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"I see you two are getting along well" Mac said to Lindsay and Jenny

"Do you two already know each other?" Don said

"This people is my big sister" Lindsay told everyone

Everyone looked at each other and then they looked at Lindsay and Jenny

"You two are sisters?" Mac asked

"Yeah" Jenny said

"Okay, but you two don't have the same last name" Adam said

"I'm married, so my last name changed" Jenny told Adam.

"Okay" Adam said

""right can we all get back to work?" Mac asked

"Yeah" Everyone said in unison apart from Lindsay

"Bye babe" Danny said kissing his wife's cheek, Danny bent down to Lucy height "Bye Lucy Lu" Danny said to his daughter, he kissed her head and stood up "see ya later" Danny then added

"Bye babe" Lindsay said

"Bye Dada" Lucy said to him

"See ya later Linds" Jenny said

Everyone left the room and just left Lindsay and Lucy in the break room

"So baby girl what are we going to do?" Lindsay asked Lucy

"I don't know" Lucy said putting another slice of pizza in her mouth "Mommy, I full" Lucy then added.

Lindsay looked at Lucy's pizza box and saw that there was only 1 slice left "Do you want to save that for later?" Lindsay asked Lucy

"Cold pizza?" Lucy asked

"Yeah" Lindsay said

"Yeah, I love cold pizza" Lucy said

"Same here" Lindsay told Lucy "So what do you want to do?" Lindsay asked Lucy.

"Urm...pway on computor" Lucy told her mom

"Dressing up games?" Lindsay asked Lucy

"Yeah" Lucy replied as Lindsay was standing up. Lindsay help her hand out to her daughter and Lucy took it. They walk together hand in hand to Lindsay's office that she shared with Jo. Lindsay turned on her computer and put Lucy's favourite dressing up game on. Lindsay grabbed a case file that was on her desk and sat on the sofa that was in the back of the office. Lindsay started to read the file when she heard a knock on the door. Lindsay looked up and saw Danny walking in.

"What cha doin'?" Danny asked

"Reading a case file, why?" Lindsay answered and asked

"Just wonderin'" Danny said walking behind Lucy and placing a kiss on the top of her head. "And you shouldn't be doing that" Danny added

"Why not?" Lindsay asked

"Coz, you not supposed to be working" Danny simply said

"Okay, but I do not want to have a whole load of paperwork when I get back to work." Lindsay said reading the case file.

Danny didn't have a comeback to that, he simply took the case file off of Lindsay and put it at the back of her desk.

"Do you really think that I won't be able to grab that?" Lindsay asked

"No, I think you can, I just don't know where to put it" Danny said thinking where to put it. "Maybe I will put it in the men's bathrooms" Danny then added

"You think that I won't go in there?" Lindsay asked, disgust on her face

"Nope" Danny simply said

"I'm so glad that you know me well, I would never go in there" Lindsay told Danny, she emphasised the never.

"Good" Danny said as he picked up the case file and went away

"Wait, are you actually going to do that?" Lindsay asked looking at the back of her husband's retreating form.

Danny turned around and shouted "Yep"

"Grosse" Lindsay mumbled to herself and got another case file up from her desk where Lucy was sitting.

"Mommy?" Lucy questioned

"Yeah, baby" Lindsay answered leaning on her desk

"What does this say?" Lucy asked

"Urm… that is a message from your daddy" Lindsay sad leaning over her daughter to replied.

: No working, remember Montana

: Okay, fine you win

: So what do you say when Lucy got sleep we go and have sex?

: Keep it clean

: Why, you like it when I get straight to the point

: I know I do, but no when Lucy is right next to me

: Oh, well shield her eyes and, I have got to go now, work to be done, love you xx

: Okay, Love you too xx

Danny got back to work and Lindsay got back to doing her paperwork. After about 30 minutes later Lindsay woke up from her little nap, to see Lucy and Danny looking over her

"Ya, fell asleep babe" Danny said holding his hand out to her, Lindsay took his hand and sat up, Lucy then sat on Lindsay lap. Then all of a sudden she remembered what she wanted to ask her dad.

"Daddy" Lucy asked

"Yeah" Danny replied looking at his 3 year old

"Where do babies come from" Lucy asked, Lindsay had to bite her tongue so the laugh wouldn't come out.

"What…Err…Ask you mother" Danny told her

"I did, she said to ask you" Lucy told him

"She did, did she?" Danny asked looking at Lindsay

"Way to go, rat out your mom" Lindsay said sarcastically

Lucy looked at her mom with a huge grin on her face

"Well Daddy, where do babies come from?" Lucy asked again

"Well the urm…baby's come from mommy's belly" Danny told his 3 year old daughter

"okay, how does the babies get there?" Lucy asked

"Well, when mommy's and daddy's love each other then they do something that only mommy's and daddy's are allowed to do" Danny replied thoughtfully.

"Why?" Lucy asked

"Because if mommy and daddy didn't then we wouldn't have you now" Lindsay told her daughter.

"Okay" Lucy said simply, she then turned and got on with the dressing up game that she was playing on Lindsay's computer.

"That was close" Danny mumbled to Lindsay

"Well at least she kinda knows" Lindsay mumbled back to Danny, "So are we going to do what we do best tonight?" Lindsay then added.

"You bet" Danny agreed quickly.

Danny got back to work and left Lindsay ad Lucy in her shared office.

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