So I just watched Plucky's Pennywhistles Magical Menagerie and absolutely loved the episode! It was so funny and had a very Season 1 and 2 kinda feel to it. Definitely a season favorite for me. Anyway hope you enjoy!


Dean stared at the object in his hands and couldn't help but smile. He watched in fascination as the spiraling plastic strands moved back and forth in a wave of color. He had always wanted one as a kid for the sole purpose of observing it as it maneuvered down a flight of stairs as only these toys could. Dean had asked for one several times, but his father had rejected the idea, simply saying that hunters didn't play with toys. Thinking back on this, Dean realized it was just another example of how John had deprived him of a childhood. He glanced out the window of the hotel. Their room was on the second floor so there was a flight of stairs leading to the first floor below. Dean figured Sam wouldn't be back from his investigation anytime soon.

"Ah, what the hell." he said, snatching the room key before shutting the door behind him.

Dean perched at the top of the stairs. One part of him thought this was ridiculous, he was a thirty-three year old man who was too old for this. Another part of him thought that he was entitled to this, any chance of a childhood had been ripped away from him a long time ago. This part won out pretty quickly. Dean set the prize from Plucky's on the top step and it immediately began its tumbling descent down the stairs. Dean found himself smiling again as he watched the rainbow fall down each step.

"Enjoying yourself?" asked a voice that Dean had not expected to hear.

"Oh, Sammy. What are you doing back?" Dean said, answering a question with a question.

"It was a dead end. Should I come back later? Wouldn't want to take away from your slinky time." Sam teased his older brother.

"Hey, at least I kept my gift." Dean retorted.

"You gave me a creepy ass clown doll. Why the hell would I keep that?" the younger Winchester countered.

"Because, it has sentimental value Sam."

"What do you want me to do Dean? Drive back and see if I can find it? Sorry dude, not gonna happen." Sam conveyed to his brother.

"Bitch." Dean voiced.

"Jerk." Sam replied.

Am I the only one who misses the bitch;jerk thing? Reviews are much appreciated and make my day. Thanks to any and all readers!