I am sorry I have not updated for two weeks. I had trouble working out how how to get where I wanted with this story. I find a train journey helps. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Charlie went back to the city a couple of days later. The prison service lawyer was trying to make things difficult by insisting that if she had not got involved with Darryl Braxton then she would have not got shot. Charlie's lawyer hit back by saying that if they had informed them that Pirovic had been released then she would have not got shot either. After several more days of argument and counter argument the judge decided to pass judgement after a discussion with the other two judges on the case. He then announced that it would take them at least three weeks to make a decision. Charlie stayed in the city for a while longer. She went to see a counsellor to help her with the nightmares she had started having.

Charlie arrived home early one evening. As she got out of her car she could hear a trail bike in the distance. Shutting her car door she stood on the pavement to see Brax and VJ coming up the road towards her. Brax pulled up at the side of her.

He pulled off his helmet. "Hey Charlie. You're back." He leant over to her and kissed her. "I'm just going to take VJ back ok?"

"Ok." Then Charlie spoke to VJ. "Hi VJ. Are you alright?"

VJ grinned up at her. "HI Charlie." Brax had put on his helmet and was starting up the bike. Brax backed the bike out onto the road. Brax and VJ waved goodbye to her as they roared off to Leah's.

By the time Brax had got back Charlie had showered and changed from her city clothes. Brax bought take out from the diner back with him for them to eat. He brought into the kitchen to find Charlie rummaging through the cupboards.

"I've bought some food back from the diner for us. What are you looking for?"

"I was going to cook but there is nothing here. When I stayed with my Aunt she taught me how to cook at the weekends. Just simple things that was easy to do. She said if we were to live together I should try and learn to cook. But I will never be in Leah's league."

Brax put the food down on the table. He grinned at Charlie, "I am not with you for your cooking skills. Come on let's eat."

As they helped themselves to the food Charlie told him about the compensation she was going to get.

"What are you going to do with the money?"

"Some of it I am going to give to Ruby for when she goes to uni. I don't know about the rest." Charlie paused then grinned at Brax. "I could always invest in Angelo's."

He grinned back at her. "No Charlie keep it for a rainy day."

A couple of days later Charlie saw Bianca on the beach. She was arguing with her younger sister April. As Charlie approached Bianca she saw April turn and run from her sister. "Hi Bianca, are you alright?" Charlie asked touching her friends arm.

Bianca turned to face Charlie. "You know when we made that pact to stay away from the Braxton's we should have included my sister in that."

"Why what has happened?"

"She has only got herself hooked up with Heath. We caught them making out the night of the engagement party down on the beach." Bianca paused trying to hold off starting to cry. "It started the night of the school formal and restarted after the night of the party. They can't stay away from each other." As she finished Bianca started to cry. Charlie put her arm around her friend. She let her stop crying before suggesting they go to the diner and get a drink and some cake.

After Charlie had left Bianca she walked to the surf club to see Brax. Charlie walked in just as he was setting up for the evening shift. He turned to face her just as she got near him.

"Hey." Brax wrapped his arms around Charlie and kissed her.

"Hi Brax. I've just seen Bianca. She says Heath is hooking up with April. Did you know?"

Brax rolled his eyes in despair. "No I didn't. He is an idiot. I bet Bianca is not pleased."

"No she isn't. She says they can't stay away from each other. I think it is causing problems for her and Liam."

"Heath did not like me giving the job to Liam. He thought it should be his."

"You would have no restaurant if he ran the place."

Brax grinned at her. "Do you want a drink and something to eat when I open up?"

"Yes please. Do you want me help you finish setting up?"

"Yes please."

Brax handed Charlie the cutlery tray and left her to finish putting cutlery out while he followed her putting out the glasses. Charlie spent the rest of the evening sat at the end of the bar watching Brax work. Half way through the evening Charlie stopped Brax refilling her glass up.

"Mr Braxton anyone would think you were trying to get me drunkā€¦" Charlie grinned at Brax.

"What made you think that Miss Buckton?" Brax whispered in her ear.

"I'd think you were trying to seduce me," Charlie whispered back. Brax didn't reply. He kissed Charlie as he walked past her.

Two Weeks Later.

Charlie had just arrived home from work. Putting her bags on the chair she was just heading for the bathroom when Heath stormed in. She had heard from Brax that it was likely he was the father to Bianca's baby. Now Heath had gone from being uncommunicative to downright angry.

"This is your fault Buckton." He yelled at her. "I bet you've been plotting with Bianca to get her move away from me. Get her to take my kid from me. If they get their way I'll never get to see it grow up." He pushed past Charlie heading for the fridge and grabbing a beer and slumping down on the settee and putting the television on.

"Heath I did not know about Bianca moving away. I haven't seen her since she told me about April. Now I know why. I'm sorry Heath."

"Whatever Buckton." Heath grunted back at her.

Charlie picked up her car keys and bag and she went back out. She drove to Angelo's hoping to see Brax. He was setting up the bar for that night's opening.

"Hi Brax. Heath is not very happy. He says Liam and Bianca are moving away. He blamed me for plotting against him.

"When I saw Bianca the other week all she did was tell me about Heath and April. I didn't know she was going for the scan."

"He and Liam have been fighting here. I had to separate them outside earlier. I think Liam had told him they were planning to move to the city." Brax paused. "I think April told him yesterday and he hasn't been happy since."

"I am going to see Bianca before I go back home."

"Will you be alright with Heath?"

"Yes I will be fine with him." Charlie lent over the bar and kissed Brax before she turned and left.

Charlie drove to Leah's. As she arrived she saw Bianca's car parked outside. Charlie parked her car behind it and got out and walked up to the house. Charlie knocked on the back door and waited for someone to answer.

Bianca opened the door. "Hi Charlie. What do you want?"

"Hi Bianca. I hear you are leaving town. When were you going to tell me? I thought we were friends."

"Come in and I will tell you why we are going." Charlie followed Bianca into the house. It was the first time she had been inside since the day Pirovic had shot her. Inside the living room Liam was packing things into boxes for when they had left.

"Hi Charlie. I guess you have heard about us leaving." He said to Charlie.

Charlie sat down on a chair. "I know Heath can be difficult but can't you talk to him? We've only made up recently and I don't want you to go."

"I don't want Heath in our lives Charlie. He will cause trouble you know that." Liam answered her.

"I thought I was getting somewhere with him but in the end he did not want to know. Everything has to be done his way." Bianca told Charlie.

"Will you let me know where you are? We are going to keep in touch?" Charlie asked them.

"What's saying that you won't tell Brax and he will tell Heath?" Liam spoke.

"Why would I tell Brax if you ask me not to?"

"I won't put you in that position Charlie. If you don't know you can't tell." Liam replied.

"When do you go?"

"When we have got things sorted out in a day or to."

Charlie stood up and hugged Bianca and then Liam.

Before she left she said. "Please keep in touch by phone at least."

Bianca nodded before she hugged Charlie goodbye. Both of them were unable to speak because of the tears starting to fall. Charlie sat in her car for quite a while before she left to drive home.

Brax got home to discover Heath sat drinking on the settee.

"I bet Buckton came crying to you because I shouted at her." Heath spat at his brother.

"Charlie came to talk to me. Then she went to see Bianca. She might just be trying to persuade her to stay yet you shout at her. You know you might have got somewhere if you had just talked but no you have to shout and threaten. You could have behaved like a grown up. No wonder you got nowhere." Brax walked away from his brother to go to the fridge and get a bottle of beer out.

When Charlie got home Brax led her into their room to find out what had happened when she saw Bianca. Charlie told him what they had said including the information that they would not tell her where they were going. Once they had finished talking Brax suggested they go out for the evening so they could avoid Heath being Mr Grumpy.

Several days later Brax was just coming out of the sea after a surf when he saw Liam and Bianca sat in the dunes by the path on the way to the surf club. He stopped and spoke to them.

"I thought you were going to the city."

"Didn't Heath tell you he's taken out an injunction to stop us leaving the bay." Bianca answered.

"No he didn't. I told him to talk to you." Brax replied.

"Well he didn't. He gave us the papers yesterday."

Brax stared at them before leaving to go back home after his surf. He put his board down outside before he walked inside. He found Heath in the kitchen.

"I told you to act like an adult over Bianca and the baby and you to the lawyers."

"I thought that was being adult getting the lawyer in." Heath argued back.

"You are unbelievable." Brax argued back. He stared at his brother not quite believing at how stupid he could be. Brax turned away and went to get ready for work.

He walked into Angelo's to find someone stood at the bar. He spoke to them.

"We're not open yet. You will have to come back later." As he walked up the person she turned round and the sight of her filled him with horror.