Amon, Linica and everyone in this story is owned by me and my friend, don't take. Thanks.

I wake up to see Alarica's face staring at me, I blink multiple times and stare back at her, "uh, Al, what are you doing..?"

"Watching you sleep"

"That isn't creepy at all…"

"I know" she smiles and walks out of the room. I look over at Amon and purr quietly, seeing he is still sleeping. I slide closer to him and wrap my arms around him and close my eyes again. Amon shifts and wakes up, he turns and looks at me. I open my eyes again and smile at him, and he smiles back. He leans down and kisses me deeply, I purr and kiss him deeply back. I perk my ears up, hearing something strange. Sensing Alarica already left I look around.

"What is it?" Amon asks me.

"I'm hearing something, weird.." I slide out of bed and go outside, rotating my ears around. Suddenly a loud high pitched noise blasts into my ear. I scream in pain and drop onto my knees and cover my ears. Something jumps on top of my back and I fall over and see a Wolcin hunter on top of me. I growl loudly and turn into my werewolf form and shove him off me. Two other hunters drop down and run at me. One tries to stab me but I dodge him and grab his spear and yank him forward, stabbing my claws into his chest and spreading my fingers to stretch his wound.

I throw him at the other hunter and they both fall over, the one I stabbed dies. The hunter that jumped on me before shoots an arrow at my back and I growl loudly in pain. Turning to the hunter that shot me, I jump at him and knock him to the ground and get on top of him and rip out his neck. Three hunters jump on top of me and stab into me with their spears and swords. I howl loudly in pain and Amon flies down and shoves all of them off me. The hunters begin shooting Amon with their arrows and bolts, Amon dodging most of them. I slowly try to get back up but stops from the pain, I hear Amon screech and see they caught him under a net and is slowly being constricted.

I growl loudly and get up and jump over to Amon, seeing his skin, and wings bleeding all over. Using my claws, I break Amon free of the net and run over to the remaining hunters and kill all of them. Amon was whimpering and bleeding a lot when I walked back over to him. His wounds were beyond my normal healing. I pick him up and hold him against me and close my eyes, turning into my human form I whisper things quietly to myself. Amon was dieing fast, I could feel him slowly going limp, he was trying his best to watch me. I open my eyes and I begin to glow gold and black, he watches me slightly wide-eyed. I smile at him, "I love you Amon."

"Linica..?" his voice was quiet. I kiss him deeply and lay him down on the ground, still kissing him.


I'm feeling stronger, but what is she doing. I kiss her deeply too and watch as the lights coming from her go into my body. She's beginning to feel weaker, I can feel it. I whimper more and feel her lips raise from mine and her breathing stop. I sit up, "Linica." I hold her on my lap, "Linica!" No response and she stopped glowing. I whimper loudly and brush her hair from her face softly. I lower my head to her mouth and listen to her mouth for any air, nothing.

Rotating my head I softly kiss her and hold her lifeless body against mine as tears begin to stream down my face, landing on hers. I raise my head and look at her face. Using my hand, I brush my tears off her face and whimper more. Her body begins to get lighter and then turns into black clouds of gas and evaporates away.

I cry out in sadness and watch the gas disappear into the sky. I look down at my hands, in the same position of when her body was in them. I close my eyes and more tears go down my cheeks and fall onto my lap and arms. Linica, the love of my life just disappeared right in front of my eyes.