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Painkillers. He needed them NOW. He stumbled to the bathroom, opened the little cupboard above the sink. Knocked little bottles off the shelves, threw packets around, until he finally found the bottle of pills he was searching for. Sighing with relief, he threw three pills down his throat and swallowed. One of the pills got stuck in his throat, however, and he coughed and gasped, until someone slapped him on the back and he coughed up the pill. He heard cursing from behind him.

"Damn it, Faceache, what did I tell you about swallowing your pills without water! You're like a fucking infant!" Murdoc Niccals snarled.

2D wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"In the studio in five minutes," Murdoc said rolling his eyes, and left.

2D leaned over the sink, panting, staring at himself in the mirror. He could still feel Murdoc's touch on his back. Not that Murdoc didn't touch him a lot, with the daily beatings he received. But to 2D, it didn't matter what kind of touch it was. As long as it was Murdoc. That's why he didn't protest when Murdoc was drunk and angry and needed something to kick. It filled him with sadness, but also with happiness, with bliss that he could feel Murdoc's skin on his.

He sighed. Straightened up, wiped tears from his cheeks. He went down to the studio.

Murdoc was already holding his bass, and Russel and Noodle were having a discussion about what was the best dance move.

"The dance I did in Dare is obviously better!" Noodle said.

"No way! Nothing beats my special move," Russel replied.

He did some weird thing with his legs and his arms, making him look like a jellyfish.

"I call it the Wave," Russel said proudly.

Noodle burst out laughing, and 2D tried not to giggle.

Russel glared at them both.

"You two just can't appreciate real dance when you see it," he huffed.

"Shut up, all of you, and let's get practicing!" Murdoc snapped.

2D grabbed the mike, Noodle started playing her guitar and soon the room was filled with beautiful melodies. 2D loved those moments. He could just lose himself in the music, let his voice flow naturally. He closed his eyes.

Murdoc was watching him. How he admired that beautiful pale skin that he continued to bruise and scratch. That azure blue hair, that suited 2D better than the brown hair he had had first. Those black holes for eyes. The missing front teeth, which he had caused. Guilt ran through him. Why was he so violent to 2D? He knew exactly why.

He didn't know how to cope with the feelings he was having for the singer, so instead of acting like a normal human being he punched and kicked to try and chase the feelings away. Of course, they never did. He hit a wrong note. The rest of the band stopped and looked at him in shock. Murdoc never hit a wrong note. Ever.

"Muds?" Russel said quietly.

Murdoc felt himself slowly turn red.

"What! What the fuck're you all staring at! Let's continue!" Murdoc snarled.

They played further without another word. Then -

"Fuck!" Murdoc had hit a wrong note again.

"That's it. I'm going to the Winne. Any of you even thinks of disturbing me.." His murderous eyes make in unnecessary to finish the sentence.

He leaves and slams the door shut behind him. The rest of the band stare at each other.

"What was that all about," Noodle murmured.

"I'm kind of worried about him. This never happens," 2D said.

"2D why do you even care so much? Look at how he treats you, it's not like he would give a shit if you weren't feeling great. Wait, never mind, he would probably get fucking upset because we wouldn't have any vocals," Russel said.

2D stared at his feet.

"Not true," he muttered.

"D, it's true and you know it. I'm going to get a hamburger. You coming?"

2D shook his head.

"I'll come, Russ. I'm starving," Noodle said, and they left the room.

A couple of hours later, 2D was lying on his bed, thinking. Russel and Noodle had been gone for a while now. That one hamburger had probably turned into a meal, which had turned into a shopping spree. He chuckled and rolled over onto his stomach. He wondered how Murdoc was doing. He had looked rather pale when he left the room. 2D got up. He decided he would make some tea for Murdoc. Of course, the only time Murdoc would drink tea is when it was mixed with some kind of alcoholic beverage. 2D didn't care, he was happy with the idea that he was doing something for Murdoc. He got up cheerfully and bounded to the kitchen.

He put the kettle on, and grabbed a plate. Might as well add some biscuits. He took one himself, licking the sweet crumbs from his lips. After everything was done, he put the mug of steaming, sweet tea on the plate, put a couple of biscuits around it, and started walking to Murdoc's Winnebago.

"Muds!" he called. He couldn't knock on the door because he was holding the plate, trying desperately not to let it fall.

"What the fuck do you want, Faceache?" Murdoc shouted.

2D decided to ignore this hostile greeting.

"I got you some tea and biscuits, Muds," he said cheerfully.

Silence. Then the door burst open.

"You what?" Murdoc asked him with a half disgusted, half amused expression. He looked down at the plate 2D was hopefully sticking under his nose.

"I thought you looked a bit pale, so I thought that maybe some tea would help, and then I saw the packet of biscuits.." 2D started to trail off as he realized how stupid this was.

"Never mind, I'll just take it back to the kitchen," he said quickly, and turned around.

"Wait," Murdoc said, and 2D felt a hand on his shoulder.

He spun around, and they stared at each other, shocked at Murdoc's touch.

He quickly pulled away.

"What?" 2D asked quietly.

Murdoc looked from the plate to 2D's face, struggling to find friendly words to say.

"No, it's.. it's okay. Um. Cheers, mate," he then said awkwardly, and took the plate from him, spilling a splash of the tea on his arm. He cursed.

2D instinctively wiped away the tea with his sleeve. When he realized who it was, he jerked back and ran into the house before Murdoc had time to hit him.

Murdoc stared incredulously at the mug of now cold tea and the untouched biscuits. This little act of sweetness had confused Murdoc incredibly. He continued to beat and hurt and threaten 2D, and yet the singer was kind enough to give him this when he had a bad moment.. He growled. He didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve the tea, the biscuits, and he certainly didn't deserve 2D.

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