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CHAPTER ONE; An Unfamiliar Familiar Face

'Can a doctor immediately report to A&E, it is an emergency.' Said the speakers.

A pair of impossibly green eyes shot up from behind a computer screen and took off at a sprint towards their location. Narrowly avoiding patients and trolleys they made it to A&E within 2 minutes. Brushing their curly brown hair behind their ears, Dr. Leveson-Browne spotted several doctors huddled around a bed.

"Eleanor, so glad you're here," a doctor with bright blue eyes said, as soon as they spotted her arrival.

"What is it Jane?" Eleanor asked, slightly out of breath.

"A 36 year-old male, serious external injuries to the abdomen, chest, and arms. He's bleeding heavily and needs a CT scan to check for internal bleeding," Jane recited, Eleanor nodded in acknowledgement. Eleanor ignored the cries of pain and distress emanating from the patient as she quickly used the phone to request a CT scan.

"Anything else?" Eleanor asked as she hung up the phone. Jane shook her head.

"We're alright now thanks. But after we've sorted this patient out and transferred him to the correct ward, you'll be in charge of his care," Jane replied. Eleanor smiled weakly and walked off. 'Drat' she thought, 'if only I got here quicker.'

Eleanor eventually got back to her computer and was sat typing patient's notes for the next hour, sipping hospital coffee as she worked. After that, Eleanor got up to check on the ward she was working on. Visiting patients, and tending to their needs.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to take some more blood Mrs. John," Eleanor said politely as she saw to a cantankerous old widow with wiry grey hair and bushy eyebrows who was unwilling to cooperate.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't want a toddler to take my blood. I want a bloody nurse!" Mrs John snapped, hiding her arm away from Eleanor. Eleanor tried not to sigh in exasperation and put on her best fake smile.

"I can assure you Mrs John that this toddler is more than capable to take some blood from you," Eleanor replied, leaning in and batting her long eyelashes. Mrs John tutted and looked away.

"How old are you anyway?" Mrs John said scathingly.

Eleanor scoffed and smiled. "Old enough, now come on Mrs John, who's acting like a toddler now?"

"Pathetic, the lot of you. You didn't get unprofessionalism like this back in my day."

"Mrs John, even the oldest doctors in this hospital once the same age as myself," Eleanor said calmly, resisting the urge to sock Mrs John.

"I still want a nurse," Mrs John said grumpily. Eleanor sighed. This was one battle she wasn't going to win.

After persuading one of the nurses to do the job for her, Eleanor collapsed into a chair and looked at the clock. She only had an hour left on her shift. Wishing it was time to go home, Eleanor continued with her patient's notes.

Eleanor was a Junior Doctor, she had graduated from Medical School just 4 months ago. Whilst she enjoyed working at a hospital, patients like Mrs John made Eleanor wish she had picked a different career path.

Eleanor stopped herself from smirking as she saw one of the nurses leave Mrs John's room looking ten years older than she had when she entered. They sighed heavily and collapsed into the chair next to Eleanor.

"I know it's highly inappropriate to say this, but I hate that woman," the nurse said in vexation. Eleanor almost spat out her coffee.

"Agreed," Eleanor finally said after her coughing fit.

"How long have you got left?" The nurse asked Eleanor. Eleanor checked the clock again.

"Just under an hour, you?"

"I've just started," the nurse said with a groan. Eleanor smiled sympathetically.

"Oh the joys of 12 hour shifts," Eleanor said sarcastically. The nurse hummed her agreement. The two sat in companionable silence until they were disturbed by an incessant beeping noise coming from the waistband of Eleanor's blue scrubs. Eleanor sunk further into her chair.

"Patient transferred to Ward 394. Need assistance to placate."

"Good luck with that," the nurse said, winking as Eleanor took off at a run to her destination.

"Unhand me you incompetent swine!"

"Sir, we need to see to your wounds."

"The other blithering dunderheads did that, now let me be!"

"Sir please!"

Eleanor stopped in her tracks as she arrived, and listened to the venom in which the patient addressed the doctors. She felt she had heard the booming baritone voice before, but could not place it.

"Dr Leveson-Browne, thank God you're here," a tall blonde haired doctor said as soon they spotted Eleanor outside the door. The doctor looked extremely dishevelled and as if they were about to burst into tears. That expression also seemed familiar to Eleanor. Eleanor watched as the blonde doctor was comforted by a nurse and wondered whether or not she should or even could cope with an acrimonious man, especially so close to the end of her shift.

Taking a coin out from her scrubs pocket, Eleanor flipped it in the air. Mentally taking note that if the coin landed on heads, she would brave the patient, if it landed on tails she'd tell the blonde doctor to get a grip and leave her to him.


'Damnation,' she thought. Smoothing down her scrubs, and tidying her curly brown hair. She inhaled sharply, 'it's just like ripping off a plaster' she thought as she put on her award winning fake smile and entering the room.

"Great, it's like a bleeding circus of foolhardy morons here isn't it," the man growled. Eleanor winced slightly at the harshness of his words, but refused to show any outward signs. Her smile remained plastered to her face.

"Someone fell out the wrong side of their bed this morning," Eleanor muttered to herself as she checked the patient's chart. She was unable to shake the feeling of deja vu as she noted the patient's stats from the monitor down onto the paper. She noticed his blood pressure seemed to be a bit high.

"Deaf as well as dumb are we?" The patient snarled.

"More like selective hearing, sir," Eleanor replied unable to keep the venom from her voice. The room filled with awkward silence as Eleanor finished completing the chart. She put the chart back in its place and walked towards the patient.

"Your blood pressure is a bit high," Eleanor said with a modicum of concern. The patient sneered.

"And you wonder why, being in a place like this. Surrounded by complete nitwits," the patient said sarcastically. Eleanor bit her cheek, trying to refrain from a scathing comment. If Eleanor had a fault, it was that she had a very short temper, perhaps like the patient himself. However, she seemed more adept at controlling it than the patient.

"Well then, let's work on getting it down," Eleanor replied, albeit with a bit of condescension. The patient rolled his eyes.

"Good luck with that," the patient scoffed. Eleanor looked at the patient's wounds. A pool of blood was starting to form on the sheets of the patient's bed.

"You're bleeding again," Eleanor said, before reaching into a drawer and pulling out a needle. The patient eyed the needle suspiciously.

"It's just to stop the bleeding, I'm not going to sedate you," Eleanor said with barely any patience. The patient smirked.

"I need to change your bandages too," Eleanor said, frowning at them. The patient sighed and pulled his sheets back. Eleanor took some bandages out of a draw and took out some scissors.

"I just need to get better access to the wound," Eleanor said awkwardly as she lifted up his hospital gown to get to the bleeding wound on his upper abdomen. Eleanor tried to ignore his lightly toned body and concentrated on removing the bandages. She paused when she noticed the nature of the wound. It was unlike any wound she had encountered when she was in Medical School. She had seen it before though, but not in the context she had been for many years. She frowned. 'That wound was done by a-'

"Surely you've encountered the male form before," the patient said irritably, interrupting Eleanor's thoughts. She tried to stop blushing fiercely and set about cleaning the wound.

"Of course," Eleanor said awkwardly, she still couldn't stop being interested in the wound as she sterilised it. She paused again, trying to recapture her last thought.

"Certainly changing bandages is not beyond your ken Dr.." the patient said, before stopping. Obviously he didn't know Eleanor's name.

"Leveson-Browne," Eleanor replied, as she put the bandages on the patient.

"How terribly middle-class," the patient said offhandedly. Eleanor looked up at her patient, smirked and got back to dressing the wound.

"It's inherited," Eleanor replied as she took off her rubber gloves. "There, I'll send another doctor back to change them in a few hours. Now to sort out your blood pressure," Eleanor continued, throwing the gloves in a bin and disposing of the old bandages.

"My blood pressure's fine," the patient said impatiently. Eleanor looked at him matter-of-factly.

"I told you, it's high sir. We need to lower it if you're going to get any better," Eleanor replied, trying not to sound as annoyed as the patient was.

"Fine," the patient snarled.

"Starting with your attitude, we're just trying to help," Eleanor said, sitting at the bottom of his bed.

"I don't need your help, you've bandaged my wounds, just get me out of here. I have somewhere else to be," the patient growled.

"I could let you go, or I could just give you a sedative so you can shut up," Eleanor snapped, her green eyes narrowing at him. Immediately regretting her outburst she pretended to be fully absorbed by her stethoscope. The patient's baritone laughter rang out in the room, taking Eleanor by surprise.

"Again with the threat of sedation," the patient said after he had stopped laughing. Eleanor looked at him in confusion.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" Eleanor suddenly asked tired of feeling the overwhelming sense of deja vu, as she looked at his features. He had brown-almost black eyes, raven black hair that was parted in the middle clung to his face. He had pasty white skin, sallow and a hooked nose. She still couldn't place him. His voice was familiar to him as well, along with his sarcasm and biting remarks.

"What a peculiar question to be asked," the patient said nonchalantly, although his black eyes lingered on her for a second, as if he recognised her too. His eyebrows knitted in thought, and then his features smoothed. Eleanor wondered what he was thinking. 'Does he know something I don't?' she thought.

"What's your name, sir. We will eventually need to stop calling you John Doe," Eleanor asked, hoping that if she knew his identity she would have a moment of satori.

"Seeing as though you asked so politely," the patient said sarcastically. Eleanor rolled her eyes and picked up the chart, waiting to write his name down.

"Professor Severus Snape," said the patient.

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