Author's Note: This was inspired by two things mainly. One being the fact that Nomura has stated that Sora's Anti-form is a manifestation of his journey taking a toll on him, and I was also inspired by the fact that Roxas created when Sora became a heartless. You'll see what I mean, and if you have any questions (as this may be a bit vague), definitely PM me or leave a question in a review, and I'll gladly answer. So read on and hopefully you will like this.


Dusk to dusk
a kingdom hearts one-shot


He knows just how close he is to breaking.

Really, you're giving up?

And he knows just how hard it is for him to carry on.

This isn't the Sora I know.

But still, he does, and pretends like every heartless he's killed isn't laughing at him from the shadows. He likes to think with every heartless and Nobody he defeats, he's inching away the darkness with his light. But the darkness can never fully disappear, and he knows this.

Still, he laughs, and boasts to his friend with every slash of his Keyblade. He pretends like every heart he releases is worth it. But, is it worth it to rescue these hearts at the sake of his own?

You know that it is. I know you can barely hear me but…

Sora's on his own, and that cheery boy who only viewed war as a game he played with his friends on the beach is losing his grip on himself. He can barely remember a time where swords could only cause bruises and splinters, not blood and death.

He's been having more and more of these moments. Moments of weakness, moments of fear.

Until he finally snaps.

Sora, can you hear me?

He ravages like an animal. No, animals at least have hearts. He doesn't even know what he is, but he is not Sora anymore.

Twitching and ruthless, he cuts his way through his enemies with claws, and runs on all fours. He rips them apart using razor-wire claws and sharpened teeth. He makes guttural noises when he runs; he snorts when he breathes; he screeches and screams in victory.

This isn't the Other I remember. This isn't the Keyblade Wielder.

He can't talk, he can barely think, because all that is left are instincts. Every negative emotion he's ever felt, but tried to keep submerged in his subconscious, is now coursing through his veins. His hate and doubts are the blood pumping through his chest.

You're stronger.

But there's something he hears, a voice that penetrates through the darkness.

What about Kairi, Riku, Naminè…me? They can't save themselves. And without you, I don't exist. Not like I ever did, but you know what I mean don't you, Sora? You have to fight. For your friends. Remember.

And his claws stop and twitch. He stops, and he stares at his surroundings, stares at the petrified looks that grace Donald and Goofy's features.

Donald, Goofy.

He remembers slowly.

That's more like it, Sora. I knew you were stronger than that.

And he falls, claws raking at the stone floor before his darkened skin begins to lighten, his hair is kissed with chestnut, his eyes are once again a tranquil ocean.

"Sora!" Goofy yells, running clumsily over to his friend.

Once again, he is Sora.


Sora doesn't hear him anymore, not since he lost himself to darkness. But he knows who it had been who grabbed his hand and led him back into the light.

He continues to thank Roxas, and remembers to think of all those who need his help every day.