I know I shouldn't have said yes to this trip. I shouldn't have agreed to go on the plane and onto an island in the middle of the ocean. I shouldn't have packed my clothes and sunscreen, eager to get onto the beach and soak in some sun. I shouldn't have nodded yes in response to the question- "Do you want to go to this island with us?" Because right now I lay face down in the dirt, gasping and gulping for air, my head pounding and my whole body burning. I could hear the mutated people that were running after me finally catch up, and before I could feel them tearing at my skin and see them eat my flesh- my heart stopped, falling into a never ending sleep called death.

"It'll be fun honey! Doesn't this hotel look so fancy!" My mother squealed, excited to finally make it to the island. "It's been a long trip, but I'm glad we're finally here." She stretched after she placed her two stuffed suit cases on the ground. We all stood by the door outside of the lobby, holding our bags.

A small smile crept onto my face. It was nice to finally go on a vacation after a few years of staying home all summer. We saved up money, using it all on this trip, and everyone couldn't wait. My little brother, only the mere age of seven, flashed a toothy grin at me. My mother chuckled and picked up her bags yet again, motioning for us to follow along.

"Come on, let's get to the room and settle down for a bit." She started to walk, her arms straining from the heavy weight of the bags that were stuffed with clothes and other items. "This is going to be the best vacation ever."