Listening to your Hunger

This story premiered at Winterfest On Line February 4, 2012

Rusty / RedNightBird

A Steam Tunnel Vignette of Vincent and Catherine's Happy Life

"Where did that come from?" Catherine fell back into the crush of rumpled bedcoverings, sweat in rivulets between her breasts, her body flushed rosy with their loving's gratification.

"I'm not, not sure" Vincent threw back his head and gathered a deep breath as his hand swept over his chest, dewy with their sweat. He huffed out a deep breath needing to inhale again. His eyes brightened with realization, they had indeed whiled away their entire afternoon on the basis of one after lunch kiss.

There she was this goddess of a woman, his wife. Days like this he had to pinch himself that this was real.

"If I may, Catherine, perhaps I'll return to that place for even more inspiration" Vincent slid down next to her, pulling the cooled sheets up around their flushed bodies, "I do enjoy the look on your face when I try something new" Vincent's arms filled solidly as Catherine pressed back toward him, they lay spooned in their afterglow.

"Is that why you try your little . . . . tricks? Just to see me quiver?" Teasingly Catherine looked over her shoulder – there he was in his golden splendor behind her, his broad muscled chest tight across her shoulder blades and that perfectly male part of him tapping at her with inquisitive insistence. Oh, how she loved the feeling of his arms coming around her, one large hand on one breast, the other hand protectively covering her thatch of curls at the apex of her thighs.

At her submission he became her willing devotee. "No, by no means, Catherine…. Perhaps I am learning to be selfish" His warm breath left her dizzy.

"You, selfish?" Now she spun in his arms to face him, he shifted his thighs that Catherine slid her knee between his legs. Taking his face in her hands she eyed him, "You don't have a selfish bone in that magnificent body of yours"

"Then perhaps call me hungry" Vincent bent his head back to look longingly at his Catherine, "As I have years of a suppressed appetite to satisfy"

She kissed him on the tip of his nose before their lips met again with fresh desire. Coming up for a breath Catherine breathily sighed, "Then my love, just listen to your hunger"