Chapter 1


I gazed in the mirror and didn't recognize myself. I saw a beautiful woman with sparkling azure eyes, rose red lips, and blond hair that could make gold look pale; but there was a sadness, a longing in her face.

I knew exactly why: I was getting married, and it was to no one I liked.

I wanted to marry Link, but I had a duty to my people. I wanted this not because he was a hero, nor because he was handsome or famous, but because he knew how to ease any burden. And everything was calmer around him, like the eye of a hurricane. Link was serious and composed, yet also capable of having fun and playing jokes (he was very versatile like that). You'd really only understand if you met him.
The only problem is that my father would not have me marrying a commoner, regardless of the number of times he had saved Hyrule.
I only sighed; these quiet, lonely moments before the wedding seemed to be my only comfort. Impa couldn't be here with me; she was the Sage of Shadow and had many other duties to attend to. I started brushing my hair for what seemed like the millionth time, hardly feeling any snags.


The tree I was resting against was surprisingly comfortable. Then again, when you're angry, anything is comfortable.
I was frustrated, Zelda was getting married to someone else. If I had the courage to propose all those years ago... Even Ciara suggested it, and she was 13!... Pah! I won't get anywhere lingering in the past. I pulled the invite out again and quickly read it over, then furiously tore it to pieces and tossed it to the wind. What was the worth of being a hero now? There was no more motivation behind my actions; Zelda would have someone to protect her, he'd be the one to rescue her time and time again. I'd become some washout that was barely known, probably begging on the streets, or risking life and limb in worn-out dungeons for rupees...
I pinched my arm. You'll get nowhere if you think about that too! I chided myself. I sighed and looked at the perfect blue sky, wishing life could be that perfect.


I was now supporting my head in my hand, slouched over in the most unprincess-like manner I could be. I was bored, no doubt in that.
"Princess, everyone is waiting." the guard at my door said. I looked at the clock: 13:09. the wedding was at 14:00.
"Isn't it a hour until the wedding?" I inquired, becoming a little suspicious.
"The clock is off, your majesty. The clock winder had an... accident this morning."
"Why was there hesitation at 'accident'? Do you want me to turn you in for treason? I can tell that was a lie." There was silence. I hated being so harsh, and was always surprised on the inside when I pulled it off so flawlessly.
"It wasn't a pretty sight, your majesty..." the slight warble in his voice sounded a little more truthful.
"I'm sorry... I acted a little rashly. Just keeping on my toes."
"All is forgiven."
I walked out and noticed a strange X-shaped scar on a guard's forehead, right between his odd yellow eyes. I asked, "Are you a new recruit? I haven't seen your face before."
Just a curt nod.
I walked through the castle gardens: the fastest way to the courtyard. Then something stung me. I thought it was a bee, but upon closer observation it was a dart. It held a vial with a black liquid, quickly draining. I soon felt nauseous and collapsed onto the marble walkway.
My vision started to blur and I was feeling weak; whatever poison this was, it was fast-acting and possibly lethal. A shadowy boot entered my fading vision.
"'On your toes', huh? What a disgrace," an evil-sounding voice chuckled. The scary thing was that it sounded similar to Link's.