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Chapter 2: More Questions Than Answers

Claudia sat there holding the teddy bear for a long time, clutching it to her chest. The sun's rays slowly softened and gave way to the shadows of dusk before she moved.

What did this say about her captor? Did he do this often, kidnap kids?

But I'm not a kid, her mind objected.

You're 20, that's close enough, she snapped back, forgetting her pride in the panic of finding the forgotten toy.

At that moment Claudia wanted Artie. It struck her just how much she wanted him there to tell her want to do, to boss her around. She wanted him to roll his eyes and tell her that of course there was a simple way to get out of this, she just didn't see it yet.

And where was Artie? She mentally calculated the amount of time that she had been gone: she had been in the van for at least 8 hours to work up a dire need for water, and she could tell from out the front windows that night had fallen then. She had woken up when the light was bright in her window – so around early afternoon. And now dusk was falling.

Over 24 hours. She had been gone over 24 hours and Artie hadn't found her yet. Claudia felt a sickening feeling make her way through her stomach and she had to try and keep her previous meal down. She sat there in the darkness, holding on to the bear and wondering where the hell Artie was.

"Artie, you need to sleep." Myka's gentle voice rang out through the empty office. Leena was back at the B&B making dinner for everyone, while Pete and Steve were in the Warehouse aisles, trying to find one artifact that would allow the user to locate someone without their skin being flayed or maggots coming out of their mouth. So far they weren't succeeding.

Everyone had been tense since Claudia's abduction, but they had at least eaten something and slept slightly. Artie, on the other hand, had done nothing to help himself. He was in the office at all times, trying to find anything that would lead to Claudia's location.

"I'm fine." He snapped in a tone that would have made any normal human being get out of range. But Myka dug her heels in. She had dealt with stubborn males in the past and she wasn't afraid of Artie's irritable attitude.

"Artie, you are NOT fine. You need at least a nap and – and something to eat." Myka knew that Artie was upset because he hadn't found anything yet – nothing that identified Claudia's captor. Her Farnsworth was broken beyond repair and she had left her cell phone in the car when she had run away from Artie.

"I am fine." Artie said. "And unless you have something to help me find Claudia, go away!"

"Artie –"

"No!" Artie slammed his hands down on the desk he was leaning on. "Claudia is out there, at the mercy of someone who knows about the Warehouse! Nobody attacks the Warehouse unless they're prepared to be utterly ruthless. They took Claudia because she's not a federal agent – she hasn't been taught how to deal with torture. Claudia is out there being tortured for information about the Warehouse, wondering where we are, where I am, hoping that I'm going to find her soon! And you are standing here talking to me about getting sleep and food!" Artie stalked up to Myka, making her nervously back up. "Now get out and don't come back until you have something helpful!"

Myka fled.

Artie stoically turned back to his desk and began to work again.

Claudia had fallen asleep on the floor, she was sure of it, but when she woke up she was in bed. She opened her eyes, realizing that her arms were still curled around the teddy bear. She sat up, and looked around, giving a surprised smile when she saw breakfast was on the desk.

She eat everything, wondering how she could be so hungry until she remembered that she had missed dinner. After that she ventured into the bathroom. She debated taking a shower, but after noticing that the door locked (although that wouldn't be much of a hindrance if someone was coming after her, it still comforted her), she still decided to take one. The cool water felt good on her skin after everything that had happened, and when she stepped out she felt much more refreshed. She changed back into her clothes, which felt greasy and dirty by comparison. When she stepped out of the bathroom, she was surprised to find a bundle of clothing by the door. A sundress and sandals. Why would her captor leave them there? She looked at the tags – they were exactly her size, something she knew wasn't a coincidence.

She debated simply not changing into them, but her clothes were feeling heavy with dirt, and who knew how long she would be stuck with them. When she came out of the bathroom a second time in her new clothes, she felt completely refreshed.

She sat on the bed, bored out of her mind, but not quite sure what she should do. She had already explored the room, and had found it incapable of escape. She still laid on the bed for a few hours, running through any possible option of escape in her mind and rejecting all of the ideas. Then she thought about what her friends might be doing back at the Warehouse. She entertained herself with this until the man came through the door again, carrying another bag of food and a water bottle.

He nodded to her. "Hello."


The man placed the bag of food down and nudged it towards her again. He was about to leave when Claudia spoke up.

"Um…this is going to be awkward since you're the big sinister bad guy and I'm the frightened captive…but you could find something for me to do around here?"


"Yeah dude, I'm mad bored." She was secretly frightened he would threaten to hurt her again, like he had in the car, but she tried to keep a brave face on.

The man nodded. "I'll see what I can do."

Then he was gone and Claudia was left alone with her thoughts.

Her captor returned with dinner and a bookbag. He dropped them both on the ground. Claudia carefully picked up both, looking inside the bookbag first. Inside were at least 10 books from different genres: sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, etc. Claudia's heart lurched when she saw one of the books was "The Time Traveler" by H.G. Wells. She really wished Wells was here with her right now.

"I hope those are okay." The man said.

"Um…yeah." Claudia was so stunned by this that she looked up, finally gathering enough courage to speak her mind. "Why are you doing this?

"What?" The man looked surprised, either at her bravery or her question.

"The kidnapping, taking me hostage, keeping me here…" She spread her arms out to indicate the room. "You know about the Warehouse, so you obviously want something to do with that. But you haven't asked me a single question about it. Are you waiting for the Stockholm Syndrome to kick in? 'Cause you're going to be waiting a looooong time."

The man stared at her for a minute before finally speaking. "I'm not here to hurt the Warehouse."

"Right, you proved that by kidnapping me." She said, sarcasm evident in every word.

"You're not my main concern. I didn't kidnap you for your connections to the Warehouse, but for Arthur Neilson.

Claudia straightened up, her voice rising with panic. "Whatever you want, I won't do it. I don't care what you do to me - I'll never do anything to hurt Artie."

"That's not what I want. I don't want to see him in pain." Although the man's voice made it sound like he wasn't ruling the idea out. "But he has something that I want. And now, I have something that he wants."