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Chapter 1

In the middle of a forest in a beautiful land called Stormhold there could be found a miracle which had descended from the sky. This miracle was a woman called Yvaine. To her fortunate destiny she had stumbled upon a boy named Tristan which in another strange, and also fortunate event he had taken her as his prisoner. Poor Yvaine, which had to be dragged all the way to London only to be given as a gift to the so called girl of Tristans dreams did not truly know how lucky she was, for there were other dangers much greater than the young boy by her side that was searching for her. However, this story is not only about Yvaine and Tristan. This is a story of a highly unusual and strange love that would be found on the most darkest of places.


Beneath the noisy crow sitting joyfully on a branch there could be seen a silent figure laying on the ground murmuring something about it being too noisy this time of the day. The crow spotted the young woman and kept a watchful eye on her as she slowly awakened. it took her a while to realize where she was. She gazed at her surroundings first with major confusion, but as it slowly dawned on her that she was not where she was supposed to be she let out a horrific scream which scared the allready aware crow away. Struck by panic she stood and watched the light blue sky above her with terror in her eyes, "What is this supposed to mean?!" she screamed at the empty sky like a crazy woman. "Why am I here?! Hey! I don't belong here! Take me back!" Her frustrated cries was left unanswered and she furiously stomped her food on the soft ground and soon after she fell like a sack of potatoes onto her behind. Her long, brown hair fell over her face and hid the tears who started falling from her hazel colored eyes.

Her cries lasted for a long time before she stood back up and started shouting again, "Stars don't belong on earth! At least I don't! Please, can anyone switch places with me? Please!" Her pleads were yet again left unanswered and after a while of more shouting she gave up, knowing there was nothing her sisters could do about it now that the deed was done. Holly was probably one of the only stars in the sky which would nothing more, but to stay where she had always been. For millions of years she had heard her sisters whisper about how much they wanted to descend to earth because of the beauty of love, but she had not been affected about it the way they had been. She was content on staying above it all, just gazing, listening and looking. Maybe she had just looked the wrong way?

Feeling her anger boost in her again she yelled, "This isn't happening to me! A star on earth brings nothing but trouble!" before she stomped her foot in the ground a second time. She decided from that point on that she would do all in her power to restrain from her destiny, which was unwillingly given to her by destiny. Holly was not always like this. She was actually a very kind and caring soul, but this situation had brought out the worst in her. The ONE thing she wanted the least was brought upon her and she could not accept that. No. She was going to be a straight-up rebel about it and just sit there and do nothing.

As if destiny hadn't caused her enough distress she soon found out that her purpose on earth was soon to appear in front of her, "Take her!" A harsh voice yelled out of nowhere and Holly hurriedly turned around only to see a black dressed guard charging at her. Seeing as this was her first day on earth she did not have any means of how she should be protecting herself from this assault, which of course ended in her being slammed against the tree she moments ago had been sleeping under. She was completely struck by confusion and ended up not uttering any sound during this surprising ordeal.

"Bring her to me." the same voice that had spoken earlier spoke again. The man pinning her to the tree rapidly turned her around so that they could walk over to the man speaking which she guessed was the leader. Before her stood a beautiful, black horse with a man sitting on top of it. The instant her eyes met the source of the voice she could imediately see that this man possessed a heart so dark it sent shivvers down her spine. Having watched people on earth for millions of years she pretty much had perfected the art of reading people just by looking at them. This man would without a doubt give her nothing but trouble.

"What are you doing out here in the middle of the forest?" the leader asked. Holly was unsure how to answer this seeing as if she revealed her true story she would be slayed down within seconds. And truth be told she was not so sure why she was in the forest herself. She kept quiet, but could see that he already was beginning to lose his temper. His jaw clenched and he asked again, "What is your business here?"

Again she did not answer him and the guard who had caught her coughed to catch the leaders attention. "Your Highness. Before we took her I could hear her talking about a star on earth." Holly flinched at his words and immediately tensed up. Did he understand that the star she was talking about was herself?

Prince Septimus turned back to look at her with such cold eyes she was sure he knew the truth. "A star you say? How do you know about this star if I may ask?"

Holly swallowed hard and was immensely grateful that he hadn't understood it after all. "What star?" she carefully asked.

"Are you trying to test my patience?" Septimus replied with a dangerously calm voice. Holly knew she was in deep water when the prince ended up jumping down from his horse only to walk over to her. "I assure you I am not so easily fooled, my dear. You are clearly playing stupid." he towered over her only to set his example that he was not afraid to be challenged, though that was not her intention in the least. He tried again, "Who are you?"

Not wanting to push her faith she answered a careful, "Holly." Having him this close made Holly realize how much more intimidating he was than she had thought. He looked like a man who could kill and have a good time doing it.

"Good. Now, Holly, what do you know about this star?" his eyes bored into hers so much she actually thought she felt a sting of pain in her own. Slowly she tried to create some distance between them, but to no success. He grabbed her arm and dragged her back to him. Startled, Holly looked at him with a frightened look on her face. This man was clearly not messing around.

"I don't know anything about any star. I am telling the truth." truthfully she had no idea what star he was talking about. Wasn't she the only star who had descended to earth?

However her answer was not at all pleasing to the dark prince and before she knew it she had been slapped right accross the face. In shock she hurriedly turned back to him with a terrified and hurt look written all over her face. She hastily took one step away from him, but he followed her with a bigger one making him stand only inches away from her.

Now with a higher and angrier tone he asked again, "What-do-you-know-about-the-star?" he paused between each word to make sure this stupid girl understood the question perfectly.

Holly was in a crossroad. If she told him again that she did not know he would most likely kill her. If she lied to him and he later found out that she was not being honest he would also kill her. No matter how she answered her faith would still be the same. Though the lying part would without a doubt give her more time to escape this madness. On the other hand if she gave him some information he knew was incorrect she would also suffer the consequences. Maybe she could give him some shallow information. Some information everyone knew about?

Carefully she pointed up to the sky, "I saw it. Going in that direction." she pointed towards the forest behind her hoping she was showing the way they were already following. However the second she did it she felt a sting in her concience. If they were following a star that meant she was pointing right to its direction?

The dark prince's eyes narrowed and he turned around and started dragging her towards the other men. "We have a new mission! Not only are we going to find the necklace, but also the star!"

Horrified of what would happen next, Holly decided to think fast and shook her arm out of his iron grip and hurriedly turned around to run away from the group. Unfortunately only seconds later the prince had caught up with her with a few big steps and yet again grabbed her arm. This time Holly flinched by the strenght in his grip. He was intentionally trying to hurt her this time. In one violent move he made her swirl around to face him. She stumbled on her own feet in the process and ended up falling to her knees. The black haired man stood towering over her with a clenched jaw and a vein forming on his forehead.

"Bad move." he snarled. Shaking like a leaf, Holly could not do anything but stare in horror at the dark prince. It was like staring right into the eyes of the angel of death. This must have been her last seconds alive. She was convinced of it.

The brunette gave out a sorrowful whimper. If she was killed now she would never be able to return to her sister stars up in the heavens. As he raised his free hand and gripped her around the neck making her stand back up Holly couldn't help but find the whole situation hillarious. Her first and last day on earth would end before it even had the chance to begin. Peace roamed the sky where she came from, but here on earth she would die the second she arrived. She clawed and kicked at him, but to no use. He was steady as a rock. He tightened his grip and Holly felt the life leave her body.

Before everything went dark Holly looked up to the sky one last time.