prompts: tall evergreen & lissom


lissom: adjective;
graceful in shape and movement

when they were kids, they'd meet in the woods underneath their tree—a tall evergreen. it was like a ritual for them. their parents would never approve of the friendship they had formed after a chance meeting in flourish and blotts, so they kept it a secret.

it was funny, roxanne decided. how much things had changed since she was eight. she hadn't seen scorpius since she was a seventh year in hogwarts, several years ago. they just sort of grew apart, and then graduated and went their separate ways.

but she still comes back to this tree sometimes, just to remember. he was her best friend and eventually, her first crush and first love. he was the person who always supported everything she did—he said she was very lissom when she danced, even when in reality she danced like a giraffe on roller,skates.

that was one of the things she had loved about him—his kindness towards her. and maybe this was her holding onto old feelings. maybe it was that she didn't want to let him go, but then again, she already did, two years ago.

(she regrets it everyday.)