Chapter 2

[Aleu's Point of View]

Kodi and I were walking through the desert for hours. There was no sign of water and the sun wasn't too forgiving to us. Kodi didn't look that way either. He wouldn't even look at me for five minutes. I tried to talk with him, but he wouldn't hear it. I finally said to him, "What is your problem?"

"What is my problem," he replied, "You seriously want to know? You are! You are the reason we're melting in the desert."

"Let's not forget that you were the one who showed me the machine."

"So now you're blaming me?"

"Well, you could have stopped me before I played around with it."

"I tried!"

"Well next time try harder!"

"Why bother? You'll still do it."

"How do you know that?"

"Because you're so stubborn that how I know!"

"Well at least I have a backbone. You can't easily win a fight with your team!"

"Who are probably worried sick about us! And what about our family? Do you think they miss us?"

"First off, the correct tense is will be worried. Remember, we're in the past!"

"Thanks to you! You know, Kiona is, or will be, very annoying, but you are unbelievable. If it weren't for you I would still be at home."


"Zip it. I'm done talking with you."

"Kodi, please listen."

Kodi turns his head. He was right. I am the reason why we are out here. I didn't mean for us to end up like this, but we did. I decided to give up and keep walking. I looked up and saw (as far as I could see) two dogs. I thought it was a mirage, but when I tried to shake it off, they still stood. "Kodi, I think I see someone."

Kodi only said, "Not falling for it. You're just seeing a mirage."

"No, I really see someone. Just look up!"

"Will you stop if I do?"


He looks up and sees the two dogs as well. "You're right, but where did they-"

"Who cares? Let's go!"