ONe day the animorphs were being in high school and then suddenly one of tehm said "Oh no, its the yerrks" and pointed in the sky and there were yerrk space ships there. So they turned into animals and fought off the yerrks but there were too many and then jake said 'oh no there are too many of them we can't beatt hem" but then a mysterious voice said "dont worry i can help you" and they turned around and it was halo.

"I got tehm" said halo and he thru a plasma grenade at the emenies and they blew up in a blue explosion. the animorphs cheered and kept fighting. halo shot his guns a lot and all the yerks all died. "hooray" they said when they were all dead.

afterwareds cassie and halo met up and they talked "hi" rachel said. "hi" halo said. "halo thanks you for saving us you really helped us" cassi said. "actually you can help me" said halo. "how" said cassie. "By kissing me" halo said and grabbed her and tried to make out but his helmet was in the way and they both giggled

"why don't you take off that helmet she said, and halo said "im sory but i have a secret" he pushed an button on his arm and his armor poped off. and under it was another set of armor. "im actually metroid and a woman" he said cassie just smiledand said "well i have a secret too" "are you a lesbain?" halo/metroide said and cassie said no. "im actually jake" and demorphed into jake.

"but you still have armor on" jake said, still in metroids arms, and metroid said "i dont know" but jake said please so metroid said "okay". metroid pushed another button and the armor came off agian but this tiem it wasnt metroid but captain falcon underneath "im sorry" captain falcon sed

jake said "im hurt but i still have another secret" "oh" asked captain falcon, and jake demorphed again into a bird. "im acutally tobias" he said and this tiem it was the truth "I am happy" capitan falcon said and he smialed. "my name is captain falcon because i like falcons and falcons are birds

the two started making out. captain faclon put his tongue into tobiass beak and it felt weird but hhe liked it like that and they loved each other so it was okay. Captain falcon unzipped his fly and stroked his weiner afectionatly. "Oh yeah you want this" he said whit a smile and tobias did but he could say anyting becuz he was a bird. cpatain falcon inserted himself into tobais and the two made love for hours and there were feathers in the air and at the end they both came toghether and captain falcon said "FALCON EJACULATE"