Finding the Path

Chapter four: Black and Blue hoods

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As soon as Harry left the Pub the door blow down and three black figures, stepped into the bar, wearing dark black hoods that covered their faces, the leader of the group spoke in a dark voice:

"Where's the Boy?"

Jim who had just came back from setting Harry off, looked at the dark Trio and said in a calm voice: "A Boy? Surely you're mistaken?"

The leader growled: "Don't mess with me low life, I know the Boy's here, where… Is…. HE!"

Jim Leaned back so he was leaning against the back counter, his hand started to go behind when the leader spoke again:

"Enough games!" turning to the other two he spoke again: "Search the place find out where the boy is… as for him" pointing at Jim "Kill him!"

The leader walked out of the bar and the two nodded as they approached Jim, Jim pulled out his wand and performed a blinding Hex, then proceeded to apparate out of the building, the two hooded figures hissed from the light and recovered. The leader walked into the bar again.

"Is he dead?"

One of the hooded figures looked up and snarled: "He got away sir"

"Idiots!" the leader screamed. He when pulled out his wand and snarled: "Fail me again and you both die the minister will not be happy"

Suddenly three pops were heard and in stepped, three hooded people dressed in blue cloaks, the head of the trio, pulled out his wand and spoke: "Where's Potter!"

"He's not here, go back to whatever hole you came out of and leave this to the right people" snarled the black hooded leader.

The blue leader, performed a blasting hex and two of the black figures went flying the leader how ever put up to shield to save himself, snarling the black leader did the same spell, leaving only the blue leader standing.

The two began to circle each other; the leader with the blue hood fired a spell only for it to be met with another spell, as the two leaders fought in a battle of wills the downed men got up and looked at their fellow leaders.

The black hooded leader snarled; "tell the old coot he won't get the ministries pawn" turning to his men he spoke: "Let's clear out… Torch the place, burn it to the ground!"

The other two nodded and performed fiendfyre, the bar was burning in a matter of seconds, the black hooded men apparated away; leaving the blue hooded me to burn.

The blue leader turned to his companions; "Let's get out of this and report to Dumbledore"

"Yes sir!"


They then proceeded to apparated away, leaving the building to burn to the ground. Meanwhile Harry had arrived at Gatwick airport, he needed to get to Dubai and it seemed Jim didn't give him any plane tickets, searching his pockets his found his bank card, going to the main desk Harry coughed and a young women who looked like she was in her twenties, looked up she had long brown hair and stunning blue eyes, snapping out his thoughts Harry said in a calm voice:

"Ticket to Dubai please…."

"Aren't you a bit young?" she asked sweetly.

"Nah I'm 18, well that's the last time I checked it was anyway" Harry Laughed while.

The young women smiled and asked for his passport, Harry gave her his physic paper and it showed that he was 18. Smiling she gave the paper back and asked for his card. Once paid Harry proceeded through security, placing his bag on the x-ray machine, he walked through, without the alarm going off and proceed to find his plane, his plane was at gate 6C… sighing Harry hoped Hermione had got the letter and Hedwig as well.


The bushy girl of Harry's thoughts was currently, having her lunch and was reading a book so when suddenly Hedwig flew in and sat on the table and hooted softly, Hermione looked up and smiled when she saw Hedwig, jumping up and taking the letter from Hedwig's leg, she began to read:

Dear Hermione

I can not talk long in this letter as I am being hunted by Dumbledore and the Ministry, firstly please look after Hedwig as I am going away for a while and I can not take her with me, please don't try and find me and don't tell Dumbledore because if he finds out that I'm breaking away from his control then my training is at risk. Please try to understand 'Mione I need to learn to fight….. I need to survive Dumbledore won't let me do that and the ministry just want me because I'm the boy who lived.

I shall be back just before school starts I hope and I'm missing you greatly… plus you're my best friend and I don't think I trust anyone like you anymore Ronald's just a glory seeker/hunter, when I get back I want to ask you something and I hope you'll respond well to the question.

I'm off to Dubai now and so I think I'll be back in five weeks possibly less, I'll speak to you soon and don't worry I'll be ok



P.S: Make sure Hedwig doesn't eat too much

P.P.S: I'll teach you stuff I've learnt once I get back

Smiling to her, Hermione sighed and reread the letter the word that caught her eye was the word love, did this mean what she hoped it could meant? She was hoping that it meant that Harry had feelings for her, sighing softly she looked up and saw that Hedwig had landed on her shoulder as she read the letter.

Smiling, Hermione walked up the stairs to her room and opened a window so Hedwig could fly out to hunt, once this was done Hedwig flew off her shoulder and sat on top of her desk, Hermione sighed again and lay down on her bed and thought about the green eyed wizard, who was her best friend and her crush.


Back at Gatwick, Harry was still trying to find his gate, he saw a shop that was selling sun glasses, so he over and brought two pairs, one set was white with red lenses and the other was pure black, putting on the white and red glasses on he proceeded to walk on, as he walked on he thought how everything was going to change in a few weeks, he was finally starting to find the path to his destiny.


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