Chapter Three: Riot in the airport.

A week later, after extensive observation from my doctors, a very entertaining breakup, and tons of medicines, I was able to leave for LA. So, on Saturday morning, I was in the Michigan Airport, slumped over in a chair, coffee in one hand, still half asleep. All those doctors poking and prodding me, and the medicine, wore me the hell out!

"GEORGINA!" Someone shouted, causing me to jump up and nearly spill my coffee all over the floor. I looked around and finally spotted the evil jerk, Ben, cracking up on the floor.

"YOU MOFO! DON'T DO THAT!" I shouted at him, kicking his shin roughly.

"Well it's time to go. Come on." Chanen said, chuckling a little bit herself. I rolled my eyes and stormed away. 45 minutes later, I found myself nearly dying of a panic attack. I hate heights. I hate planes. Planes shouldn't even be able to fly! They're so damn big! They should not be up off the ground… What makes it even worse? I'm separated from my family. Chanen was two seats over with 2 hot boys, and the others were all clumped up a few seats ahead. I was between a slightly overweight guy and the window… I was so bored I could pitch myself out the window. I looked over at Chanen, who was flirting it up. I sighed and leaned against the seat and put my iPod ear buds in and waited for the Melatonin I had taken to start working. I guess it did because the next thing I knew, I was being shaken by Chanen. I got up and we all filed off the plane and over to the luggage thingy.

"Guys, my bags haven't come yet." I groaned, we had been waiting 30 minutes and they all had their stuff, mine had yet to show up.

"Well, we'll go meet up with the others, you stay here and get your bags." Austin suggested. I nodded.

"Fine, I'll see you in a few minutes." I replied, they all nodded and walked away. I sighed. There was a large group of people in suits gathered around the little luggage thingy, and I was having trouble getting through them, but when I saw the bags bright pink bow on a handle, I braced myself to barrel through them.

"Excuse me." I said, not surprising, I was simply ignored by the people, most of which were on their little Bluetooth's. I wrestled my way through them and made it to the front of the line. Of course, just my luck, the bags were just out of my reach. I sighed.

"Could you hel- Or not.." I started to ask this tall guy next to me, but he just grabbed his bag and walked off, talking away on his little Blackberry. Everyone was ignoring me, so I thought of all my options. None of the reasonable ones would work, so I decided on my reckless one. I pressed my beanie further onto my head and waited.

"To hell with it." I grinned. I stepped over of the metal divider and hopped onto the belt. I waded through the bags I didn't want. I felt everyone's eyes on me, so I decided to give them a little show. I waved at them and resumed my attempt to get my bag.

"Almost there.." I muttered, I hopped over a large duffle bag and balanced on the next suitcase, I grabbed my first bag and smiled happily. I turned to the people, who were all either slack jawed or laughing, and motioned them out of the way, they cleared a small spot and I tossed the bag to the ground and began my trek to the other one. I wobbled my way to it, almost falling to my death a few times, and grabbed it. Two down, one to go!

"SUCCESS!" I declared, pumping my fists in the air the best I could.

"HEY! KID!" I heard someone shout. I spun to see a security guard.

"I prefer the term young adult! JERKWAD!" I shouted back.

"YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE UP THERE!" He yelled back, his face was red and he sure was rushing to get here. I looked down.

"On this?" I asked.

"Yeah." He sneered. Well, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!

"Well, how else was I gonna get my bag?" I asked, crossing my arms. People were staring and laughing.

"Get. Down. Now." He growled.

"But, my bag." I frowned, pointing to the bag that was now in my grasping range, I grabbed it and stared at him.

"GET DOWN!" He shouted. His face was slowly turning purple and I decided against testing the man's patience.

"Ugh, fine… No need to be so damn rude!" I grumbled. I leaned down and handed him my big suitcase.

"Hold this please." I said, he shockingly took it, I straightened up and adjusted my smaller bag and quickly jumped as far as I could away from him, back onto the floor. I turned to see him glaring daggers. He threw my bag at me, and I grabbed the other bag from a nearby person.

"Thanks! PEACE!" I shouted, giving him the peace sign and began running as fast I could with bags that weighed as much as me, towards where I hoped my family and the others were.

"HEY! GET BACK HERE!" The guy shouted. This only prompted me to run faster. I weaved through people, they were giving me strange looks. But I really didn't care. I needed to leave. Up ahead, I saw James and Carlos waiting for me.

"GUYS! RUN!" I shouted. They just stood there staring at me in confusion. Ugh!

"RUUUUUUN!" I shouted as I made it to them. I grabbed their arms and began dragging them along.

"What did you do?" James exclaimed.

"It was a misunderstanding! I HAVE WITNESESS!" I shouted back. We made it out of the airport and I saw Gustavo and the others loading our bags into a limo.

"HURRY!" I shouted. I threw my bags onto the sidewalk and attempted to hide. The security guard and his pals, who had joined him, came jogging up, all out of breath. I stifled a laugh.

"You're going to have to come with us, missy." One of the new ones said, pointing at me.

"YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!" I yelled, hiding behind James with ease.

"What are you talking about, sir?" Logan asked.

"She broke security rules. She's been banned…" The guy said.

"Banned?" I asked, stepping from behind James. He nodded.

"What happened?" Lori asked, stepping up next to me. I sighed. I should have known I was going to have to explain myself at one point. Damn it…

"Well, I was trying to get my bags, but I was ignored, so I improvised, I got up on the little carousel thingy to get them." I explained. The guys all found this hilarious. Gustavo, Lori, and Kelly? Not so much.

"Listen, can we just forget this ever happened? We have places to be!" Gustavo asked. He handed the man 2 fifty dollar bills.

"Uh…" The guy looked at Gustavo like he had lost his wig.

"Please, it will never happen again!" I begged. The guy looked at me and sighed.

"Fine." He grumbled, him and his buddies turned and walked away.

"Well, you never fail to make an entrance!" Ben laughed. I smiled a little bit.

"I try," I shrug. They all laughed.

"TIME TO GO!" Gustavo shouted. I flinched.

"Does he always yell?" I asked Kendall quietly. He nodded.

"You get used to it." He replied. I nodded in understanding and we all loaded into the limo. I was squashed between James and Carlos with Kendall and Logan sitting across from us. I had been talking to Carlos about hockey, when I felt like someone was staring at me. I looked over to see everyone staring at us.

"Why are you guys staring?" I asked.

"You and James…. Look a lot alike!" Kendall said.

"Yeah…" Logan agreed, nodding. I scoffed.

"We look nothing alike." James agreed, everyone in the car spazzed out.

"What's wrong?" We exclaimed. We looked at each other. There was no way we were related. Okay, so we had the same tan skin, golden brown hair, and eyes. Coincidence…. Right?

"Guys, check it out!" Ben shouted. I looked over at him and he pointing out the window.

"Please tell me that's not where we're staying." Austin pleaded. There was a huge mob of girls crowding around a place called the Palm Woods.

"Actually, that's your new home." Logan said, we all groaned.

"We'll be fine." Kendall assured, being the leader of the group. We pulled to a stop, and the boys got out first, then us. We managed to get our bags and wrestle our way through the crowd of screaming girls. Once we broke through the last few who were reaching for James, we ran into the doors.

"Thank GOD!" Austin shouted.

"Dude, just think, in a few months, that could be us!" Brendan laughed.

"Guys, I'm really tired." Chanen groaned.

"Alright, we'll get you guys checked in, follow us." Kendall said, he lead us over to a plump man with glasses and a grumpy expression behind a desk.

"Oh God!" The man groaned, seeing us approaching.

"Mr. Bitters! Riot is here to check in for Rocque Records." Logan informed him, gesturing to all of us. We all waved.

"Hi, welcome to the Palm Woods, home to the future famous. I'm the manager Reginald Bitters, your room is 5J. Have a Palm Woods day!" He concluded the monotonous sentence with a sarcastic smile and shoving keys towards us. We each grabbed one and turned back to the boys who all ginormous grins on their faces.

"Why are you guys so happy?" I asked.

"WE'RE NEIGHBORS!" They all shouted happily. I laughed.

"Awesome." I smiled. They nodded and lead us to the elevators. After a few trips, we were all up on our floor outside our apartment door.

"Can we please just go in! I'm exhausted!" Chanen groaned. Ben rolled his eyes and opened the apartment door and walked in, we all filed after him. Inside, was amazing! A flat screen TV, a large white couch, a few chairs, a dining area, and a stocked kitchen were all included.

"Whoa! Amazing!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah! Why wasn't our apartment this nice at first?" James exclaimed, looking around. I shrugged my shoulders and continued inside. We moved into the hallway where there were 5 doors. One was a full bathroom, and the others were bedrooms.

"Chanen and I are bunking together!" I shouted, pushing my way into the first door. It was a large room, empty, but large enough to fit our 2 full mattresses into it. I put my bags down and walked out. The boys were all deciding roommates.

"Well, we've got to get to the studio, we'll see you guys later!" Kendall said, looking at his phone. We said our goodbyes and continued settling in. Lori eventually walked in.

"You guys wasted no time!" She laughed. I laughed too.

"No ma'am. But Chanen's passed out on the couch." I said, pointing to my sleeping sister. Lori laughed,

"We'll just let her rest… How are you feeling?" She said, looking me over. I shrugged.

"Fine.." I muttered.

"If you say so…" She said, then moved to go to her room on the other end of the apartment. I sighed and went to the couch. In minutes, I was joining Chanen in dream land.

James's POV.

The conversation that we had in the limo about Georgie and I looking a lot alike was still replaying in my mind. She had the Diamond look for sure. Her name was Diamond. Maybe we were cousins? Yeah, that's possible. I never knew my Dad, of course I wouldn't know his family.

"JAMES!" Gustvo's voice rang out, cutting off my thoughts

"What!" I exclaimed.

"PAY ATTENTION! WE HAVE TO GET THESE SONGS RECORDED FOR GRIFFIN!" He continued shouting, causing me to cover my ears.

"Sorry." I apologized. I pushed the thoughts of Georgie to the back of my mind and focused on my music.

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