Ok I was bored again and decided to do a SC story anyway here'+s the story of Kenny C one of my many Sly Cooper OC's. This is about 2 of my OC's Ally C and Kenny.

You'll find out who as you read. Oh and i don't own Sly Cooper SuckerPunch owns them.


This is weird to do...I wish mom would let me help me with her work, but instead she asked me to say hi to the people that will read this.

I guess I'm screwing you up.

My names Kendal C although people call me Kenny. I'm 4"1 and have light brown fur, I have black fur around my eyes like a mask, and a striped tail. Which is one of a lot of weird things about me since I'm a fox. But I don't think about it that much. I have light brown eyes, and black hair that goes into my face and is really spiky. I wear a blue and black striped shirt, a black Linkin Park shirt over it, blue jeans, and black airwalks. I really like alot of scary things. I guess it's cause of those voicy people.

Oh my mom's name is Ally C she's 6"7 way taller than me. I wonder if I'll get that tall. She has dark brown fur, and light brown eyes too, but her's change when she's either mad or sad. When she's mad there blood red, when she's sad there a black color. She wears a black long sleeve shirt and a splattered tank top over it. Black jeans and black boots that have alot of buckles on them. She has brown wavy hair that always covers her left eye, but she cut it short now so it doesn't cover it as much, she has a lot of red on the back of her head. She said that there was a bad accident and it dyed her hair permanently.

My mom works hard to take care of me. She's a singer in a band also know as Mental 666. Means mental hell. They sing alot on weekdays and I go to all her concerts. I met alot of famous bands already. I even met Linkin Park once it was awesome they gave me 3 signed shirts, and a guitar. My mom plays the guitar and sings for the band I go on stage with them alot while my mom sings. So everyone in Paris knows me. It's kinda weird when people recognize you, but mommy says I'll get used to it.

She has a second job. She takes care of all the bad people that come into this world. She's not a cop. But she does "put them away". She takes them and kills them, either down in our basement when she has to bring work home. Or at her work place, a giant tunnel way that's under the city with a whole crud load of rooms. I've helped her with her job lots of time but she said that she wants me to stay innocent for a while till she says I can kill again. So no killing for me.

Oh hi mommy. Hmm oh ok. Huh? B-but I wanna tell them more. But...Ok mommy.

That was my mommy. She said I have to stay quiet now. I think she's got new people to torture... I'm gonna go see! Bye everyone!

(Kenny runs down to the basement to help his mom kill the gang members she had caught.)