Finding the Path

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Chapter One: Goodbye Trace

Harry was walking the streets of Privet Drive, it was a sunny day and he was thinking about what had happened the previous year, the tournament, Ron's Betrayal, Cedric's death and Voldamorts return. It seemed like each year Harry was dragged into dragon dung and it seemed to be getting deeper, Harry needed to disappear, he needed to find his own destiny, it was time he followed his own path but first he needed to find it.

Getting up from the bench he had stopped at Harry decided it was time to leave privet drive, he didn't know where he was going but he needed to find it on his own, but first he needed to remove the trace on his wand and he knew just the people to do it, but first he needed to get his stuff ready so he could leave as soon and he got back.

Harry started walking back to number 4 privet drive, as Harry was walking he started to remember everything that had happened to him, he managed to push the thoughts from his mind, when suddenly a car came speeding round the corner, Harry didn't hear or see I due to him thinking and was about to walk out onto the road when suddenly he was pulled back, looking around Harry saw no one was around shrugging and he continued to walk back the house. Once inside he set about packing his things, the Dursley's were out for the day, so Harry needed to pack quickly and get his things together.

Twenty minutes later, Harry was finished packing, everything was in his trunk with the exception of Hedwig and his broom and all his stuff was neatly by his bed so as soon as he got back he could leave.


Catching the Knight Bus to Diagon Ally Harry, walked towards the wizard's bank called Gringotts the building was a large white building with a huge large wooden door, the bank was situated on a corner which split in different directions.

Walking up to the door Harry pushes it open and then walks inside, walking up to the counter Harry said in a firm but quiet voice:

"I'd like to see someone, about removing a trace"

The creature behind the counter was called a goblin, goblins ran Gringotts, looking up the goblin said in a powerful and bold voice:

"And you are?"

"Harry James Potter"

"Very well Mr Potter one second"

The goblin got off his chair and walked to another room; he shortly came back afterwards and said:

"Follow me"

Following the small goblin into another room, the room was a large square, with a gold coloured desk that was joined with two chairs, sitting behind the desk was another goblin, the goblin looked up:

"Ah Mr Potter, I'm Gripclaw I control things like Goblins Wards, Traces, Bank Cards and Contracts, how can I help you?"

"Well I want my wands trace removed; I plan on leaving the Wizarding world for a few days and I would like to do magic without getting caught"

"Hmm, you do know this is frowned upon at your ministry"

"Whys that?"

"Well they track magic through the trace of the wand, so having no trace is a bit of a problem for them"

Harry nodded and looked at the floor and began to think about this, it was a choice of whether he should stay under someone's control or be free and be able to travel for a few days to find his destiny.

Once Harry was done thinking he looked up and told the goblin

"Do it"

Goblin nodded and then asked for his wand, once Harry had handed his wand to him, he then proceeded to remove the trace from the wand, first he placed the wand on the desk and he started to chant the following words.

"Vnus dr' bu''n uv dr' kupmok o ussut drud drok dnu' p' puokr't vnus drok od's"

The chant in English says this:

"From the power of the goblins I command that this trace be banished from this item"

Once the chanting was over Gripclaw came over and handed over the wand to Harry, giving his permission to perform a spell Harry cast the Patronus Spell and then they waited...

Ten minutes went by and no owl had come but this may have been that they were near the ally, sighing Harry Turned to the Goblin and said:

"Thank you, please take the necessary costs from my vault and also id like a bank card to take with me"

Nodding Gripclaw gave Harry he card he lead him out and said

"Come back anytime Mr Potter, oh and by the way the card allows you to purchase things from stores without physical money"

Harry Nodded his head at the goblin and then went to get a book on shrinking getting the book and purchasing it Harry Caught the bus and headed back to Privet Drive to begin his Journey.


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