Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or the characters thereof. I do own Dante Finch and Dorian Scaric though, so please welcome them to the story, shall we?

Okay, here's the idea behind the story. Lucifer is real, he was bonded to Sam's soul in the cage and when they put it back in him, they locked the real Lucifer, or most of him, into Sam. He's not a figment at all. Bobby is killed and Dean and Sam break apart.

Dean goes to see Sam and make up. But finds him living in a rather unusual relationship with Lucifer. Now Lucifer wants to own Dean, too. Will Dean let him? And if he did, maybe Lucifer would help them kill Dick and his Leviathans, not to mention teach our boys the real meaning of love and obey!

Now John and Bobby have joined the group and John has become their lover now, their fellow Slave to their favorite Devil. Hell may be hot but so is their passion for each other and him.

I am also adding Cas and Gabriel and Hades the Greek Underworld god, so please welcome them to the story, too. Might be adding other Greek gods at odd moments, too, not sure yet.

Warning: Unrelated Sam/Dean/Lucifer/John/Dorian/Dante, Bobby/Cas. Some language, graphic imagery. Sexual Content. Dark content. Violent scenes are included here. Kink and Bondage will be in this storyline. Both boys and John have a Slave/Master relationship with Lucifer and each other. Don't like, don't read. I intend to use bondage and kink a lot in this fic, so if that bothers you, stop at the first sentence.

Plot: They are hunting down Dick's Assistant and find out their loved ones have hidden desires for their Master, Lucifer.

Dorian wants help having more Dhampyres and Dante just wants him to fuck him. Will they let him? And if they do, will Lucifer agree to this new version of Family love? And who says the Slaves can't find passion in their families' arms as well.

Clara and Dante are forced to face a dilemma that Dante has been putting off for far too long and find that one day it may kill them, and they desperately hope it doesn't get that chance. Will Dante bend his stubborn will enough to save both their lives? And will it bring Dorian and Dante closer to Clara in ways they never expected to be?

Their lives get more complicated when the Slaves decide they want more children with him, and with each other. What will Lucifer say?

War becomes imminent between Lucifer, Heaven, and the Leviathans as they race to keep them from opening the Lot's secret and destroying the world.

And Gabriel has a lesson to relay that holds some really cruel intentions.


4 months have passed above ground and the Royal rulers cuddled.

"Master, you said we could have our own child someday. Me and Sam? Is that still okay?" Dean asked and Lucifer smiled, nodding.

"Of course. I meant what I said. Why?" Lucifer asked. Wondering what they wanted now.

"We would like to have that child now." Dean said, "Sam should carry it." Sam nodded and Lucifer thought of a different but similar plan. In the meantime, he appeared to be considering their request. He wanted them to have children together. He knew they would be perfect and he would love the babies as his own.

"When would you like to make this child? Your delivery date will be three months Hell time, just like it was before. Three months here, a week and half up there." Lucifer asked and advised.

"Now, we would like to make it now." Dean said, "It's been months since we delivered ours with you. We're ready to do this again."

"Then you do that and I'll be with John." Lucifer said and knew the next question; he had expected it at the beginning of this discussion really.

"How do we make it so we can pregnant again?" Sam asked. They had a lot of sex together already and no kids to show for it. Could they have any more children with anyone but Lucifer now?

"I just touch you, open your body and make it adjusted to accommodate the child that would be in there soon." Lucifer explained, "You two wear these." He gave them some heart shaped red stones on golden chains. "They are heart stone necklaces and they will glow when you are actually with child. Put them on." They did as ordered then waited.

"Can we make it now?" Dean asked, seeking his Master's permission.

"Yes, now will be fine. You get yourselves ready and we'll do ourselves." Lucifer said and grabbed the lube from their night stand. Lucifer lubed up his dick and John's ass using fingers to quickly get John ready for him again. They had just made love and they were used to the fairly constant sex now, so John would be ready for him with very little prep now.

Dean lay Sam beneath him and lubed them both up now, too. His dick and Sam's ass. "Fuck him now, we're ready." Lucifer ordered, touching Sam softly now in the stomach area. "You're fertile now, Sammy. You're going to make beautiful children, both of you!"

"I thought so, too." Sam said happily as Dean pushed in now then bit a lip, "Why don't you make one with John? While we do it?"

"John, do you want another child?" Lucifer asked as he pushed into the man. "We can if you want."

"I'd like that. Another for us. Let's do that, okay, Master?" John asked and Lucifer moved more now, touching John the same way, making him fertile as well. "Thank you, Master. I guess that make fourteen children, are you okay with that?" He asked. That was a lot of children!

Lucifer liked having children a lot and wanted as many as he could get! It seemed they felt the same way; he saw this and was glad. They would all make wonderful parents!

"Maybe more someday." Lucifer said softly, "I like having the children around; I want as many as you're willing to give me, all of you."

"Then let's make ours." John urged, their bodies moving faster now and moans escaping them both already. "Make this last for us, please, Master? Let the love making last for hours, please?"

"Yes…" Lucifer moaned and moved more, feeling the need to move more, take him harder but fought it. He wanted this to last, too. So he willed it and it was so. "Feel so good, John!"

"More, give me more!" John pleaded, and writhed as their Master did just that.

Now the boys were going at it just as hard and arching, heads back and eyes rolling back into their heads now. But still they cried out their pleasure and he could tell they were close but waited. Waited for the orgasms to build more now, multiply for them and so he could see them totally taken over by them before they were let out. He still touched Dean's stomach and made him fertile, too. Both men were getting pregnant by each other tonight. Dean with Sam's and Sam with Dean's. He wanted one from each so he made it so, knowing they wouldn't object too much. Dean would complain but he'd accept it; deep down he wanted one of his own with Sam, too. Lucifer knew this hidden desire and fulfilled it as well.

"Sammy…so good…something feels different now!...must be the fertile thing he did to you…fuck!...you feel so amazing…getting so tight…gonna…gonna cum soon!" Dean moaned as he pounded in now and Sam writhed, his body screaming for more of his lover now, needing more of him with every deep and hard thrust Dean did now.

"Cumming…need to! Master, please let us?" Sam begged and screamed as Lucifer moaned out, "Sam, Dean, cum now!" They came screaming and passed out from the orgasms that slammed through them, so many they lost count. "Yes!" Sam cried out as he came. "Damn, Yes!" Dean had shouted and had impaled himself hard into Sam, arching and breath catching.

Sam's stone glowed, brightly filling the room for several minutes, like a mini-sun. Then faded and was just red again. Then Sam leered and kissed Dean, flipping him deftly. Now he thrust in and made love to him, both getting so lost in each other that they didn't notice that Dean's stone glowed as well when their Master let them cum and told them to do so. Soon they were gasping as they came again and again, fucking through every one of them, screaming their releases and pleasure at the same time. The boys were pregnant now, both of them, and they passed out on top of each other again, cuddling where they had fallen. The power of the fertility change and of all the sex and their orgasms had wiped them out; exhausting them in the process.

John and Lucifer went for another four more hours, even after he felt John become pregnant as well, letting them cum and moving below John now. "Fuck me, John. Make me writhe for you and cum hard from you loving me!" Lucifer ordered and John pushed into his lover and they fucked for a few more hours and came shouting together when Lucifer allowed them to.

"So, am I?" John asked, feeling drowsy already. "Am I pregnant?" He wanted to be and hoped he was.

"Yes, baby, you are. Thank you giving me more children; they are always welcome to me. Our children, I want lots with you guys." Lucifer said smiling.

John sat up and sat facing his Master, needing to make him understand something. "I have to explain something to you."

"What is it?" Lucifer asked patiently, "I'm listening."

"When I say I love you, I don't mean like I love them or like I ever loved anyone in my life. I am in love with you, I get more that way every day I am with you. I love them and adore them, but…the only man I can never live without, the only man I want so much it scares me is you! I love you the way they love loved each other, before you came along and claimed them. You are my life, my world, Master. I love you so much!" John said softly, "You're my One and Only, Master. I will never love another as much as I love you now; not even them. It is by no small margin either. It's by a really fucking big one! I would gladly choose you every time the offer came up now!" John sighed and looked down, "I just thought I should tell you how I felt now. Never loved anyone this much ever before." He shrugged, looking into his Master's face with a soft loving look. "Never let me go."

"Never! John, I know it's not fair to you but I love you all that way, the way you love me? But you are my favorite. You always have been since I was with you. But I will always be with you, love you for all Eternity. You are my World, too." Lucifer kissed him and laid him down. The man was wobbling, going to sleep soon. "All I ever wanted, too. You all are ever I could have wanted!"

John slept now smiling, and Lucifer got up now. He got the tub ready and soaked in it, letting it ease the soreness from him and help him heal faster now. He slipped lower in the tub now and sighed happily. More children soon. He liked that thought.

He let them sleep; they had earned it.


A couple days later, he went to see Dante and Dorian. They had asked to speak with him privately. They had already approached the boys and John who said their idea was fine and they were okay with it. They loved their Master and their family. They just advised that they talk to Lucifer and tell him everything.

"I know you are with them and we don't want to interfere in that but we want to ask you something and tell you something important." Dante said nervously, eyes on his wife, who also shuffled nervously. Both ready to change their minds the moment their Master disagreed, Lucifer saw this and let them talk. He didn't want to scare them off. He wanted to hear their requests.

"I'm listening." Lucifer said, "Anything you want, just ask and I will give it if I can, you know that. Don't be afraid, I want to hear what you have to say." He soothed them and took their hands, showing he wasn't going anywhere.

"Okay." Dante said and took a breath then spoke again. "First, we want you to know we respect and obey you in all things, Master." Dorian nodded and Lucifer smiled waiting. "I know that, Dante. What do you wish of me?" Lucifer responded encouragingly.

"She is the only one of her kind and…well, my genetics pollutes the genes too much, wipes out the Dhampyre aspects so we were thinking that if you mated with her, the genes would be pure and could further the Dhampyre bloodline, maybe until you two get a two or three of them, girls of course, and they could go from there. We don't mean to sound so businesslike but it is the main reason we are asking this but not the only one."

"What is the other one?" Lucifer asked, curious now. The prospect of helping the Dhampyre carry on her bloodlines specific traits had merit. It would allow the line to continue and expand eventually, starting with her children. He could see how his angel DNA could make a new breed of them, a stronger better strain of Dhampyre. She wasn't meant to be the last one; she was to be the first so others could come into being from her. This would allow that. So what else did they want to do this for?

"She is very attracted to you and I..well, I've never done that with a guy but I find myself wanting to with you. We find you sexy and you turn us on. We know it's not love, like you have with them, but it is desire and lust, and they are fine with us. We would be Eternal Servants with Benefits. We would very much like to have sex with you. She could have more Dhampyres that way and I could…well, I could be with you the way I want to, too." Dante blushed and looked at his wife, "You sure you want…"

"I am, I want this. We had to ask, they said he wouldn't be mad at us for that." She said, looking at her husband now, "They said it was okay with them if it was okay with him. We're family and they're willing to share with us, remember?"

"Wait, you spoke to my Slaves about this already?" Lucifer had to ask, it had surprised him.

"Of course, they are our loved ones. We didn't want to make a pass at their husband without their permission. We love them too much to hurt them that way. We would never have said anything if they had said no." Dorian reassured him. "We love them dearly."

"I see that." Lucifer had to shake his head, his family was conspiring to have sex with him…together! Such a naughty family he had now! "And they said what specifically?"

"They said that you could definitely help with the Dhampyre thing and if we desired you, and you agreed to bed us, then they wouldn't take it badly and would allow it. They said it was great idea but you had to hear us out first and know the facts first. No grand seduction here, just the need to procreate more Dhampyres and maybe to become your on again off again lovers, just sometimes you see. Not all the time like them." Dorian said softly, "I need to make more and his DNA cancels out the Dhampyre part so…we thought it would work better with a purer DNA, like yours." She shrugged and smiled, "Not the most romantic or seductive reason to have sex with you but…it is the real one and they said to be honest with you." She smiled, taking her husband's hand . "Not looking for love with you, I already have that with Dante. He's my World but…he can't do this one thing for me and you can. Plus he wants you as a lover of sorts and I do, too. You are sexy and we do desire you in a sexual way. Just not in a 'forever yours' kind of way. Will you consider doing this with us? For us?"

They sat there waiting, hoping he would. She wanted to make more Dhampyres and to sleep with him. Dante wanted to sleep with him, too. So it wasn't a total business proposition. There was lust and desire there as well between them and him. Just no love, not that kind.

"I'll do it." Lucifer said then added, "I must speak with them first to verify this but if it is okay with them, then I see no reason not to join your bed for now. At least until you have several Dhampyre children and he has known sex with me as much as he desires to know. I can give you that." He smiled and stood now. "Let me speak with them first."

They already knew it was okay with the others but knew he had to check. They could wait for their answer now. He would do it, they just had to wait until he spoke to his Slaves.

They could live with this. "Thank you." Dorian said hugging the angel , kissing his cheek "You can never know how much this means to me and him. We will be in your debt for this."

Dante hugged him as well, kissing a cheek as well. "Yes, thank you. Even if it was just to listen to us and not leave before we got it all out. Just let us know when you're ready to be with us that way, okay?"

"Okay, tomorrow for sure. I will speak to them as soon as they wake up. You are sure you want this with me, both of you? No lingering doubts or anything? I don't mind if it isn't a love or romantic thing. Furthering your bloodline is important, Dorian. I've known that since I found out you were a Dhampyre, being the first one is hard and you should make more or the line will die with you. It is my duty to help you do that. I want more Dhampyres in the world, the way it was meant to be! Besides, I desire and want you guys, too. You are very sexy beings, I am honored you asked this of me. And thanks for talking to them first. I know their love and family stuff is important to all of you. I would never want to mess that up for you guys either." Lucifer said and hugged them. "I'll let you know as soon as I talk to them."

"Thanks, we appreciate this." Dante said and Lucifer left the room now. He closed the door behind him with a soft click. "Think he'll do it?" Dante asked, nervous again. He wanted this with the angel, and he wanted her to carry on her bloodline as well. What if he said no?

"I'm pretty sure he will." Dorian said, biting a lip nervously. "He's the best candidate for the genetic thing, as far as making the Dhampyres strong enough to survive and evolve properly."

"Then he probably will agree to it. Let's go to bed, baby. We're both tired." Dante tugged her up and to their bed, and they undressed and crawled in. Dante cuddled his wife to his side and kissed her lovingly, "I love you, Dorian."

"I love you, too, Dante." She said then asked, "You sure you won't be jealous of me and him? You know your temper."

"No, won't be jealous as long as he fucks me, too. I want to be his lover as well. Never wanted a guy this way before. Thanks for understanding about that, too." Dante reassured her, "He is a good Master. Sexy, too. But we'll only be with him and each other, right? I will be jealous if it were anyone else, well, maybe not my cousins or John. They are like him to me, not just family anymore. Special, you know?" He looked at her to see if she understood now.

"I know what you mean, they are special cases to us now, aren't they?" She sighed and yawned. Cuddling in more and falling asleep now. "Still love you more."

"Yes, they are special now but I will always love you more than life itself." Dante said softly, kissing her hair gently. "I always have." His arms tightened around her and he slept now, too. "I love you, too, baby."

No other sounds were heard and none needed to be. Just the sounds of their sleeping breaths and happy smiles in their sleep were enough to suffice for this night.


The Slaves woke up to their Master smirking down at them from beside the bed.

"Evil Slaves, you evil presumptuous slaves!" Lucifer said teasing them, a loving smile on their faces, "You should warn a guy before you set him up to sleep with someone else. Evil Slaves…"

"Oh." Dean said and they all had the good grace to blush and squirm under his look, "So you've talked to Dorian?"

"Yeah, I did. You could have mentioned she and Dante wanted me that way." Lucifer said grinning, "I was taken by surprise."

"We weren't sure they'd actually go through with it and they said they wanted to talk to you about it without us interfering. So we honored their requests." Dean said but added in a worried tone, "You will do it, right? It means so much to them and we won't mind. Dorian needs this or she'll not just be the first Dhampyre, but also the last! Please, won't you help them? We want you to be lovers with them, they are our family and they aren't unattractive to you, right? I for one wouldn't mind it either, they are very hot people."

"I would love to, too. They are so sexy, you ever watched them walk away? Those bodies should be frames as works of art, the really sexy ones you see on the statues!" John said eagerly.

"Hell, yeah, I had this dream where he crawled up my body and sucked my…Oh, sorry, I got…it was a great dream, sorry." Sam blushed and smiled.

"No, continue. I would like to hear it." Lucifer said and urged, "Tell me all of it. What did Dante do?"

"Well, he started at my thighs then my balls, he sucked them so softly it felt like heaven! Then he took his time and took me in his mouth…what are you doing? No, I know what you're doing but …why are you doing it?" Sam asked as Lucifer did to him what Dante did in Sam's dream. The others were touching themselves, very aroused by this latest tale.

"You gave me ideas." Lucifer said, "Continue."

"Okay…:" Sam chuckled and shook his head. "Gotta love you guys!" He began again now with a soft moan as Lucifer sucked his balls lightly now. "So good…" He lost his train of thought for a minute until Dean whispered into his ear, "Continue, baby, it was just getting good…"

"Yeah, it was." Sam said then went on breathlessly. "He sucked me the way I like it, soft then hard with that twist at the top with his hand, then he lay down below me, and stroked me as he whispered so softly, "Fuck me, Sam, please fuck me!" And I went to him, and sucked him as well, and he came for me, and I drank him, and he tasted like liquid fire! And I used the cum in my mouth to lube us up." He noticed Dean and John doing just what he described now, grinning. Lucifer sucked him harder now and he had pause to cum as his Master did that twist that just set him off and his body exploded with his orgasm as he came arching and holding onto his Master's head to push him onto him more. "Master!" He panted and screamed again. "Don't stop…cumming again…fuck!" And He came again even harder. His Master smiled and lay down behind him now and he turned to see him, legs spread and stroking Sam, "Fuck Me, Sam, let me be him for you…" Sam got even harder at this plea and asked, "Should I finish telling later or…"

"Now, tell us now!" John pleaded and told Dean "Be still, you sexy thing, he hasn't told that part yet!" Dean smiled and stopped, both men waiting for more of his dream to continue. Lucifer, too. "Go on, please!"

Sam went on and acting it out with them now, it was fun to do so he let it happen. "I worked into him, carefully getting situated. Then I moved slow and…" He moved into Lucifer the same way and moved slow and Lucifer moaned loudly as he moved again, "Then gradually harder, until we were slamming back into each other and it almost hurt but if felt so very good, too." They fucked now, all of them until they were needing to cum soon or die.

"You cum when they cum in this dream, and only then, do as I say." Lucifer ordered, needing to cum, too, but also wanting to hear more. He liked this dream so far…Wished he could do it to Dante this way now, too!

"I fucked him for hours in the dream but…can't wait that long now…" Sam whimpered.

"Yes, you will. We follow the dream precisely. How many hours?" Lucifer gritted his teeth to not cum, he might need to work on training himself not to cum like he had them, if this went on much longer.

"Two or three, not sure, you know how dream time is." Sam said and shrugged. "Okay, I'll wait to cum. But…it's almost over." He hated this part.

"Go on, finish it then!" Dean begged, "So close over here…you and your sexy words and the way you talk and your voice…you could read a law book out loud and I could cum just from the way your voice sounds…" He knew it was true. So did Sam.

"Does my voice…make you cum from it alone, too?" Lucifer said worried at the depth of their feelings for each other this way but also knowing he couldn't change it either, nothing could. "Tell me." He ordered and Dean looked away unhappily.

"No. Just his." Dean said, "I love him more, you knew that. We've discussed this already. So we got stuff we have for us that you don't get like we do, don't make us any less yours or make us love you any less either." He cried some now, "Can't live without either of you, so don't leave me!"

"I won't. Just seeing the depth of love that you feel for him, and he you." Lucifer still felt stung at the love they shared still, a love that would kill the other if one hurt or killed the other one. So connected and secured together in ways he could never be with either man, "I'll be okay." He kissed Sam now and Sam hugged him close.

"Love you, Master. No matter what I feel with anyone else, I will always love you." Sam reassured him.

"Just not as much as him, right?" Lucifer asked and Sam said sadly, "No, never as much as him."

"Then I am fine with it. Just continue now." Lucifer said and resolved to let it go. He knew this already but it still had the power to hurt a little. He loved them enough to make up for the lack of love they couldn't give him.

They fucked slow and then hard again as the hours passed again then Sam spoke again, needing to cum but doing as he was ordered and finishing his dream for them. He wondered if they ever had dreams to act out now, too!

"I flipped him over and we had sex that way, and he writhed for me, and fire, such wondrous fire!, it came from inside him and covered us but didn't burn me, it made me burn up inside as well and we fucked harder and faster, and then I came so hard inside him as his fire swallowed me and he came screaming my name. I woke up feeling that fire still and it was so warm to my skin even then. I desire him…I do." Sam admitted, "I want to touch his fire when he touches me and have it burn along my skin while he burns me up inside with his fire as well. Sick, I suppose, but true." He fucked Lucifer on all fours now and blue Angel fire surrounded them, pressed against them and they looked at Sam for completion here.

The fire covered them and Sam came screaming as he pictured Dante below him and tasted the flames as he breathed harder now, "Dante!" He said as he came and they came with loud cries as well. Then lay there, letting the flames return to Lucifer again and panted

"Such a good dream!" Lucifer gasped in pleasure and tried to learn to breathe again. "Fantastic!"

"Thanks, said it was good one." Sam said blushing, he pulled Lucifer closer and asked, "Did I please you , Master? I called his name I know but I was picturing him below me when we came, and…his name just came out."

"Not mad, I was thinking his name then, too." Lucifer admitted and looked to the others, "Did you…"

"Yes, but didn't say it out loud." They admitted, "Please don't punish us, we just…got caught up in the fantasy. Please?"

"No punishments, but I do want to fuck that man soon though, you have wet my desire for him even more now." Lucifer admitted, "Such a great dream, Slave, let me know when you have anymore." He went to get up and then Sam chuckled evilly.

"Not yet, I had dream about you guys, too." He licked a lip hotly now. They lay back and let him show him the dream. And proceeded to show them just how great that dream was to him, too!

He sucked them and had them all fuck and pleasure his body in turns until he fell spent to the bad and slept in their arms now. They kissed him and then joined him in sleep. All but Lucifer, he went to see the real Dante and his wife and to give them the answer to their requests.

And to fuck himself the real Pheonix and bring that fire to burn him up as they fucked each other.

He returned after saying he would do it later, and cuddled John on one side while touching Sam and Dean as they slept. He loved them very much, no matter what they had together. He saw they were It for each other, even now, owned and happily claimed by him. No one truly got them, their hearts and souls could never love anyone as much as they loved each other, not really. They would always be each other's. He cherished their bond and nurtured it as often as he could lately. He wanted it to grow beyond the small margin they said they felt for each other more before. They deserved to love with all their hearts and give that love to each other. They were soul mates, he had no right to lessen their love and steal it for his own. Soulmate love should be whole and complete inside the souls not weakened by another taking it away. It was unfair to them to lessen their love for each other out of fear of losing their Master!

He wanted them to love each other fully now, so he resolved to keep working on building their love back up. He's stolen a lot for himself when he'd first taken and claimed them, like a thief climbing their protective walls and stealing it from them without a single care.

He had been wrong to do that and he wanted to fix it!

Starting with the way Sam's voice turned Dean on as no other ever could. He thought about it and realized that their voices did the same for him, too. He loved them all the same way as the boys loved each other all their human lives.

He waited for them to wake up to discuss the upcoming sex with their cousin and his wife. It was not talked out yet, admitting they desired them was not enough. He had further ideas they had to get out, too.

"No, they aren't. I said I needed to speak with you first but I did say that after this I would. I can't believe you didn't mention this." Lucifer chuckled, knowing why they hadn't.

"We got busy…what with the baby making and all." Sam said grinning, eying Dean's baby bump. "I see I'm not the only one knocked up."

Dean followed his eyes and looked surprised. "What the hell?" He looked at Lucifer suspiciously, "What did you do?"

"I touched you while you two were making love and made you fertile too. That way you both get to have each other's child. All in one swoop, I wished for one from each of you to love. You don't mind too much, do you? You will still love them, right?" Lucifer said softly, "You two will make such beautiful babies…"

"Yeah, I suppose we will but you could have warned me you would be doing it." Dean said and touched his bump now. "My baby with you, Sammy. Our baby."

"Your baby in here, too." Sam said happily and looked at John who was also pregnant, happily so, too. They all shrugged and smiled now, kissing their Master and letting him know they were grateful for the chance to be fathers again. They loved their children and did want a lot with him. Even if they had to carry them themselves..

"Why is it important that me and Sam have kids with each other? And don't say it's because we love each other so much!" Dean demanded suspiciously. He knew there was more to it than that, he could just tell!

"The world needs the Winchester line to continue and this will allow your pure Winchester Hunter bloodline to continue. It would be even better if you had children with John, too. So your line stands a better chance of surviving the odds that way. Your bloodline breeds the best Hunters and must continue." He considered it and said now, "Once you have these babies and you are ready, I want you to have kids together , you boys with John and him with both of you. Will you do it?"

"Yes. We'll do it." Dean agreed and Sam agreed too.

"I will, too." John said. "So next round it is just us having kids with each other again and then with you. Is that the new plan?"

"I like it." The boys said and nodded eagerly. "But up top for a week and half, not the three months here. We'll just find a hunt and do it while we wait." Dean said and Lucifer liked it, too. A much shorter pregnancy that way for them and he could go after Dick's former assistant, the way he'd been wanting to. He could leave Bobby in charge for a few days, he'd like that. Cas was visiting so he could help him. At least for three Hell months.

"I already have a hunt in mind. We're going after his assistant and taking that lot from them. No one opens that thing, no fucking way!" Lucifer growled and his eyes glowed in fury at the thought. "Bobby is scrying for her now, and the demons are torturing the others for her location, it won't be long until we find her. Heaven is looking for her, too, for us." He promised and waited for their results eagerly now. He was impatient to kill the bitch soon after, too.

"We do need to finish discussing Dorian and Dante now." Lucifer reminded them and they nodded, spoke for an hour then he headed to their room to keep his promise to them.


(sex scene with Dante, Dorian, and Lucifer.)

"I will do it." Lucifer said coming into their room and finding them naked in their bed waiting for him.

"Knew you would." Dorian said giving Dante a look, and chuckling. "So…we heard his name earlier. Sam's voice, I believe. Why was shouting his name?"

"They desire you two very much. So Sam had a dream of having sex with Dante and we were acting it out together and when he came, he pictured Dante below him and came saying his name. That's why." Lucifer chuckle as he remembered the dream, too, "It was a really good dream!"

"You'll have to let them come to our bed later and let us hear it, too. Maybe even show us it. We could act it out, too." Dante suggested, "I desire them now, too. I have for a while now."

"You have?" Dorian asked and he nodded, grinning. "And you didn't tell me?"

"Was going to when you brought up sex with him so I figured it could wait." Dante explained and Dorian had to agree that put that way, it could wait to talk about after all. "I want you to be my first, Master."

"Dante…" Lucifer said softly, "Thank you, I'll make it good for you." He promised and Dante smiled.

"I know you will, never thought you wouldn't." Lucifer said and looked to Dorian, he handed her the necklace and she put it on. "That will glow when you are pregnant." He leaned in and kissed her softly, "You want to do it now?"

"Yes, and you are overdressed." She teased and he closed his eyes, poofing his clothes away and she saw the straps and gave him a questioning look.

"They like me to wear them so…I made them permanent." He admitted and they laughed.

"They are right, you look gorgeous in them." Dante agreed, and patted the bed between them, "You're too far away, Master."

"Yes, I am." He agreed and slipped between them and reached to kiss them both now. "Dorian first. Then you Dante." They looked up at a knock to the door and they called, "Come in!"

It was the others. Sam, Dean, and John. "Just letting you know Bobby found her. Oh, you getting ready to start it now?" Dean asked and the people in the bed laughed at his lustful expression.

"Yes, you meddling slave, we are." Lucifer smiled and knew they were up to something.

"Can we watch?" Sam asked and they nodded, and they all laughed as they padded in, wearing nothing but white straps and sitting on the loveseat after moving it closer to the bed for a better view.

Lucifer kissed Dorian now and then kissed down her neck to her breasts which he lavished with attention, making her moan loudly and lose thought for a bit. Then moved lower and kissed and sucked up her thighs to her velvety folds and used his tongue and teeth to work her to orgasm for him, using fingers to pleasure her at the same time and then thrusting in and making love to her slowly. Her legs went to his waist and her nails clawed his ass and back as he moved deeper and faster in and out of her. She soon tightened around him and he felt his control slipping and they came together and they did it again until the stone glowed and they came shouting again.

Then he moved to Dante and pulled him in for a kiss, and bit his neck and Dante whispered, "Harder, baby, bite me harder…" Lucifer figured out quick Dante liked his pain. He looked at Dorian who was being touched by the others now and had to agree it was a sexy sight watching them seduce her this way. "What is his pain level, Dorian?"

"He takes it up until he bleeds. He likes it to really hurt!" She moaned as Sam ate her below now and Dean fucked between her breasts now, too. Then she was unable to speak as John worked into her mouth and fucked her there as well, all going slow and taking their time and eventually fucking her this way harder and she writher between their bodies now.

Lucifer bit his tender flesh and rolled the nipples in his teeth as Dante nearly flew off the bed in ecstasy from the things he was doing to his nipples alone. Lucifer resolved to fuck him more often now, he was so responsive to every bit of pain; It was such a turn on! He moved lower now and worked him open and Dante gasped in pleasure as it hurt and Lucifer sucked his dick and Dante begged, "Sack, bite my sac, please?" So Lucifer let up on the sucked and bit his thighs, and up to his balls sucking them and taking them into his mouth fully, and sucking them and then biting the tender sac itself and Dante screamed in pleasure cumming hard from it and arching sexily , and Lucifer thrust in and Dante arched even more, and he fucked him slow and then worked him up to faster, adding pain and biting to it, pulling his hair to move his head to the side and biting his neck so it would hurt more and Dante whimpered as he fought not to cum again but he had to admit that Lucifer was taking that control rapidly away from him and he felt his power coming to the surface and got scared.

"Fire, my Fire, must stop…too good!...calling my fire!" He fought to stop but Lucifer just fucked him harder and faster now, making the fire come out faster now.

"Let I go, burn me with your fire as we fuck, please? Let me feel that fire…please!" Lucifer begged and "Let it out!" The Pheonix fire flew from him now and he came screaming over and over as the fire enveloped them both and Lucifer fell into the pleasure and the fire as it licked his body but did not kill it, and fucked him for another hours with the fire around them until Dante was able to pull it back in and fell gasping to the bed, Dean and Sam waited for their Master to leave him and then moved over, asking, " Can we fuck you? Please?"

"Yes, fuck me!" Dante agreed and Lucifer fucked Dorian again and Sam put his dick to Dante's mouth and he sucked him until he got it right and soon Sam was fucking his mouth while Dean took his ass gentle then hard and the fire came out again and burned them with pleasure and stayed burning them as they came and switched so that Sam could fuck him now and Dean took his mouth. Then moved him to all fours and took him that way while he leaned in and sucked Dean again, turning whore for them and moaning loudly around Dean's dick and Sam stroked him until the fire burned hotter and they came again and felt like he was burning inside and outside his body, screaming Dante's name as he came inside him again.

Then John moved to Dante and the boys lay on the couch and rode each other and fucked harder and deeper, taking each other and spiraling in pleasure as they moved together now, and Dante's fire flew free and engulfed the room but did not burn anything. Lucifer's power holding it from harming anyone or anything and John fucked him to orgasm and the fire only burned hotter ; they marveled at its beauty and the sheer power contained in those flames now. Dorian and he fucked harder now and came as well and then he moved to fuck Dante again and for an hour they fucked until they came crying out and filling him with more cum now.

The fire pulled back into him and he passed out when he absorbed it too fast. Dorian soothed them as they panicked now. "Just put some ice water in the tub and let the cold run and then help me get him into it. He just pulled the fire in too fast. He was overwhelmed with lust and sex with you and his fire got too out of control and pulled it in too hard and fast. He'll be fine, just let him rest and don't let him use his power for an hour or two either. It will kill everyone if you do. It could kill him." They carried him to the tub and put him in. Steam rose up and they saw the water boiling around the man.

"Fuck, he's hot! Ow! He's really really hot!" Sam gasped and was able work with him. Soon Dante was carried to the bed and he was still out cold. "He's dying here! Fuck, shouldn't have…fucking fire! We killed him!"

"No, you didn't. He just…lost control of it and pulled it back too fast, it happens. He'll be fine. Soak him in cold water for a few hours, let him rest and he'll be back to normal tomorrow. He's be in in stasis until his human side has regenerated enough to contain his powers the way they need to." Dorian got up and called for Clara. Clara came running and saw the problem. She immediately stripped then got them into the tub again, calling her power and freezing the water solid around them. Seconds later, it was all melted and steaming again and then she did it again.

"Go, I got this. I'll keep the water cool enough to cool his inner fire, regulate his temperature to almost normal and then just cold tub water should do the rest. Go ahead, it will be few hours." Clara said and hugged him to her body now. "I'll take care of him. We balance each other. Ice is me, his yin, fire is him, he's my yang. We are meant to be this way. Twin powers, opposite sides of the same power. We were destined to provide this need for each other." She explained.

"Are you lovers?" Dorian asked and Clara looked sad. "No, but we were meant to be. It would balance us completely then, stabilize our powers better, they won't be so out of control and hard to handle. Our powers get so out of control because we haven't taken that step. He is…I would be his lover and balance with him but…he is unwilling to let himself do that. I don't even know if he feels that way at all. I do, but…his powers, they hide his thoughts and anything one might glean from him by their very fiery nature. Mine is an open power, shows everything, but his…they are the dark to my light one, they hold darkness better while mine repels it always. His keeps all things hidden, and I can't get in to find out what he's thinking. Besides, you are his wife and I would never mess up your marriage that way by cheating with him."

"No, you should. He needs you to and you need him to. You must complete the bond or…this could kill him someday, you, too. Couldn't it?" Dorian went from sad to angry in seconds now, "This thing, your powers, they will kill you both someday, won't they? Without this damn bond being finished to complete the balancing! Tell me, damn it, will this power of his cost me my husband!"

"Yes, it's how we die. Pheonixes don't usually die from what others do to them, but from failing do what they need to do. Find their opposite and wed its power to their own, becoming one with them and the powers will stabilize. It will kill him someday as mine will me. I don't want to die that way but…he keeps saying no to it and the power will kill him for refusing it the completion it craves…sex with me." Clara said sadly, "He is my brother but…he is also my missing piece, too."

"Then we will leave you two alone. You seduce him or whatever it takes but do not let him go until you do the sex and balance the way you should. Or I will lose him someday over his damn pride and morals, and I will not let that happen!" Dorian said and kissed her husband softly anyway, "You stubborn man, I can't lose you…not now. I wish you'd do what your power wants but…you won't ever do that. You won't let it rule you…but this time, baby…you have to let it! Don't die on me for your damn pride! I love you, Dante."

Then she gave them one last look, "It's not cheating on me. Not this, I will allow this with you and them, but no one else. You have to fix yourselves."

"But he won't…how do I get past those defenses?" Clara asked afraid for what could happen to them.

"Lust, seduce him and let it get past them for you." Lucifer advised, "Fix this."

Then they all left and Clara held him to her and brushed a hand through his hair, she said sadly, "Stubborn thing, how do they expect me to that?"

Some hours later, she felt his temperature even out and then helped him to bed, and as he groggily woke up, she sucked him hard and rode him, gasping as her maidenhead broke and then moving slow to make it feel good. By then, Dante was thrusting up into her as well and gripping her hips to move her deeper onto him with every lift of her hip and rocking motion. He woke up as they came together and their powers came out, touching and rolling around each other, rubbing against each other until they felt it, a clicking inside them and their powers taming each other as they went back into their owners.

Each power wasn't eating at them the way they usually did, they were at peace and calm now. Control established and balanced the way they were supposed to be for once, by them being together as fully as they could be.

She lay beside him then and touched his face softly, "We are lovers now, whether you like it or not. I am no longer just your sister but also your lover. Don't hate me?"

"Don't hate you, too late for that." Dante said with a hoarse voice, "I love you, and now, I desire you, too. Sex was fun. We should do it again…" He said as he moved to kiss up her thighs and chuckled at her soft moan of "Yes…"

Then he sucked her wet and thrust in again, making love to her and feeling no more resistance to it. Their powers were joined as their minds now were, as their bodies would always crave to be now. He still loved Dorian but…he now loved her differently, too. They made love for hours now and the others let them be.

This was a sacred act and was not to be seen by such unworthy ones as themselves, even as Fire and Ice took the entire palace and encased it in both their powers as they made loved over and over.

And harmed not a single being or thing, including the Palace.

And Clara screamed another orgasm even as Dante's cry joined hers.

The others were just glad their powers no longer carried a death sentence for them and they would not have to see them die from them.


Peace reigned in Hell now as they sat down to eat.

Dorian and the Slaves had their baby bumps and Dante held and kissed Dorian at odd times, and Clara also. No longer sticking to their regular twin feelings, they decided to explore the romantic side and see if they'd like that, too. "She's our Third now." Dorian said contentedly. "With her being lovers with him now, it just made sense to be a threesome now."

"True." Dante agreed," I have such a smart wife, and sexy, too."

"Yes, you do." She teased, and don't you ever forget it."

"Never." Dante promised. Then leaned in and kissed Clara again, "So glad I finally said yes, baby girl."

"Me, too." Clara said and smiled as well.

"Now that is a much better view." Lucifer said and watched them interact now, so much happier and their powers seems less volatile now. He had been worried about that.

Lucifer kissed and cuddled his slaves in turns, touching them as much as possible while he could.

"You have good dreams, baby." Lucifer said, "Feel free to tell us any of the sexy ones."

"Yeah, us, too." Dorian said leering , "Any involving me and Dante should be forwarded to us immediately and promptly acted upon…I could use more multiple orgasms."

"Me, too." Dante agreed, "I could always use one, two, or three…"

"Horny servants, nympho slaves, I am surrounded by sex! Damn me." Lucifer teased and they all laughed, "Oh, you love it!" John said and Lucifer nodded, it was true. He did love sex of all kinds and they did meet all those needs, too. "Yeah, I do."

Bobby and Cas cuddled at the table as well and they all laughed as Gabriel relayed his latest 'Just Desserts' lesson. "I like our sex just fine, baby. Don't let them make you jealous.." Bobby teased and Cas rewarded him with a kiss, "Our sex is heavenly, Cas."

"Mmm, I concur." Cas agreed and smiled smugly, "I make him scream for me every time now. Horny man."

"Yes, but you bring it out in me." Bobby said and they smiled happily, kissing softly and cuddling some more. "So, Gabriel, heard you did another lesson; what did you do this time?"

"Pink tutus. Man, I was terrible." Gabriel said grinning and eating more chocolate pie.

"Poor guy, you are so evil, Gabe!" Dean said laughing so hard he almost lost his breath.

"Pink tutu's, you are cruel!" Even Lucifer loved this one. "Tell us everything."

And he did.


(Gabriel 's Latest lesson, as he retold it to them)

The sun rose over the ballet school and Gabriel watched the man eye the young girl as she got there early. Her pink leotard shimmered in the light. Gabriel thought she was pretty that way.

He had been molesting this girl for months and Gabriel resolved to stop that today. Starting with getting her out of the way so he could take her place at some point. He wanted that to be before the man managed to rape her, like he had planned to today. Under the guise of a private lesson.

He made a creation in the form of some parents that needed to speak with him for a minute. Then he snuck in behind her, magically sending her home and taking her form now. He read the man's thoughts, he was in love with the young girl and convinced she loved him too, but playing hard to get. Gabriel knew better.

So he made the girl think the lesson had been canceled in her mind and secured her safety. Now it was time to fix the child molester.

Soon the man came in and took her hand. Gabriel hated the contact but allowed it. Then he did some dance steps while the man ran hands along his legs and …up to his thighs. He soon had that man hooked to a wall and dressed as a ballerina, complete with pink tutu and ballet shoes. Then he released him and made him dance until his feet bled. And then he let him feel everything the girl had felt. He left him there, with a whispered, "I would kill you but I'm not allowed to. But I did have the girl tell her parents what you have been doing to her and the cops are coming for you. So stay there and wait for them like the scum you are." Gabriel kept his form until he was outside and then changed back, returning to Hell where he could be with the others again.

(Present in Hell)

"So, what happened then? He get away?" Dean asked and the angel shook his head.

"Nah, they got there five minutes later. He's being held for psychiatric observation at Berlon General. He's being charged as we speak. In the past, I'd have done worse and killed him. But…Father has made me…tone down…my punishments. So, he just gets arrested. I could have done worse." Gabriel said regretfully.

"So, did he dance well?" Lucifer asked laughing at the image of the guy doing that.

"Not really, I expected more from a premiere ballet dancer. Not nearly enough stamina, and speaking of stamina, I was just on this thing where I met this steel worker and he…damn that man really could drive his steel and he did have stamina; we went all night and then some…let me tell you about this guy, he…" Gabriel now regaled them about another sexscapade he had recently and they all laughed and got into the story, teasing and pulling every detail out of the man. And, in the end, they all agreed that Gabriel was one hell of a man-whore, too. And one really kinky bastard on top of that, too.

Then they reluctantly got up and went to see where the bitch was now.


She was in town, the one where the lot was.

Surrounded by hundreds of Leviathans protecting her.

"We need everyone." Lucifer said and they all agreed, and he called in close to a hundred demons as backup. Cas called in Angels and Archangels, too.

They were going to have a war. They would need all the numbers they could get.

This was not going to be an easy fight, not by a long shot.


Lucifer commandeered a motel, and paid thousands to have it to themselves. And planned their attack. Off and on for two days, he, Gabriel, Bobby, and Cas worked on strategies, Heaven and Hell worked together to come up with a working strategy. He had to go into them to recharge at times but then he came out hours later to continue and to have sex with his lovers.

Demons were everywhere and so were Angels. Confusing signs and omens were everywhere. It couldn't be helped so they let it go. Both Pheonixes were there, Gabriel and Cas, Bobby, all the slaves, Meg and Ruby, and heaven's best were there, too.

They were waiting for them to make their move. The lot was being watched. Their Headquarter was, too. Not a hint of activity but they were in there. They could smell their Leviathan stink all over the buildings. So they sat and waited, and soon were rewarded for their patience.


Lucifer and his troops lined the around the building and smiled up at the bitch through a window, a window he shattered with a flick of power causing her to duck away as the pieces flew at her and she glared hatefully down at him as she picked glass from her hair.

"Come down and play, bitch!" Lucifer sent and she flinched at the joy in his tone. Leviathans poured from the building now, less than a quarter of what they actually had in there though. He wanted to wear their numbers down and this was whittling it down slowly but whittling all the same.

Angels pulled out glowing blades, demons had dark blades, the slaves glowed with Lucifer's powers he loaned them, he had his blade out, and Clara and Dante were holding Pheonix blades that glowed with fire for Dante and also ice for Clara. Hundreds of angels and demons poised and met their approach.

The Leviathans were reduced to pieces. Pieces everywhere and black goo staining their clothes as they fought now. Meg and Ruby fought in front of the slaves as they fought as well, their blades weakening them while the boys burned them to fiery ash for them when they were done. The angel blades made them burn up into fine ash as well.

Dante blade and touch turned them to ash on the ground and Clara's evaporated them instantly. Dante pinned one as it dove for Clara while she had her back to it fighting another one with her own blade. The one screamed in rage as it burned up and then blew away. Clara returned the favor minutes later when tow lunged at him, and growled in anger at them trying to hurt Dante, too.

Angels blew through the Leviathans with ease, fiery ash filling the sky with every wave of demons that came at them, black goo burned off of their angelic skin and they kept fighting on and on until the first wave was gone.

More poured out and Lucifer kept track of the numbers, taunting her so she would keep sending them out. "I think you should give up if that is all you got…I got all these angels and demons out here and that is all you give me…damn, that is weak, thought you could do better than that. You just want me to come on up there and get this over with? You know I'm going to win here…" He looked sideways and saw Sam flinch at those words and Dean's eyes grow hard and the others got hard eyed at him, too. He was flooded with remorse for saying it immediately. He fixed her with an arrogant look while sending a very sincere apology to them, especially Sam, 'Baby, I'm sorry…I wasn't thinking, I won't say it again! Forgive me, I know it hurt you before and I promise not to say it again! I just have to taunt her and…fuck, I should have said something else."

"Yeah, you should have." Sam and Dean sent back in agreement and he sent his love and they nodded sadly. "Yes, we still love you but you scared us there. Try to avoid the stuff you used to hurt Sammy before, okay? Taunt her, but be…careful, okay?" Dean sent back. Sam still looked hurt by his words but he couldn't comfort him right now…or could he?

He froze time and hugged Sam anyway, kissing him softly, "I'm sorry, baby. I have to piss her off. I was just going for what I knew, I'm sorry." He watched the pain leave Sam's face and got a small smile for his trouble. "Baby, I can't promise this won't get worse."

"I know." Sam said but flinched from him a little now and it broke Lucifer's heart to see it, even if he hid it well. "Just get this over with, okay?"

"I'll try. I love you, remember that okay? You, too, Dean. I am so sorry I have to do this…" Lucifer said and they nodded sadly, knowing there would be worse things said now.

"Just do it. You are the Master, we're the slaves, right? Your will, not ours? Just do it. We don't have any say, not really." Dean said softly then growled, "Just fucking do it, you know you will anyway!"

"Dean…I.." Lucifer sighed unhappily, "Yeah, I will. But you're wrong. I care about what you have to say very much now. It's not just my will here, yours is welcome, too. You have a say…"

"Then find something else to say!" Dean screamed, "Stop hurting him, if you feel that way. Find another way!" He growled and got nose to nose with Lucifer now, "I love you but if you keep hurting him, I will hurt you back!"

"Yeah, I know." Lucifer sighed and looked at them, "I'll find something else to say. I'm sorry. I didn't think."

Sam and Dean looked at each other now and he could tell they were doing their silent talking thing and it annoyed the crap out of him but he let them discuss it this way. Mercifully, John ended this quick.

"Damn it, use your words! No silent conversations! We discussed this." John pointed out and they sighed.

"He does love us and he didn't mean to hurt me." Sam said softly as Dean hugged him softly and still let his eyes meet his. "I can't take the words though. I still feel them hurting me like before."

"He'll use others, baby. He isn't that way anymore, remember? He's good now. Let's let him do this, okay? Forgive him?" Dean urged and Sam nodded, giving in now.

"Okay, I'll try not to overreact anymore. I'm being a baby, I get it." Sam said and motioned to Lucifer. "You do what you have to, I'll be okay."

But he wouldn't look at him anymore, which was worse than the flinching really. Lucifer sighed. "Resume your places, the time freeze is lifting. I'll use other words, don't worry. I'm sorry I hurt you, Sammy." Lucifer said and they were as they were before.

The angels who witnessed this were in awe of the change in their brother, he seemed so human now but yet so good! Not at all like before, so solicitous of his lovers now and loving. Such a big change in him! His words had made them suspicious, too. He had sounded like his old self there for a bit and they had been on edge then but now they saw he wasn't like that. They also preferred he use other words, no more hints of the old him returning. They'd kill that fucker on principle!

"Yes, brother, other words will keep you alive, too. We'd prefer them, too." Cas whispered and he nodded. Lucifer gulped. Apparently no one liked the old him at all! So he resorted to a different way of doing this. No need to piss off everyone in the room!

"Um, don't think we need to worry about words." Lucifer said and they saw them coming out again, "I'd say it's half this time."

"You always knew how to piss people off. Is that a gift?" Cas muttered as he slashed at one and Lucifer got another. "Cause honestly, you still got the knack. Whatever you said really pissed her off!"

"I noticed." Lucifer said and saw Ruby go down and ran to take her place protecting Sam. He touched her and healed her instantly, "Get up and protect him. If he dies, I will kill you painfully and slowly…" Ruby looked terrified and stood up, taking her stance again. Sam was suddenly struck with the urge to stand up for her but ignored it. He'd bring it up later, for now he did need her to help him fight and Lucifer was right. She had to do her job. He'd work on being nicer to her when thousands of Leviathans weren't trying to kill him painfully!

Surprisingly, Meg and Dean were doing a team fighting thing that was really working for them! She would incapacitate and he would kill, and they managed to get faster and faster together as they moved. Getting along even, which annoyed Lucifer to no end but he let it go. He wanted them to fight together, it would keep them alive. He didn't have to like it. Not to mention that flash of sympathy that crossed Sam's face when he'd threatened Ruby…he was feeling sorry for her and that meant he was forgiving her. That better not lead to gentler crap or he'd have to really kill her painfully for it.

Either way the boys and their demon protectors were getting along and he had to admit it was a good thing and was keeping them alive. Both of them. He'd see how it worked out later. Instead he made sure the fallen angels guarded the boys and John and they were safe so he wouldn't bitch…too much.

He rushed to help Cas when three of the things went for him at the same time, and pulled two off and burned them up with a touch and helped fight off another dozen who notice him and went straight for him. Apparently he had really really pissed her off. 'Good.' he thought, 'Bring it on, bitch.' And he fought on. Several demons fell to them but he noticed the angels helping them up and taking them to safely. He was touched but confused and didn't have time to think over it right now.

The Pheonixes were getting tired of this shit and shouted, "If you are with us, you better got flat, cause we are going to decimate these fuckers…right about now!" Dante shouted and every being but Leviathans went flat to the ground and saw a wondrous sight. Fire and Ice flowed everywhere in rivers and reduced everything it touched to vapor! Soon all the Leviathans were gone but Lucifer's troops were fine, all faced up or down on the ground watching ice and fire flow over them like a cloud and then slowly pull back into Clara and Dante, until they was gone and everyone stood up.

"Yeah, we got Pheonixes, bitch, ready to give up now?" Lucifer called up and she looked afraid now. "You don't get this world, so give up now!" She looked uncertain but sent the rest out anyway and Lucifer flew up to deal with his part of the plan.

As the others fought below, he found himself face to face with the one person that had been hiding from him for months now. "We need to talk. So…"He pinned her to the wall with power and approached now. "We're going to make a deal. You give me the lot and I won't take you to Hell and make you my newest play toy."

She looked around for help and he laughed, "Why do you think I kept taunting you? You run out of troops and I get some alone time with you. Simple enough. Demons aren't real smart and it seems you are the same way. So, we are going to do this. You sign it over to Samuel Winchester and you won't go to Hell, with me. Deal?"

He waited and she shook her head. "No." She said, "I can't do that!"

"Oh, now I have to resort to torture but that's okay, too." He said whispering in her ear, "Between me and you, I was hoping you'd say that. This is my favorite part, you know. Pain…" He used power to slice some of her skin off of her chest, "is my specialty. Now what I'm going to do is start with the skin, peel it all off, then the tissue and then open you up until you are nothing but a skeleton cover in black goo. You'll like that, I promise. Just scream when you're ready to do what I want."

He started slicing her skin off, piece by piece. She screamed but didn't give him what he wanted.

So he started slicing off the tissue in thin slices and she finally screamed she'd do it. Panting in agony, she pulled the deed to the property out and signed it over. Lucifer forged Sam's signature. He even notarized it for them.

"Okay, let me go now." She cried and he smiled coldly at her.

"I never promised that." He said and she looked confused. He stood watching in amusement as she worked out what was going to happen in her head. It was amusing watching the fear and confusion there.

"But you said…" And then she went over what he had said. Not his play toy in Hell. No promise of letting her go at all. "Then what are you going to do to me?"

"Why kill you, of course." Lucifer said and smiled angelically. "Say ah." He now pressed power into her and she evaporated into flaming ash which became smaller and smaller as it burned up and became nothing but vapor now.

He took the deed with him and flew down to see if they needed help. They were just finishing off the last of them now and he watched the last of them evaporate before his eyes. He approached them now and held the deed out to Sam. Sam looked at him confused and read it. His eyes went wide as he realized what it was. "This is the…"

"Yes, it is. It is in your name, baby. You are its keeper now." Lucifer said and kissed him softly, "I love you and trust you. You have known true evil and have faced it down. You will keep this Evil contained. You are more than capable of keeping it safe from Leviathan hands."

"But I'll die, who will take it then?" He asked and his Master smiled, causing him to feel confused, "Won't I?"

"No, you are all immortal. You became that way when you became my Slaves. As soon as you took the collars, you were immortal. I would not lose my lovers to death that way. You will never die, baby." Lucifer explained and Sam hugged him happy beyond words and crying. "What's wrong?" He smoothed hands through his hair and along his back.

"I thought…I thought that I would die one day and would lose you, and them, and our kids, and it hurt! I didn't know and I couldn't stop thinking I would lose you someday when I died! I don't want my Heaven there! I want Hell here with you!" He cried happily, "Don't want to leave you guys."

"Never leaving, baby. With me for Eternity, Immortal. Won't lose you that way, or them. You keep this lot safe, okay? You can do it, I know you can." Lucifer said kissing him softly, "I love you, Sammy."

"Can we…can we try to be nicer to them? Meg and Ruby? I mean I don't like them that way but they…are good protectors and they have proven to be trying to be better. Could we give them a shot? Not be so hard on them." Sam asked, kissing his Master now, "I didn't love her! That was just the blood talking. I love you, and I don't want you to think I am trying to get closer to her, I'm not. Not her friend or anything but I feel for her, sympathy, and I know I have no right to ask but…" Sam said softly, unable to look at him, knowing he had no right to ask this.

"Baby…you have every right to ask. She is your servant and protector. She is yours to deal with as you please. Go ahead, and be nicer to her. But if you two get frisky, in any way, I will kill her instantly. Meg, too." Lucifer swore, "I will not share you!"

"No, won't go there. I just think they have earned the right to be treated less like…" He trailed off here and sighed, kissing Lucifer now. "I'm being too soft again, aren't I?"

"No, you're being yourself. You got some of your gentleness back now and I would not take that away again. I took it from you enough before. I have been trying to give you back what I took from you in Hell and you are getting it back now, I will not say I'm not jealous about Ruby but…I want you gentler and softer, so you ask and I will try to let you have it." Lucifer said softly.

"Why would you do this for us?" Dean asked and they approached him now.

"Because I took it from you and I was wrong to do that. I had no right to do that." Lucifer admitted. "I'm sorry I did that to you, did it to you both."

"Master…" Sam said softly and kissed him now, "I wish we were alone, we'd love to show you our appreciation and love right now."

"We can be." Lucifer said and waved to Cas who waved back. And they were soon in their room and sighed happily as they made love to each other now. And soon they were lost in each other again. And their desire carried them away as Lucifer thrust into Sam and kissed him softly. "I love you, baby."

"Love you, too." Sam sighed as they moved together more and moaned as the others helped his Master make love to him. A deep moan fell from his lips as he arched under their every kiss and touch now, and came hard soon after that, and they all took turns doing the same thing to him as well. "More!" He moaned eventually, "I'm so close…Let me cum, please, I'll do anything…please just let me cum!"

And his screamed orgasm met the others as they got to the room and they decided to give them some time alone, probably most of the night, too. They had seemed worked up when they left. So the Pheonixes and Dorian took their own room, and decided to have their own orgy, what with their energy still spiking from when they had used their powers before and their sex drives being spiked with them.

Dorian had plans to deal with them, too.

Starting with having them lay on their bed and making them cum from her sucking and pleasuring them with her mouth and fingers and then leading to her riding his hot dick and finally making love to Clara, something Dorian had been fantasizing about since she had become lovers with Dante a few days ago. Their short make out sessions had heated her fire and she fully intended to make Clara scream her name as she came, and watch both of them writhe for her then they could return the favor, or so she hoped they would.

And knowing them, she would scream for them as well.

She looked forward to that part, too!


A week later, they returned to Hell and gave birth to their children.

Sam had a boy who they named Samuel, in honor of his father.

Dean also had a boy who they of course named Dean, in honor of Dean as well.

John had twins, Lillian and Jessica. One had his grandmother's name. The other was named for the woman who had loved his son so well before she had been murdered on a ceiling.

Dorian had triplets, two girls and one boy. All Dhampyres. They were named Stephanie, Dora, and Lincoln. They worried about the boy. His genes were dormant but only up to a point. All his children would be Dhampyres, his blood would be enough make anyone a Dhampyre. His body may have seemed human but his blood carried the Dhampyre infection in it and vampires would do anything for it; once they figured it out.

He would need protected all his life.

This boy could never leave Hell for long. He wouldn't ever be safe when he did.

So that meant that Hunting was out for this boy. He would be the one hunted in the end.