A Night to Remember

This is a companion piece to "A New Year To Remember". I hope you enjoy.

Are you sure that you are ready to do this? I mean everybody in your life that you have ever cared about is in that room your mother, your father, your 'sister', aunts, uncles, everyone. All except for a few know that I am alive. Just the people that needed to know excluding my husband.

They all look so pretty even though they are in masks. I guess that if I was going to come back tonight is the perfect night. I can go undetected and no one would be the wiser except Jason who knows what I am wearing, he helped me sneak back into town a couple of days ago. Of course I plan on telling everyone who I am but I just want to blend in because by the end of the night everyone is going to know just who I am, talk about a rude awakening.

Am I bad person for not telling my husband? No because I hated lying to my husband but there was no other way. He would have been in my face every five seconds and the whole town of Port Charles would have known and that was stress that I didn't need because I think the stress alone would have killed me. I guess that's why I went to Jason because I knew he would understand because he knew me from a different time, a time when everything was simple. Even though he initially denied me he eventually gave in and I will forever thank him for it. It's funny when I think about it, Jason has been saving me for years. He did it back when Stone died and he did it a year ago when I got sick. I owe him my life.

Well it looks like the ball is about to begin. Hold on tight Port Charles because here I come again to shake you up just like in 1985.