Linica is MY PERSON and I made the specie Wolcin, so DON'T TAKE THEM OR I'LL SIC LINICA ON YOU!

"Daddy! Look I found a puppy!" a little boy at the age of 5, by the name of Herald runs into his two story house with a little black and silver wolf, me. "Daddy daddy!" The father tares his gaze off his work papers and peers over his should at the boy, "That's great Herald."

The mother sighs and walks over to Herald and takes me from him, the family owns a rescue shelter, the mother looks down at me, "Well, you're not a dog but you're certainly a cute little wolf" and smiles. I'm just two weeks old, my parents… My parents, don't exist, they never have. The only thing I can call my parents are these new people, and they don't know anything that I can become.

I look up at the mother weakly and makes a quiet squeak. The mother turns to Herald, "Go get a blanket" Herald excitedly bounces up and down and runs to a closet and brings a small, light purple wool blanket. The mother takes it from him and wraps me in it like a cocoon. Its so warm… I don't think I've ever been this warm…

Living as a two week old wolf alone in this giant world isn't very convenient. Bethany, the mother, takes me over to a small dog bed and lays me in it. I watch as she walks over to a cabinet and takes out a baby bottle and mixes a formula and walks back over to me, lightly lifting my head and feeding me the liquid.

I don't eat much but I eagerly consume the liquids, I haven't eaten since I was born. "Well you're an eager little puppy aren't you?" I watch as Bethany's mouth forms into a smile. I purr very quietly at her and her smile widens. I listen as Herald's little boy voice rings into my ears, "Can we keep her? Huh huh huh huh huh huh?"

"Yes, we can keep her."

"YAAAYYY!" I watch as Herald clings to his mother's leg in excitement. Bethany laughs and him and unwraps his arms from her leg and push him back slightly. "Its bed time buddy boy."

"Awwwww, but moooommmmmm.."


"Can she sleep in my room?" he looks at me eagerly. Bethany looks over at me and sighs, "I guess."

"YEEAAA!" I could tell he was practically jumping out of his skin. Herald lightly wraps his arms around me and my blanket and kisses his mom, "Night mum" and turns and walks upstairs to his room. He sets me down on his bed and gets dressed in his one piece pajama. Picking me back up, he walks around and shows me every inch of his room, also showing me where my bowls are and where I could go to the bathroom. Half way through the tour, I fall asleep. Herald finally notices this and smiles. He finally walks over to my bed, next to his, and lays me on it. Climbing into bed himself, he falls asleep watching me sleep.


Specie: Wolcin

Gender: Female

Appearance: White hair with black tips. Has black wolf ears and tail. Eyes are red-orange and glow. Can easily seduce any male with her face and body, so she usually wears a hoodie with skinny jeans and Vans shoes.

Powers: Leader of the Wolcin. Can send people to the Neverlands (kind of like hell). Controls all gasses. Can turn into gas. Can teleport and see in the dark.

Forms: Werewolf, Wolf, Human, Ancient Werewolf (only she has an Ancient form, but can give other Wolcin the ability to have it).