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The air seemed thick with tension between the three young adults (though it was only noticed by 2/3 of the group) as they trudged down the corridor. Sir Vantas kept his consistent spot between the two royals, his pulled shoulders and aggressive pace promised nothing but harm should he be handled wrong. Even from his position in the front of the group, Sir Vantas was close enough for him to size up. It hasn't really occurred to Dave until this moment that Sir Vantas was probably a few good inches shorter than him and on par with the Princess' height as well. It both irked and amused Dave that such a small guy could hold that much aggression inside him. The Princess seemed pretty used to his angry outburst too if she was able to quell him so easily earlier and this was something that piqued Dave's interest. He has met many princesses over the years, along with their appointed Knights, and he has yet to meet a Knight who could talk back to his liege without punishment and a Princess who could touch him just as easily without the second thought of people getting the wrong idea.

"Your Kingdom is very lovely. Thank you so much for escorting us to our courters."

Dave's musing was broken by the brightening tone of Princess Jade. He turned his head and saw that she was in step with Sir Vantas now, much to his obvious disapproval.

Dave found some entertainment in this information.

"It was no trouble at all. Escorting a beautiful girl like you to your chamber is the least I can do." Dave emphasized his point by reaching across Sir Vantas to take the Princess' hand and place a small kiss on it. Princess Jade giggled slightly at the gesture and once her hand was released, waved off Dave.

"I seriously doubt that. But thank you anyway!" She grinned a little and made a point to jab Sir Vantas in the side. "Hey fuckass! Why don't you move over so that I can talk to Dave here?"

Dave had no idea what to feel more surprised by, the fact that the Princess just cussed out her own Knight or how she just referred to him as just Dave.

"I like my spot right here thank you the fuck much!" He decided on the former.

The Princess wrinkled her nose in irritation before sticking out her foot and catching Sir Vantas' ankle, causing him to flail to catch his footing. "Bitch!" His screech was met only with Jade's laughter and teasing.

"Awww! Does the little wiggler need to be taught to walk?" Jade's face scrunches up into a pout as she tries to pinch Sir Vantas' cheek before being swatted away.

"My state of balance and lack of motor skill must obviously hail from my great descendant then! Yes, I am talking about the elusive "Fuck you" from the darkest slums of Rude Gesture City. I will now demonstrate our national anthem while holding the gesture of my people."

"You descend from Prospit silly!" Soon after, the three are met with a few maids waiting outside the two Prospitarians room to begin preparing Jade for the night's banquet.

"You make sure Kanaya gets in here before I start dressing, alright?" Her tone made it seem like Sir Vantas was doing her a favor, not taking orders.

"Yeah, yeah" he snorts his reply. "I'm not completely unreliable." The Princess isn't fazed by the lack of enthusiasm and instead turns to Dave and curtsies to him.

"I will be taking my leave now. Thanks you very much, Your Majesty." It didn't sit too well with Dave when Princess Jade spoke to him so formally, heck! She spoke less formally with his mother earlier!

"Call me Dave."

It surprised Dave himself when he had uttered those words. Why did he suddenly care that she spoke to him like a stranger? Wasn't he one anyway? Dave is ready to take it back but waits a moment to gauge Jade's reaction. Princess Jade's looks taken back by the request but almost instantly springs back with a hearty grin, causing a rather warm feeling to come grow in Dave's chest.

"Sure Dave! Take care!" The way she said his name this time seemed very familiar; Like she's known him for awhile. Before he could inquire on it, Jade is spotted and pulled away the impatient maids. She stumbled slightly as she waves happily back at the two boys, bringing a slight amused smile to Dave's face.

Sir Vantas only grumbles a bit at the gesture and Dave couldn't help but add a chuckle. This caught Sir Vantas' attention immediately.

"What's so funny?" He grumbles, no longer hiding his distaste with the Princess gone. Dave doesn't retreat this time and instead shrugs his shoulder nonchalantly.

"Nothing really. Just thinking how much fun this stay is gonna be with you around."

Both caught the meaning behind Dave's words and their gazes meet. Dave's bright red eyes clash with the black on yellow ones of Sir Vantas, like iron heating and cooling.

"I doubt our senses of humor are going to match up." Sir Vantas finally growls. Dave could hear the faint giggling of the Princess from the room behind him and he lets his eyes flicker over to the door to let the Knight now exactly what he was thinking. Sir Vantas practically snarls when Dave lets a grin slide onto his face.

"I know."

Be the Knight:

You are now the Knight and you just watched the Prince of Douche saunter off down the hall looking like he runs the whole fucking show here.

Which, by the way, is a bunch of hoofbeast shit.

You didn't trust that guy from the moment you laid eyes on him. His weird red eyes seemed to glow like some sort of night lurking monster and with this kingdom's reputation; you wouldn't put it past him yet. Something about his aura didn't seem right with you and you noticed how the Queen seemed to be almost at ends with him too. You're not sure what the guy's trying to pull but you're going to make sure that Jade gets the least involved. After all, she's your….

"Karkat. Would you perhaps help me carry these bags in before my arms have to be surgically removed from these bags?"

You turn to see one of your more sane companions trudge into your view, all the while holding a rather alarmingly large pile of garment bags and suitcases.

"Jegus fuck Kanaya!" You're quick to catch a few of the falling cases before they hit the floor. "What are you trying to do? Bring in everyone's luggage in one go?" You help her ease the stuff down to the floors before she stretches her arms blissfully.

"Just the Princess'." She replies bluntly. You sigh and shake your head.

"I'm only going to guess that her Lusii managed to sneak in a fuck ton of dresses before she noticed." You always wondered about that former king and his crazy antics.

"You never did explain fully how I managed to find freshly made cakes and multiple notes written with an alarm amount of 'I'M SO PROUD OF YOU' in Jade's closet."

"Shenanigans. That's really all there is to say on the matter."

You help Kanaya pull the luggage towards the room doors, though you are mindful to keep a fair distance away…

"Is Jade still forbidden you from entering her quarters after what happened last time?" You can't help the flush that crawls onto your face. You duck your head to hide the color.

"How in the name of baby Jegus would I have known that she had chosen that very moment to start undressing?! Shouldn't they make signs for that? They probably sell pretty well: 'DO NOT ENTER! NAKED FEMALE BEYOND THIS POINT!'."

"Wouldn't that counterproductive in most cases?"

"The fuck if I would know."

The two of you dump the last of the luggage by the door before Kanaya ushers you to follow her. You shuffle around the corner and out of sight of Jade's room before Kanaya speaks again.

"You have something on your mind. Care to share?"

While Kanaya isn't really your Moirall, she definitely comes in close second as person you can spill your guts to.

"I don't trust that guy."

"And by guy, I can assume the Prince?" Kanaya noses in. You ignore her and continue.

"He's so full of himself and is practically slobbering all over her." You continue to rant.

"And by her, you mean Jade?"

"Who's telling the story?" You snap.

"You are, albeit poorly worded." You tell her to fuck off.

"He's up to something Kanaya. And one way or another, I'm gonna find out what it is." You can already see how ready she looks to auspisticize between you and the Prince of Douche but luckily, a servant begins calling for Kanaya for her assistance with Jade. Kanaya looks the slightest bit irritated by the interruption, but follows the servant willingly. Once out of sight, you release a loud sigh. You're finally alone after so many days of being hauled around by everyone and their mothers getting everything ready for this pathetic excuse of an engagement party.

You can feel yourself heat up with anger. Why did Jade actually talk the King into arranging her marriage to that asshole? Why did she want to on top of that? And why the fuck did it piss you off to this extent?!

You take a calming breath to ease the rising anger.

She's left a lot of questions in your head in the past seven years (where a majority of them still remain unanswered) but the one's she's been rising in the past few days are probably the most frustrating yet.

"Karkat? Karkat, I know you're out there! Get in here and start getting ready!" You can't really stop the small smile the makes its way onto your face. Geez, this human sure knows how to make a guy feel~

"Move it fuckass!" Comes another shout, though it sounds much more amused now.

"Fuck off! I'm coming! Don't need to get your panties in a twist!" You hear her snicker.

"Cause you would know!" Cue the angriest of flushes (really! It is angry!)


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