this is based on the movie "Dolphin Tale" I do not own the characters.

"Rescue On Our Own"

Now, there's a difference between rescue accedent and accedental rescue. A big difference. And I found myself in a very interesting situation one day when Hazel and I were walking down the beach. The tide was staring to come in nice and slow and Hazel stooped every few feet to collect shells, which she placed in a red bucket hanging from her arm. We had played all morning with Winter, adn Clay had finally asked us to give her a break.

Hazel suddenly stopped, and I nearly walked into her.

"Sawyer, look!""

I followed Hazel's pointing finger and stared. There, about ten feet offshore, was the unmistakeable curve of a doplhin fin. Before I could stop her, Hazel ran into the water, splashing toward the dolphin.

"Hazel, wait!" I yelled, running after her.

"She's not beached yet!" Hazel yelled, her arms slicing through the waves. "We might be able to save her!"

I quickly caught up with Hazel as we got close to the dolphin. The water was up to our necks and only my toes could touch bottom. A huge wave slammed into us, pushing the dolpin closer to shore. We pushed at the dolphin's sides, kicking as hard as we could, but it was hopeless. We were too small to get such a big animal past the waves.

Another wave hit, driving me under. My fingers brushed against the dolphin's side and I flipped head-over-heels. Flailing my arms and legs, I thrashed until my head broke the surface. I heard someone call my name, but before I could answer, I was pulled under by the next wave. I had no idea where Hazel or the dolphin were and I could only hope that Hazel was okay.
My lungs screamed for air, but no matter how much I kicked, this time I couldn't find the surface, couldn't find air. I began to panick. But then my head broke the surface and I gasped for air, only to be dragged down again.

The water flipped me like a pancake. I didn't know which way was up or down. I couldn't breathe and my eyes stung from the salt. Suddenly, my feet scraped against the sandy bottom. Desperately, I pushed off with my feet and reached upwards, groping for the surface. I broke out into the air and took the sweetest breath of my life. My feet were still touching the sand and I opened my eyes. I was chest deep in the ocean and the beach was spread out in front of me. I suddenly felt as if all of my energy had left my body. I floundered in the waves, limp as a ragdoll, completely spent.

I don't know how, but I managed to get to the beach. I collapsed on my side in the shallow water that went in and out with the tide. My eyes closed and everything went black.

"Sawyer? Sawyer, wake up. Can you hear me?"

I sirred, opening my eyes. Clay, Hazel's dad, was looking down at me with concern. "Where am I?" I mumbled.

"You're on the beach. We couldn't find you at first." Clay helped me sit up, and suddenly, as I took in my surroundings, it all came back to me.

"Hazel! Where's Hazel!" I looked around, panicked.

Clay put his hand on my shoulder. "Hey, take it easy. She's okay. She's back at the marine hospital with Pheobe. She took Hazel home so I could find you." Clay looked me in the eye. "Are you okay?"

I nodded. "Sort of. I hurt all over."

There was blood trickling down my leg and when I looked closer, I saw a giant scrape running all the way down my leg. Clay saw it and winced.

"That looks deep. We should get you back so we can tend to that."

I nodded. Seeing all that blood made me feel a little funny.

Clay lifted me like a baby in his arms and carried me off the beach.