So I realized I might as well just end the whole Ghost Hunt fanfic of mine in a good light so here's the sequel to Key.


"My apologies," Oswald said as he walked into the reception room where Lin and Detective Baehler were – both of them seated on a couch. "The house is still a bit messy. We just moved here, you see."

"We understand," Lin said.

Oswald smiled and took a seat across them. "…Tea?"

"No thank you," Lin answered. "We're in a hurry. This is Detective Baehler by the way," he said introducing the detective beside him.

Baehler nodded and shook Oswald's out reached hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Mortimer," he said.

"The honour is mine," Oswald replied. "And what can I do for you today?"

"We wish to speak with Ms. Taniyama," Lin said eyeing Oswald carefully.

Oswald stared at him for a moment before he smirked. "May I know exactly why you wish to speak to her?"

"I wish to confirm her presence in your household at this very moment," Lin answered. "According to the immigration records we checked, she did not reach France with you and your household."

Oswald chuckled. "Why then are you here asking to see her? You've already consulted the authorities."

"You did help them elope then," Lin said.

Oswald leaned back on his chair laughing. "Mr. Lin, are you saying Dr. Davis is missing?"

"Where is Ms. Taniyama?" Lin asked.

Oswald shook his head, smiling. "Last time I checked, she went with a friend of hers back to Japan. Her friend's name is in Japanese though so I'm not sure if I remember his name correctly."

Lin's eyes narrowed. "They went to Japan?"

"Ms. Taniyama and his Japanese friend, yes," Oswald answered. "She misses her home and she had been a good servant to me. I saw no reason to keep her here further when her heart yearned for her home."

Lin nodded and stood up with Baehler. "That is all we need, thank you," he said.

Oswald smirked. "If you don't mind me asking, Mr. Lin," he began as he stood up. "I heard Dr. Davis shared a special bond with Ms. Taniyama despite his parents pushing him to marry the Science Minister's daughter. Is that why you thought Dr. Davis eloped with Ms. Taniyama?"

"I will leave that to your imagination, Mr. Mortimer," Lin answered heading to the door. "Thank you for your help."

Oswald eyed Lin carefully. "Does this mean you don't approve of Dr. Davis' move to follow his heart, assuming that he did love her and that he did elope with her?"

Lin stopped by the door. "I work for Professor Martin Davis," he answered before he and Baehler walked out of the door.

Oswald's face turned serious.

Wasn't Lin supposed to be on Oliver's side?

It was slightly dark when the cab dropped Naru and Mai off in front of a tall newly painted steel gate.

There was a drive way beyond the gate that led to the house.

"Wow! Your friend must be just as rich as Master Mortimer!" Mai said gazing at the two-story house beyond the steel gate.

Naru looked at it and noticed how the vines complemented the look of the mansion.

Norringbent had good taste.

Naru walked to the gate and pulled out the gold keys from his pocket.

"Hey, shouldn't we ring the doorbell first?" Mai asked.

But Naru already unlocked the gate.

"Oh," Mai said carrying her bag as Naru pushed the gate open. "So you have your friend's keys. Doorbell isn't working?"

Naru ignored her question and instead noted how silent the gate was when he pushed it.

Oswald must have also ordered Jimmy the servant to oil the hinges of the gate after painting it.

Naru carried his bag in one hand and walked in, hearing Mai's footsteps behind him.

Mai paused for a moment and closed the gate behind her.

Naru went on to walk closer to the house.

It was more like a chateau than a typical house. And the vines, covering the white washed walls of the house, accented its design well.

It had a vast porch that led to the tall wooden front doors. It had a gold lion head door knocker.

"Oh," Mai said noticing the door knocker. "They don't have door bells then, huh? That's why you have the keys to the gate."

Naru kept himself from smirking.

Sometimes he just couldn't help but feel amazed at Mai's logic.

Naru pulled out the keys from his pocket again and began unlocking the door.

"Hey wait! Aren't we supposed to use that door knocker?" Mai said trying to stop Naru from twisting the key that Naru fixed into the keyhole.

But before she could pull Naru's hand away, they both heard a click. Naru pushed the door open and walked into the house without a word.

Mai stared shocked at Naru.

Wasn't this a house that Naru's friend owned? Why did he just walk in as if it was his own home?

Naru was already on the large staircase that faced the door, examining the painting on the ceiling when he noticed Mai was still by the door. He raised a brow and stared at her.

"Are you going to spend the night there?" he asked.

Mai jolted and quickly walked in, pulling the door behind her.

Naru walked further up the stairs.

Mai looked around and noticed how empty the first room in front of the stairs was. It had a new carpet but it had no furniture in it.

"You're friend isn't here, is he?" Mai asked walking up the stairs to make sure Naru heard her. Her voice echoed in the house but didn't seem loud enough since Naru went on walking up the stairs. "And he just moved here, right? There's no furniture there in the living room."

"It's called a lobby," Naru said as he reached the second floor. "The living room is at the right side of the lobby."

Mai stiffened, feeling blood rush up her cheeks.

She worked in a mansion and she didn't know that part of a house? …Shame.

"Oh," Mai said. "Well, I didn't know." She said reaching the second floor. She saw a long hallway that stretched from left to right. She noticed how many doors were there on the two opposite walls of the hallway.

"Wow," she gasped. "No wonder this house is huge." She looked at Naru and noticed that he was already opening one of the doors.

Mai walked beside Naru and watched him push the door open to reveal a spacious bedroom. She couldn't help but gape at the room.

The room, in comparison to the bedrooms she cleaned in Master Mortimer's mansion, was huge!

It had a king size four-post bed with a thick quilt blanket. About ten steps from the bed were 3 pairs of doors that, Mai figured, led to the wardrobe.

There was also a big vanity set near the bed. The wooden frame of the mirror was sculpted with flowers. On the other side of the bed was a small wooden table lamp shade with an intricate painting of flowers and butterflies.

Across the door was a big window with layers of red and gold curtains. It had a gold rope on the side that was most likely used to secure it to let the sunlight in.

And it had flowery vines painted on the ceiling.

Naru had already opened one of the wardrobe doors when he noticed how Mai gawked at the ceiling.

He smirked.

"You're not going to unpack your things?"

Mai jolted from staring at the ceiling and quickly walked to the wardrobe door next to Naru's. She opened the door without thinking.

Naru eyed her carefully before he walked to the bed and placed his luggage on it. He unzipped it and began unpacking his clothes. He left it open on the bed.

Mai froze when she noticed that Naru was placing his neatly folded clothes into the wardrobe.

"Wait," she said. "This isn't my room, is it?" she stiffly said – her cheeks scarlet. "I'm so sorry! I'm really sorry," she cried leaping frantically away from the wardrobe and looking away from Naru. "I'll go look for my room," she said turning to walk to the door.

Naru watched her hastily turn, noticing how close her feet were to the ends of the bed sheet.

Mai stepped her foot forward and unfortunately got it caught on the end of the bedsheet near her feet.

A shriek and a loud 'thump,' followed by faint crashing sounds echoed in the room.

Mai ended up on the floor, her behind cushioning her fall and Naru's things scattered around her. She was too busy wincing at the pain she felt from the fall to realize how far her legs were from each other.

Naru froze and stared at her for a moment, trying hard not to blush at the sight in front of him.

...So Mai still wore those black cycling shorts underneath her mini-skirt.

Mai felt Naru's stare and realized that his eyes were fixed at something in between her splayed legs. She gasped in shock, picked up the object that was nearest to her hand and threw it hard on Naru's straight face, screaming, "Pervert!"

Naru felt the paper hit his face hard but he didn't react to it. He just let it fall on the floor after it his beautifully sculpted nose. He stared at Mai once more – this time with his eyes fixed at her face.

Mai was sure her face was in a deep shade of red. She could feel the heat that her cheeks were giving off.

"Are you going to keep showing that to me?" Naru asked.

Mai stiffened and realized that her legs were still far from each other. She quickly covered the space between her legs and fixed her seated position on the floor.

She also looked away in shame.

Naru turned away and went on arranging his things in the wardrobe.

Mai covered her face with her hands and shook her head, silently cursing her clumsiness and idiocy. She took a deep breath to calm herself before she put her hands down and looked at the scattered things on the floor.

She noticed that the object she threw at Naru was a booklet – a passport. Thinking it was Naru's she picked it up to put it back in Naru's luggage.

Mai tried to straigten the crumpled pages of the passport. She froze when she saw a picture of her on it. She looked at the name and noticed that it wasn't under Mai Taniyama.

It was instead under the name of Maia "Mai" Kazuya.

Mai then spotted another passport in the pile of clothes that fell on the floor. She quickly took it and examined its pages.

It had Naru's picture on it but it was also under a different name – Narumi Kazuya.

Mai froze at the civil status on Naru's passport.

...Married? And they had the same surname...

Mai looked at the passport that had her picture on and checked its civil status.

Mai's jaw dropped in awe. Her cheeks burned at the realization.

Naru turned away from the wardrobe to pick up his clothes and place them on the hanger. But before he could kneel down to pick his things up, he saw Mai looking flushed and shocked at the two passports in her hand.

Naru stared at her, waiting for what else Mai would do at the knowledge that she had been fooled.

Would she even come to a conclusion that he 'kidnapped' her?

Mai felt Naru's stare so she looked up at him. "What is this? What's the meaning of this?" she asked teary eyed, hands shaking.

Naru kept his straight face. "Those are passports."

"I know what they are!" Mai snapped. "I want to know why you have my passport, why it's under a different name, why your passport is under a different name, and why, according to these passports, we are married!"

Naru just stared at her.

"Did you plan this? Did you plan all of this?" Mai asked. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "Did you kidnap me?"

"I would kidnap you," Naru said in a tone that spelled sarcasm, but only out of reflex.

What do you know? She actually realized that she was kidnapped.

Mai glared at Naru before she stood up and hit his chest several times with her fist.

"I hate you! I hate you," she screamed as Naru held her arms to stop her from hitting him further. "I hate you! I trusted you Naru! I trusted you! I believed in you!"

Naru winced and pulled her closer to his chest. "Mai," he said. "...Mai. Mai, listen to me."

"No! No! How could you do this to me?" she cried shaking her head furiously. "I trusted you, Naru! I belived in you! I thought you would care for me, and you would protect me–"

"I am protecting you," Naru reasoned.

"You kidnapped me!" Mai snapped, glaring at him – tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Again with the word," Naru muttered.

"Don't tell me I'm an idiot for using that word," Mai cried pulling herself free from his grasp. "I know a kidnapping when I see one! And you! You of all people! You disgust me!"

Mai ran out of the room in haste.

Naru sighed after watching her disappear from the door.

It was useless – trying to reason with her when her temper was that high.

Naru heard a sigh from the mirror on the wardrobe door. He turned around and saw his reflection staring sympathetically at him.

"She's upset," his reflection said.

Naru glared at him. "I know that," he snapped.

His reflection smirked. "You better go fixed that."

Naru looked away, unconsciously pouting. "I know that too," he muttered.

"Go fix it then, idiot scientist," his reflection said.

Naru closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose before he walked to the door. He paused and thought of how he could fix it.

"Time is ticking, little brother," his reflection said. "You better fix that now or you won't get laid tonight."

Naru glared at his reflection. "You're lucky I'm not in the mood to exorcise you," he said before he stomped out of the room.

Gene chuckled. "…You idiot scientist!"