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Chapter 3

Rain was rushing to the ground, melodically beating against the grass. The sun that once shone so bright was now clothed in grey clouds that frowned upon Elena, who stood in front of Damon`s grave.

Her tears were falling with the rhythm of the rain, getting lost and swept away as the drops beat down upon her long black hair. Her clothing clenched to her tight body, as her green eyes just stared at her lovers grave.

"Why," she said, her voice squeaked. Her hands moved to her face, held together like a bowl. Her tears dripped into her hands, her eyes no longer visible to the outside world.

"You look stunning, if it isn`t obvious." Damon`s voice rang through her ear. Quickly she turned her head, nothing.

The wind began to pick up, Elena`s long black dress began to sway against the winds rhythm. The air tickled the large dry read area that surrounded both her eyes from all her crying. She turned back to the grave, tears beginning to well up once again.

"I promise I'll never leave you." His voice rang once more, her head however didn`t turn. The heartache of looking, just to be fooled again would be too much for her.

"You promised," She lifted her hand, wiping away the tears that brook away from her eyes, "You promised to never leave me."

"Elena, I'm sorry."

Bonnie stood a few miles back, her presence never made aware to Elena. Damon`s bound spirit stood next to her. His lips held firm together as he watch Elena mourn. His hand motioned to his eyes, as if he was wiping away a tear, but nothing came up.

"You ok," Bonnie turned to look at the spirit, but he didn`t turn to look at her, his eyes dead set on Elena.

"No," he said, his voice broken. She had never seen him this way, the humanity he kept locked away as a Vampire was now so easy to see, so easy to tell. He wasn`t the monster she`d always imagined him to be, the jerk he acted like. He was just Damon, a man so hurt when he was alive, and a man who was so deeply in love with Elena.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Her eyes return to Elena, "About her?"

"No, I'd rather not," he disappeared from Bonnie`s view.

"Damon." Bonnie said, she took one last look at her best friend as she turned to walk away.

Elena stood at his grave, hours passed by. Her body barley ever moved as her eyes glared down at his grave, breaking into a sobbing fit every now and then until her eyes finally ran out of tears. The clouds above eventually passed away, leaving behind only a Crescent Moon, which stood high and bright.

"Hello there, love," came a familiar cocky accent.

"What do you want?" she turned her head to see Klaus, his strong stoic face was riddled with spots of red near his eyes.

"Just to apolo –"

"Don`t you even dare!" Elena pointed her finger at the Original Hybrid.

"I understand you're hurt."

"How could a monster like you ever understand hurt?"

"The feeling like your heart has just been torn from your body, the feeling like you`ll never be able to move, destined to live in the darkness of lost love, all because someone close to you, someone you never thought would hurt you, became the reason your love died, became the bane of existence," he froze, tears building up in his eyes.

Elena just stood there, her hands felt tied to her sides, a tear slid down her cheek. How could this monster understand her pain? How, how could the man who took everything from her, now be sympathizing with her? How could he be empathizing with her?

"I'm sorry but I think you should go," Elena said, turning her head away from him, hoping he wouldn`t see the tears beginning to pore down her face. The cold drops that were tickling her cheeks.

"Again, I am deeply sorry, I may have never truly liked Damon, but me and him, we were more similar then different, always in love with our brother's girl." He said, disappearing.

Elena`s legs began to shake, her body giving under the pressure dropped to her knees. Her fists pounded against the ground as her tears flooded the single rose in front of Damon`s tomb stone.

Stefan stood outside a bar. His eyes moving franticlly back and forth as girls walked in and out. Some of the girls were tall, some short, a couple were brunets, most were blonds, and there was one red head, but his eyes were dead set on one girl.

Her long black hair ran down from the crown of her head down to her knees and in a second Stefan stood before him. His green eyes bore down upon her ocean blue ones.

"Hello, sexy," he said, grabbing her by her arm as he took her up to the top of the bar.

"How did we get up here," she asked, stepping back.

"I'm a super hero," he whispered into her ear, as his fangs sank into her neck moving with a slow gently passion that quickly became uncontrollable rage. The screams of the girl rang loud, and people began to gather around the building, however before the police could arrive, Stefan had already silenced the girl; her head fell to the ground.

"No! What have I done?" HE cried out as he dropped to his knees, "NO please forgive me, Elena forgive me," he tried picked the girl`s head up, smashing it against her body, "Fit damn it!"

Klaus walked back into his house. His eyes quickly shifted to Rebekah and Kol who sat on next to the fireplace laughing and giggling. Blood quickly rushed to his face as he stormed in front of them.

"Brother, could you please move, I find the fire quite relaxing." Kol smirked.

"I told the both of you to leave Elena and her friends alone," he said, his eyes narrowed on Kol.

"Brother," Rebekah sounded, "You do realize you asked us to leave a girl who stabbed me in the back, alone. That's just no fun."

"And you do realize I can`t make any hybrids without her!"

"Is this about the hybrids brother," Kol eyes fluttered, "Or is it because she looks like that wench Tatia."

"You shut your mouth about Tatia!" Klaus moved like lightning, throwing Kol against the wall next to the fire place, his grip tightening around his brother's neck with every second that passed.

"Temper, temper, brother, I thought we were going to work on that now," Kol eyes gleamed as Rebekah moved behind Klaus holding one of his precious daggers in her hand.

"Gah," Klaus screamed, as the cold metal dagger squeezed between his abdomen, cutting past his ribs and slamming into his lungs. His grip released, and Kol slammed his fist into Klaus` face sending him to the floor.

The two siblings looked down at their older brother as smiles filled their face.

"Guess what brother," Kol leaned down, whispering into Klaus` ear, "We may have failed to kill Elena the first time, but next time we won`t."

Klaus flew to his feet in a rage, his lips curled back, his eyes blood shot with rage, but his door swung open, the two were gone.

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