan is currently posing as the President, you will have all access to the base, including the codes to the safe. The only difficulty you may encounter is the extensive number of Joes guarding the building, both within and the exterior. The alpha team, along with General Hawk, will be away from the base for the next 48 hours. It's crucial you make your move immediately. Do not waste any time. The mission is simple. Get in, get the warheads, and get out. Use any means necessary to accomplish this mission. Failure is not an option. The future of Cobra depends on it. Understand?" I raised my eyebrow at his stern demeanor. "I got it. Just one question. If this mission is so crucial, why aren't you accompanying me?" I crossed my arms and glared. He narrowed his eyes. "Given the circumstances, it is the least inconspicuous to have a lone agent slip in and out rather than a full scale invasion. The reason you are going instead of me, is solely based on the design of the safe." He scoffed. I rolled my eyes. "Ok, then what does it got to do with the safe's design?" I asked in annoyance. He sighed in aggravation. "The safe floor is pressure sensitive, and the roof is laser protected. Given the amount of time you spent training with that bastard you called a friend, you obviously learned a trick or two from him, which I did not, and therefore you are best fit to pass the obstacles." I scoffed. "Well maybe if you stopped trying to constantly kill him, he would've, I don't know, taught you some things too." I taunted. He glared at me but I ignored it and continued. "Why not just deactivate it? Zartan is President and has all the info isn't he?" I stated in a 'you guys are dumb' tone. He rolled his eyes. "Because it is turned off with a retinal scanner, not a code." I sighed in defeat. "Ok, fine." He nodded and stood up. We made our way out of the room, heading towards the elevator. "The base layout is in the file, on your ship." I nodded. We stopped just in front of the loading area. He turned to face me. "Good luck." He gave me his equivalent of a smile. I smiled back at him and gave him a squeezing on the shoulder. "Get some rest, Tommi. You look like hell." I winked at him which he returned with rolling his eyes and shaking my hand off of him . I laughed and walked towards my ship. The mission sounded easy enough.