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8 Months Later

"The guests are all here?" I fretted, tugging my cream tie and smoothing out the three piece suit. Happy stood behind me, wearing his groomsmen suit, along with Leo's brother Drew and her brother-in-law Bradley. I'd asked Happy Hogan to be my best man and he was flattered as he'd grown close with Leo and had often been dragged for wedding shopping along with Pepper. "Leo's family?"

"All here, boss, and ready to go," Happy smiled at me in the mirror.

I frowned at him. "I told you to not to call me that." Happy raised his eyebrows and smirked. "At least not on my wedding day," I corrected.

Drew slapped my arm and I let out a nervous breath. "You ready to get hitched?"

"I think so," I answered. But when I thought of getting married to Leo, all the nervous butterflies left my stomach. "No, I'm ready."

The set-up of the ceremony was beautiful. Leo had often asked my opinion on the flowers, the seats, the vehicle, let alone the building. But I wanted her to have it however she pictured it; her sister Sophia had told me how Leo's been dreaming of her wedding day since she was seven. And my fiancé had done an amazing job.

I stood at the front, staring at our closest friends and family as they smiled back at me. My fingers fiddled and wiped against my trousers as my nerves began to reappear, just as Leo's friend Pixie began to walk down the aisle in an emerald dress. She winked at us and stood opposite the groomsmen and I. Leanne had also asked Pepper to be a bridesmaid since the two had grown very close over the eight month engagement. Pepper beamed at me, proud that I had changed so much and come so far; I could hardly believe it myself. Then the bride's sister Sophia and their youngest sister Maggie trailed behind Pepper. Both looked stunning and graceful; however as soon as Maggie had seen me, she let go of Sophia's hand and ran for me. Our friends and family laughed at the little girl as I picked her up and kissed her curly red hair.

From her rosebud lips, a gasp sounded and her eyes were glued to my bride-to-be. I stared along with her. Leo, her arm linked with her father's, began to journey towards me with a shy smile and a blush appearing on her cheeks. But when our eyes met, everyone else in the room disappeared. Leo was my very own angel, her long hair braided and pinned in a complicated yet neat bun. Her ivory dress followed by trail, glistening with tiny jewels fit for a princess. She was dazzling. My eyes fell to the growing bump that was due just in three short months. When we found out Leanne was pregnant, I became the happiest man in the world. Of course, I was still paralysed with fear that someone should try and harm my new family, but I would die before I'd let anything happen to them.

I, Tony Stark, would soon become a husband and father. After so many years, I had found what I truly always wanted.

With a chuckle, I squeezed Maggie to me. "Go stand next to your sister," I pointed to Sophia and began to settle her back on the floor. "Wish me luck!"

Her father kissed Leo on the cheek, handed my bride to me and the ceremony began.

"Tony, come on! We'll be late," I yelled, brushing back a stray lock of hair behind me ear. I took my bag and handed it to Happy. "Thanks Happy, we'll be out in a moment." He nodded and grinned. Happy too had been invited to my father's bbq. He was back out here in LA for the summer and he'd asked everyone round for a family get-together. But we were already an hour late, likely due to Tony's obsessive tinkering downstairs with his suits. "Tony!"

"Yes?" A husky voice sounded in my ear and I couldn't help the massive grin that appeared on my lips. "You know, for a little lady, you shout incredibly loud."

I laughed, and turned my head, sighing as my gorgeous husband nipped my earlobe and kissed my neck. "How else am I going to get you out of that workshop of yours?"

I twirled round and saw his frown. "I'll have you know, I was sorting out the little one for you. She's still asleep."

I smiled and kissed his lips, laying my forehead against his as we stared at the tiny bundle lying in his arms. Our baby daughter snuggled deeper into her father's arms, creasing the small pink dress she wore and clutching her fingers into the air. I looked at Tony and my heart stopped at seeing the utter devotion and adoration in his eyes when watching his baby daughter sleep, cradled in his strong arms. He kissed her wispy blonde hair and her miniature fingers.

"Go put her in the car seat while I get Connor," I whispered and kissed his cheek. He grinned back and watched as I walked to the other room.

I laughed to myself when I heard Tony say, "See, Lydia, your mummy always lets daddy get the easy jobs. Let's go see granddad."

I opened the glass door, "Come on Connor, time to go."

Our four year old son shook his head violently, grinning from ear to ear as he sank deeper into the sofa and watched TV. I chuckled as he started to whine even more just as I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. He attempted to tickle me in order to put him down, but failed as I switched of the television and brought him into the hall.

"No, mummy, no," he giggled, wriggling on top of my shoulder. Tony was right, I always did keep the harder jobs for myself, because Tony was terrible when it came to giving Connor exactly what he wanted. If Connor asked his father to stay at home, he'd stay. If Connor asked Tony for the moon, he'd give it a shot.

I began to walk out the door and watched Happy play with a teddy with a now awake Lydia. I could hear her cry of laughter; that beautiful noise that all babies made, yet when our 5 month old child laughed, my heart would just ache. I was happier than I'd ever been with my family. I was the luckiest woman in the world.

"Come on, don't you want to see Granddad? I'm sure Maggie will be there-"

"Maggie!" He cried, now ready to go. I set him down and wasn't surprised when he ran straight to his car seat. I followed to seatbelt him in. Connor was very fond of his close-to-his-age aunt and the two were more troublesome that Connor's father. I sighed at the thought of our large happy family. I looked over to Happy who was still making Lydia giggle.

"Happy, where's Tony?" I asked, knowing he must have strapped Lydia in. "We really should be off."

"Just inside, he said he's just making some final security checks." I rolled my eyes but understood. Miller had been captured and sentenced to life at prison just a few weeks after our wedding, thanks to Iron Man, yet Tony's nerves were still on edge against anyone that would try to hurt one of us, especially with little Connor waiting to come into the world. And even years after and our second beautiful baby born, he was still as paranoid as ever. But that was my husband; always trying to keep us safe, and make the world a better place.

After the final security checks upstairs, I ran down to the workshop and punched in the code to keep everything on lockdown until I got back. Leo was now allowed down here, not that she liked it, but I had yet to reveal my project for her. Only Pepper and I knew what I had in store from Leo, and it was almost complete. The lights that showed the Iron Man suits in their glass cabinets switched off so you could no longer see them, and all electronics and holograms switched off.

I watched as the panel that held Leo's on-going Iron Woman suit lowered, taking the suit with it and hiding it from anyone's sight. Including Leo's. It wouldn't be long until she could find out about it, or try it out; Not long until I'd have my wife flying by my side, the one true place where she belonged.


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