It was a sunny morning in the Messer house, everyone was asleep then there was a loud sound of a little girl "mommy, daddy" called Lucy Messer, both Lindsay and Danny Messer jumped out of bed and went into their daughters room to find her standing inside her crib holding the side.

"What's up princess" Danny asked his two year old daughter.

"Hungwey" the little girl told her parents.

"Ok, up we go" Lindsay said to her daughter lifting her out of her crib "let's go and get food"

"Yay" Lucy said as she clapped her hand.

Lindsay Messer carried her daughter out to the little round family table and placed Lucy in her high-chair. Since it was Danny's day off and Lindsay didn't need to get to the lab till noon they all sat down and ate breakfast as a family.

After breakfast Danny sat Lucy down in front of the television to watch sponge bob squared pants while Lindsay was in the kitchen clearing up the breakfast things, she felt strong arms snake around her waist and immediately she leant into her husband's embrace "leave that for later" Danny whispered into Lindsay's ear which sent chills through her body "Lucy's watching the telly, let's go and join her"

"Danny, I've got to do this or I will forget to do it and you won't do it later"

"Oh, but you never know I just might" Danny told her with a wink

"Oh, but I know you and you won't you will be playing with Lucy all the time"

"Well maybe we could do it together if your home after I put her to bed" he said running a hand down her arm.

"Maybe" Lindsay said turning around in his embrace and pressing a series of small soft kisses to his mouth.

As Lindsay put the key in to unlock the door the door swung open and she was greeted by Danny "I want to talk to you about something" Danny said as soon as she had a foot into their apartment.

"What about" Lindsay asked worried

"Nothing to worry about, come and sit down" Danny then said grabbing Lindsay's hand to pulled her to the couch.

"Danny, what is it" Lindsay asked looking him straight in the eyes.

"How would you feel if Lucy has a baby sister or a baby brother?" Danny asked out of the blue

"Urm" was all Lindsay could say to Danny's question

"Sorry, I just threw that on you, take your time" Danny said pulling Lindsay's hand to rest on his leg

After a while Lindsay managed to "yes"

"So you want Lucy be a big sister" Danny then asked just to clarify the answer his wife gave him.

"Yes, I do want Lucy to be a big sister, I was thinking that about a week ago" Lindsay confessed

"So we are going to try for a baby?" Danny asked

"Yes" Lindsay said "we are going to try and have another baby" Danny immediately wrapped her up in his arms around her and pulled her down onto the couch so they were laying down.

"Good" he said into her hair "then when should we get started"

"Well, Lucy is asleep now so" Lindsay said with a look in her eyes that she only had for Danny

"Let's go" Lindsay said getting up from her husband

Danny got up and wrapped his arms around Lindsay's neck she then wrapped her legs around Danny's waist and began pressing small kisses onto his lips.

When they got into the bed room after five minutes out in the hallway they finally got themselves onto the bed. Danny started to pull off his shirt over his head and chucked it randomly in the room behind him, he then grabbed Lindsay's top and started to pull it up her body. After a while of teasing they couldn't handle the pressure anymore and with one quick motion Danny sunk into her, moans of pleasure escaped Lindsay's mouth. As she came close to her release she sunk her teeth into Danny's shoulder to prevent her shouting loudly and waking their two year old daughter up. Once they both had come down from their high Danny rolled them both over so then he was lying on his back and Lindsay was lying on his chest, their chest rose and fell in sync with each other. They both soon fell asleep on each other Lindsay lying in Danny's arms.

Two weeks later

The blue line on the pregnancy test showed that Lindsay was pregnant. She came out f the bathroom in their apartment and found Danny sitting on the couch watching the Yankee's game. "Danny, I have good news" Lindsay said sitting down next to Danny

"Can't it wait, the game is nearly finished" Danny told Lindsay without taking his eyes off of the screen in front of him

"I'm pregnant" was all Lindsay had to say to get Danny's attention

"Really" was all Danny could say; now he was looking Lindsay straight in the eyes

"yes, I just took a test, it's positive" Lindsay said with tears in her eyes, Danny immediately wrapped her in his arms forgetting about the game that was on the telly and focusing on his wife, his now pregnant wife.

"Can I get you anything? Water, coffee no not coffee anything" Danny said standing up

"No nothing are you ok" Lindsay asked concerned

"It was just a surprise that's all" Danny told Lindsay sitting down

"Good, now get over hear" Lindsay said attempting to pull Danny's arm to the couch.

When Danny sat down he wrapped Lindsay in a tight embrace and said "can't wait for 9 months" and with that Lindsay smiled as she put Danny's hand on her stomach all Danny could do in response was kiss her and smile himself.