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Scarlett is more feeling threatened and dislikes her. Remember: Scarlett has a hard time coping with not being the best at everything, therefore, she sees Starfire as an enemy. And well, there's the Starfire attacked her part. Plus, she has wounded pride over the fact that Snake Eyes and Hawk don't think her capable of keeping Starfire under control.

Oh, and Tommy is Storm Shadow's actual name for those wondering! I spelled it wrong, ha. But I think I will just spell it Tommi so I won't have to go back and edit it lol. So in my fic, its going to be spelled Tommi!

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*Starfire's POV*

I growled slightly in agitation from the annoying flickering of light in front of my eyelids. Still groggy from sleep, but too peeved to actually fall into a dreamless slumber.

I opened my eyes to see a figure leaning against the wall near my window. I was never one to shy away from danger so I immediately sprang out of bed, my guard up and ready for a match. "What the hell are you doing?" I snarled at the figure across from me.

When he simply stood there, motionless, I narrowed my gaze even on more edge from his odd behavior. Finally, after what felt like ages, he moved.

I came to see if you were alright. He hesitantly signed.

I suspiciously searched him, wondering what his true intentions were, though he some how seemed to be telling the truth. "Why?" I asked, my voice obviously untrusting of his entire presence.

Is it a crime to care about your wellbeing? The ninja seemed nearly irritated with my questions.

This only sparked my currently edgey state. "Yeah, actually it is. It's a crime to fake compassion for someone who you wouldn't care if they fell off a bridge. Or is it that your worried you will be deranked if you fail to keep me protected and present?" I snapped, my voice laced with attacking sarcasm.

He seemed taken aback for a moment before his demeanor changed into one of frustration. You just can't seem to actually comprehend that someone may actually care what happens to you, can you?

I laughed harshly. "You obviously know nothing about me." I snarled, my voice turning darker. "If I were you, I would've killed me by now. No one would care if I lived or die. I'm a cheap excuse for a student."

Well I'm not you. He stubbornly stated before stomping out of my room.

I growled in frustration after he had left. There was no one in the entire world who could infuriate me the way this silent ninja could, perhaps, I was losing my emotionless touch? No, I don't think agrivation is an emotion, more of a feeling.

I lied down on bed and felt my annoyance with the masked stranger fall away as sleep finally came.

It was nearly 7 in the afternoon when Snake Eyes had returned from meditating. If he was honest with himself, he never meditated for this long; but the anxiety and stunning realization that Starfire was actually here, mixed with fact that she was now very clearly labeled the enemy, had his emotions and head knotted in swirling maze of confusion.

He sighed distraut, he still had little idea of how to make her stop recoiling from his presence, nevertheless rekindle the bond the use to share without alarming her of his intentions, or of who he was.

The truth was, he only really had one idea, and it seemed like a feeble desperate attempt that he was sure would boil over. Nevertheless, he would have to try it.

After all, he had no other choice. He punched in the code to her room and noticed that she was sleeping yet again on her pillow still in the same clothes she was wearing this morning. His shirt he had give her the other day, which looked long enough to cover her body comfortably.

In all honesty, he loved to watch her sleep. Even as a child, when she would fall asleep on his shoulder, he would sit for hours just memorizing every curve of her face. She was so at peace when she slept, and somehow, she seemed so fragile. It was the only time she was ever truly unguarded, all of her walls seemed to crumble to ashes and every ounce of emotion she kept bottled up, was written as plain as day on her beautiful face. Her heart and soul lay naked for the world to see. Perhaps, he pondered, that was the most beautiful thing of all.

He was broken out of his reverie when he heard his name being called. His blood turned cold and he was rendered frozen in place from nerves as he realized the voice who had called his name. "Snake Eyes." Starfire sighed in a dreamily sleeping state.

He winced as his heart wrenched from the current predicament he was in. "You torment me." He thought in aggravation as he walked into her bedroom to grab a bucket of water. When Snake eyes returned, he dumped the bucket on her face.

This of course, caused her to jump like a cat who had been suddenly startled. "You-you, ass!" She blabbled in wide eyed shock. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She screeched.

You were talking in your sleep. He bluntly stated.

Starfire paled at this revelation. "What did I say?" She cautiously asked.

Nothing coherent. Just babbling. He lied. She held his gaze for a moment before sitting on her bed.

"What do you want? Besides making me miserable?" She sarcastically asked him.

Get dressed. We are going out. He blandly told her before exiting. She blinked and noticed the clothes left on her table.

Growling from frustration, Starfire contemplated her options. What she came up with didn't seem to satisfy her tastes. She had only two options in her mind. She could either go and hope for a miraculous opening for escape, or she could rot in the iron chained room, that although beautiful, haunted her very soul with the looming memories it plagued her with.

A twinge of despite for her current situation found her. Sighing in disgrudged defeat, she pushed herself off the bed. She hesitantly took the clothes and began to examine them. They were definitely female, she decided they must belong to the redhead she met the other day.

She shifted a few seconds before beginning to change. As she did so, she allowed her mind to wander over the past days she spent with the masked stranger and his team.

It took barely any time for Starfire to dress in the slightly formfitting tank and work out pants, she opted to ditch the shoes but wore the socks for comfort.

"Alright lets go." She said in an almost demanding voice as she walked out of the door to see him waiting there.

It was strange, Starfire never had this short of a temper until she came here. She supposed it had to do with the painful memories this weird Ninja brought back. A twinge in her heart made her realize just why, though, she refused to admit it to herself.

The man seemed to notice as he seemed to relax in realization. Instantly, she tensed again, her defended building back up. "Let's go." She crossed her arms in defiance.

The ninja slumped slightly and seemed almost hurt by her inward retaliation but she chose to shrug it off as her imagination. Maybe that room really was turning her insane, she thought.

He nodded and followed her out. The two said nothing on their way to their destination. Though, she had no idea where that may be. Her eyes darted dangerously across every object which came into view, soaking it all in and quietly discerning the tactile advantages. It was pure instinct gor the girl.

Snake eyes wanted to grumble at her defensive posture. She practically spelled don't come near or I will kill you, to any person who came within view. He sighed silently to himself. This would be very, very dangerous. But she needed an outlet for her frustrations and bottled emotions, or she would more than likely reach a breaking point soon. He caught a glimpse of it earlier. She was exhausted, in the mental sense. No living being could hold so much in without an outlet of some source for long. He simply figured, it might as well be him.

Stopping short of a door, her hightened senses caused her to stop at the exact same moment. He gestured for her to enter the area after he coded it in.

She suspiciously searched him, trying to decipher his intentions for taking her here, before waringly giving in.

When the door shut behind them, he saw every muscle in her body tense, like an animal who has just realized it was tricked into a caged corner. "Why are we here?" Her voice lacked emotion was strained.

I thought you might want to practice and get your frustration out. Plus, you already attack me every other time I walk in the door, so I felt I might gauge a sense of her skills to be prepared for your next fully thought out escape plan. It was meant to be a lighthearted joke, but her darkened eyes and twisted expression showed she found no amusment in it. He sighed again. Obviously she strained farther than he thought. Please? He tried again.

Her face wavered for a moment, an almost vulnerable expression crossed her face before her guard was back up. She stared at him and replied in a tone full of malice. "Fine, I don't fully mind beating a guy twice my size into oblivion. Buy remember, you asked for it." Starfires eyes narrowed at the last statement.

I wouldn't have it any other way, my dear. It was already out before he realized what he had signed, he flinched at the realization and the way her eyes widened before focusing on something far away. It had obviously triggered her too keen memory. He chastised himself inwardly for the slip up. He would need to be more cautious.

Shifting his body weight awkwardly caused her eyes to snap back into focusing on her, opponent. Starfires eyes searched his mask slightly suspicious, which caused him to tense under her gaze. Though she apparently decided it wasn't worth digging deeper. He relaxed as her gaze turned again to the scrutinizing enemies. "Alright. And know, I play by no rules." her voice tightened.

He only offered her a nod of agreement to her terms. And then, the fight was on.


Ok, so as far as fight scene. I want to know if yall want an accurate Ninjitsu fighting scene because I can write that, or a Grav Maga scene? Since the Joes are military based installation they most likely train in several arts, and I could do that as well. I think Grav Maga is neat to write because of the concept of adapting to situations, but Starfires style is going to most likely be deeply Ninjitsu based due to her affiliation with her clan. But then again, she also works more military type. Soo...its basically whatever yall want to read. Let me know(: