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Ichigo let out an inner yip for joy, a rare grin flitting across his face before disappearing. He quickly composed himself however, and asked Grimmjow if he had an extra jacket to spare.

When he recieved an affirmative nod and a jacket - you got it, blue- he put it on and walked outside with Grimmjow. He shivered slightly and blew on his fingers. Man, he hated the night.

When they arrived at the Shoten, Urahara and Yoruichi were already there to greet them. Urahara's fan in hand, his traditional cloak and clogs accompanied by a green and white striped bowler hat completed his ensemble. Yoruichi's hair had grown and her skin had tanned considerably, making her gold eyes that much more striking.

"Ah, Ichigo-san! It appears I was right, you ARE here!" Urahara exclaimed, flitting over to the duo and ushering them to a seat in the corner of the bustling restaurant.

Yoruichi handed them a basket of biscuits and stage-whispered into Ichigo's ear, "Who, may I ask, is the hottie in blue over there?"

Ichigo blushed madly. "Just do what you need to do and get this over with, Aunt Yoruichi."

Yoruichi huffed and sniffled. "May I PLEASE ask you POLITELY if you would like the new special of American cooked ham and bacon with a side of sushi?" She asked, stressing the "Please" and "Politely".

Ichigo grinned minutely, eyes twinkling. He hadn't seen his Aunt and Uncle in a while. "Hm... Sushi sounds good... And maybe some Garlic onion rings as well... I'll take the Bacon... no the Ham!" Ichigo loved playing with his Aunt.

"And you, sexy Blue haired man? What would YOU like?"

Grimmjow's brow arched as he replied, "I'll just take the special, as is..." At the moment, food was food and there was no need for him to be picky, that, and it all sounded good, regardless.

He was a a tad suspicious as to the whispers earlier, as well as the family jokes, he was far more interested as to why Ichigo's face was changing colors.

He ignored his suspicion for now and to say, "Now, as would anyone would like to be referred to as sexy, blue haired man, I would be prefer to be called Grimmjow."

It was weird, to be around those with family, and not understanding the inside jokes and laughs, so he stood there, as awkwardly on the inside as he went back to his signature pose, and folded his arms over his chest, to wait. He was considering staying here so that Ichigo might catch up with his relatives, but at the same time, he didn't want to be the extra company.

Ichigo quietly sent a playful glare towards his aunt. Yoruichi sounded buzzed.

"Well, what a NIIICE name, Grimmjow. And please, don't be a stranger! Ichigo hasn't had enough to drink, and the tab is on me, and your welcome to join! Ichigos mom- Well, we have a lot of baby pictures from Ichigo!" Yoruichi quickly veered away from the discussion of Ichigos mother. It was nearing June 14, Anything could set Ichigo off.

"Aunt Yoruichi! Don't show him! I haven't even known him for a day!" Ichigo blushed madly once again.

Yoruichi's eyes twinkled. "One night stand, eh, Ichi-berry?" she jokingly asked. "Please, Grimm-kun, call me Yoruichi-bocchan!"

The cogs in Yoruichis mind were turning. Inwardly, her warning bells were screaming. 'He doesn't seem all that bad... but he doesn't seem like someone to have a relationship, and he doesn't seem nice either. Though he might just feel awkward... Oh well, I'll ask Kisuke later.'

She went into the backroom of the bustling restaurant and returned later with two cokes.

Ichigo stared warily at them 'She must have spiked them with something. It isn't like her to not try to get me drunk... though admitedly I am thirsty...'

So he grabbed one of the drinks and slowly sipped. Sensing nothing wrong with it, he began to sip faster, thinking about the dream he had had while unconscious at Grimmjows place.

'It was extreemly weird... I wonder if it was an omen or something...'

Grimmjow quirked a brow as he watched the scene unfold between them, and when he finally got something to drinl, he lifted it too his lips, sipping on it. His peered over to Ichigo through the corner of his eyes and said, placing the drink down, "You seem too quiet...What's on your mind?"

He leaned forward on the table, on his elbows, giving Ichigo a mildly apathetic but still interested, look, as he waited for an answer. He tapped his fingers, his patience clearly wearing thin, but he didn't want to cause a scene with anything loud and obnoxious, although, he was half tempted to get Ichigo to respond with another nickname.

He waved a hand in front of his face, as he said, "Yo, carrot top, wake up, you're freaking out your relatives."

Ichigo had withdrawn into his inner sanctum while drinking his coke, and it took a while for them to draw Ichigo out of his mind. When his eyes cleared up the first thing he saw was a cracked, calloused hand. He started jumping up and spilling dark, fizzy liquid onto his shirt.

"Damn it! The hell was that for?"

Yoruichi had come back with Kisuke in tow, and watched the scene unfold with amusement shining in her clear, golden eyes.

"Ahahaha, Grimm-kun, seems you found out how to wake Ichi up... in a sense..."

Yoruichi dragged Grimmjow into another corner of the bustling restaurant, waving off Ichigo's quirked eyebrows with a quirk of her own.

"You see, there are these times when Ichigo goes into deep thought. He's always had these dreams about a strange albino man and, to say the least, it scares me, Kisuke, and Ichigo's father-Isshin. because after a day or two it becomes nothing more than a flash of color, then it just disappears... We worry about his sanity sometimes, and he has had some worrying moments. Tell me, for the times you've known him, has anything strange happened to his demeanor? An evil glint or something, or something different?"

Yoruichi blinked and looked up at Grimmjow. For Ichigo, I hope he says no, for Ichigo's own sanity...

Grimmjow wasn't too enthused to have been dragged away, but he could understand that at this point in Ichigo's life, his family were truly starting to worry about his sake, safety and sanity. He heard Yoruichi explain things he didn't know about Ichigo, which he absorbed carefully and listened, which was quite the first thing he'd never do, but if he had to, he must do it now.

Although, he couldn't say or make any sense of what she was trying to say to him, or about some albino man that she had mentioned. Or it had, it just slipped his mind and he didn't put an ounce of care into it, let alone, any thought either.

He sighed, after doing something thinking, which was pretty brief for his standards, but thinking nonetheless. "Well, no, I haven't seen anything change in his demeanor, nor strange. Hell, I only truly met him, with actual exchanging of names...Earlier today, so relying on me would be entirely and beyond hopeless." He said with a shrug of his shoulders. "But I must admit, for some strawberry boy, he can put up one hell of a fight, I'd give him that."

"Now, why are you interrogating me, of all people, about such things? Is it truly because I was the one to get his ass out of dream land?" He asked with a quirked brow. "...Would it be, that you might be implying that I could try and get him away from dealing with the albino man?"

Yoruichi gave a sigh of relief. She noted that he said Ichigo was a good fighter and winked, her demeanor changing in the space of a nanosecond. "Of course he is a good fighter, me and Kisuke tought him ourselves!"

She shook her head and looked at the corner. Kisuke was watching Ichigo diligently through his hat-covered eyes, his fan hiding his frown.

"I don't know, but I feel like you'll do good for Ichigo - and my senses have never failed me."

She looked back at Ichigo, shivering as cold eyes bore into her own, yellow hiding within the chocolate-brown. He smirked; canines showing. His eyes seemed to say: Hey, look. You might have cast me away once, but I'll get him back; and when I do, all you mother fuckers are gonna be sorry!

-Kisuke POV-

Ichigo seemed... different. Those glints every now and then never went away, and today it had been especially painful seeing Ichigo watch Yoruichi and Grimmjows proceedings with a cold, calculating look. His fingers drumming on the desk, he laid his head down, closing his eyes for several seconds.

When his eyes opened, Ichigo was back in charge. To the best of Kisukes knowledge, the monster could only watch. For now, at least.

Kisuke paid attention as Ichigo greeted his aunt and new friend. While in the back, Kisuke had gathered up knowledge on Grimmjow, finding out very little, only that he attended the same class as Ichigos and vigorously fought, almost on a daily basis.

As Ichigo and Grimmjow talked over the food about little stuff, Yoruichi and Kisuke conversed. Kisuke would slyly glance at Ichigo now and then, noting the stiffer posture and tense jaw.

He must be giving Ichigo a headache...Kisuke thought sadly. His shaded eyes watched as Ichigo and Grimmjow wiped their hands with napkins, and as Ichigo bowed slightly, saying it was great seeing them after a year. Grimmjow politely thanked them for the food, and the bell on the front door of the shop clanged as the door opened and closed.

Kisuke sent a worried look, his eyes peaking for him.

He's getting stronger

I know, will we be able to stop it?her eyes spoke back to him.

I don't know, when he is released he will be even more powerful then when he was as a child.

When they'd arrived at his home, Grimmjow closed and locked the door after Ichigo stepped in. "...So, why were you staring at me and your aunt during our conversation? It felt like I was getting swords shoved into the back of my head with each moment that passed, then when I looked back over to you, you put your head down, then back up, as if nothing happened...It seemed like you...changed or something." He said, tossing his keys onto the coffee table, and flopping onto his couch.

He lazily looked up at Ichigo from the couch and said, "Is there something that you're not telling me?" He quirked a brow as he tossed Ichigo a questioning glance. "I mean, it's cool and all, but some time, you might have to say something...Either to me, or to your relatives. They're worried over you...And before you say it, I'm not worried, but I do in fact have half a brain that you aren't coming clean to something pretty damned fucking important."

After a few moments, he sighed and laid his head back, so he was facing the ceiling, and closed his eyes. I'm too old for this. He thought, half-heartly.

Ichigo gave a minute sigh, wondering what Grimmjow was talking about. He started to talk, but it was like an invisible hand clamped over his mouth. A warbled voice giggled in the back of his head. His mouth moved of it's own accord, it seemed.

"Don't worry about it, I was just thinking."

A stare from Grimmjow, his eye moving down to meet his own. Golden orbs stared back, unflinching. The blue eye closes. "That's not true," a sigh. A gesture to come sit.

The sound of a creaking, old sofa when two full grown teenage men sit on it.

The clock ticks.

Ichigo's knee jerks up and down.

A hand stops it.

"Tell me the truth."

Ichigo - no, other Ichigo, the Not Ichigo - sighed. "Sad little fucker you are. I guess you could say that it wasn't King who was sitting there and watching you."

Choice of words change.

Voice changes.

Ticking of the clock starts up again.

And black dots swarm behind Ichigo's eyes as the minute possession is finished. His head slumps forward and his shoulders sag as he falls like a potato sack, emptied of all it's