Title: Proven Innocent

Author: SassySarcasm

Rating: T

Pairings: Trio-friendship

Warnings: Language, Violence

Summary: Harry is finally fed up with the school turning on him every other year and takes drastic measures to ensure that everyone knows what REALLY happened, enter Hermione and her knowledge of old magic and who knows what can happen.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

A/N: SO this is another one of the cliché story lines for Harry Potter that I'm trying to give a new twist to. This one, however, is the first one where I plan to do more than a one-shot. In a lot of the 'Reading the Books' storylines the books are either sent back by someone in the future or is a tool for Umbridge, I wanted to explore the idea of how it might be if Harry chose to tell everyone.

So as to avoid confusion, this is set in their fourth year and they're going to read at least the 3rd and 4th book.


"It is absolutely okay with me if you need to keep some secrets. I've been thinking about this and I decided that a best friend is someone who, when they don't understand, they still understand."

― Nancy Werlin, Impossible


"Are you sure about this Harry?" Hermione Granger asked hesitantly, brown eyes briefly meeting her friend's own green eyes.

Harry Potter glanced warily around the bathroom once again, checking to be sure no one was around to hear them. Similarly to their second year, they were hiding out in Moaning Myrtle's toilet as they attempted to perform magic that was of questionable… legality.

Even if it was legal, they were still sure that it at least broke school rules.

For all that he kept surveying the area, all Harry could really focus on was the gaping absence of their final and third member, Ron Weasley.

Ever since Harry's name had come out of the bloody Goblet of Fire, Ron had refused to talk to him or acknowledge him. And when they did talk it was almost always to fight.

That was the part of what had driven him to do this. He, Hermione, and Ron had all been friends since his first year. They were the closest thing he had to family, and he had to fix this.

"Yes! Hermione I'm sure, this is the only way to prove that I'm not lying! I'm tired of being ostracized for things I didn't do! Its like a school year isn't complete with out everyone hating me for some reason or another!" He snapped, his suppressed anger finally bubbling to the surface.

Instantly he felt guilty, as Hermione had flinched and turned pale.

Harry sighed, visibly deflating, "I'm sorry Hermione, I shouldn't have snapped at you." He told her, genuinely feeling horrible for yelling at her.

Jaw clenched she nodded, forcing a smile.

"Its okay," she told him softly, "I do agree that this is the best way to prove you didn't enter your name," Hermione paused thoughtfully, "But I do think we should cover our third year too."

Bewildered Harry stared at her. He wanted to prove he hadn't been lying about not entering the tournament, what did their third year have to with that?

Seeing his confusion Hermione sighed, "Come on Harry, what happened our third year that this could prove?" she cajoled, smiling when she could practically see the metaphorical light bulb over his head as he understood.

"Sirius!" He breathed, "We can prove he's innocent!"

Hermione nodded happily.

Harry surprised her when he grabbed her into a hug, still smiling elatedly, "You're Brilliant Hermione!"

She blushed, giggling when he tried to pull away and her hair got caught on his cloak. It really shouldn't have been funny, especially since the sudden harsh pull on her hair hurt, but for some reason she could stop laughing.

Soon enough Harry got over his shock and they were both laughing at the absurdness of their situation.

When they finally got control of themselves and separated her hair from his cloak Hermione, ever the voice of reason, spoke, "Yes, well, we really should get this started. We can only be gone so long before we're missed."

Without protest Harry rejoined her on the floor. Sitting between them was a shallow dish with runes carved on the side. It was filled with a clear, swirling liquid and had a single candle floating in the center.

"And we won't remember any of this?" Harry asked for the umpteenth time since Hermione had explained her idea.

Hermione nodded decisively in response.

"That way no one can claim that the books, which are how everything will be explained, are biased. Even we won't know we did this." She pouted slightly, "I am disappointed I won't remember performing such old magic."

Harry just nodded sympathetically, he did agree that he wished they would remember but for different reasons. He had a feeling that he wouldn't want some of the more personal moments read aloud, and when he didn't know that this was all his own idea… he had a fair idea of how he was going to react if this worked.

"Lets get on with it then!" Harry ordered, getting Hermione back on track and away from her own mental ramblings.

She nodded and picked up the ceremonial dagger that had previously rested on the floor by a very old looking book.

After double checking the instructions she passed the dagger to Harry.

"It says that we have to add the blood of whomever everything is going to center around," she scanned the text again, "it doesn't say how much blood… couple drops should do it."

When she looked up from the book, she couldn't hold back the shocked gasp that rose to her lips.


He, the reckless idiot, had apparently not been listening or had been ignoring her because when she looked up she saw that he had already cut open his palm. He was now unflinchingly clenching his hand into a fist above the dish, dripping blood into the transparent liquid.

Quicker than Hermione thought possible, the liquid turned red.

Feeling panicked and annoyed, Hermione glared at her friend. When he just shrugged looking decidedly unrepentant, she rolled her eyes and summoned some bandages.

She then proceeded to give him her hardest stare until he took the bandage from her and wrapped up his palm.

Knowing better than to try and tell him off for it, Hermione turned back to the book.

"Next we write the starting date and ending date on a slip of paper and burn it." She recited from the text. As she spoke she scrawled the dates on a piece of parchment.

Finished she blew on the paper to try and dry the ink faster. Once it was dry, she held it over the candle's flame and let it catch fire. She held onto it until that flames came too close to her fingers, then she dropped it into the bowl.

Harry and Hermione leaned forward to watch as the slip of parchment folded in on itself as it burned. When there was only ash left floating in the dish, there was suddenly an explosion of smoke making them cough and choke, reminding both Gryffindor's of one of Seamus' many explosions (Accidental and otherwise.)

When the smoke finally cleared nothing was left, there was no dish, no candle, nothing.

Hermione hummed thoughtfully, "That was rather… anticlimactic."

Harry shrugged, "At least we don't have to clean anything up now." He reasoned.

In response, Hermione rolled her eyes fondly, surprising them both when she laughed. Soon enough she remembered where they were and she was anxious again. "Let's go back to the common rom before we're missed."

She clambered to her feet and stretched, wincing when she heard her back crack. That's it, no more making potions in the girls' toilet if I can help it. She thought ruefully as Harry, too, stood and stretched.

As they walked out the door, Harry couldn't resist asking one more time.

"We Really won't remember this tomorrow?"

Hermione groaned and reached over to slap the back of his head playfully, "NO!"


Note: So I hope you enjoyed that, and are interested? Lol. This is going to be my first serious attempt to write a mulit-chapter fic, so the plan is to at least have two more chapters written before I post one so that I don't get behind. Since this is the prologue and it's relatively short I'll probably post chapter one either later today or tomorrow. Let me know what you think! (: