Army Greens

Summary: Daphne brushed Sabrina's hair, " It's really happening today. I'm really going to miss him." Sabrina looked down at her lap trying not to let Daphne know that she was going to miss Puck too. One-Shot Rated K+

Disclaimer: I do not own the Sister's Grimm series. Or the song 'God Gave Me You' By Blake Shelton (Which is totally awesome.)

A/N: I'm honestly sorry if I have copied anyone. Cat has told me that she thinks there is a story like this, But, I haven't read it. I just dreamt it one night. I woke up at 4 a.m. to write it. I really hope you like it! This is my first fanfic. Sorry for all the changes in POV. R&R


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock-The worst sound in my life at the moment. It was, believe it or not, a song Puck had sung for my 16th Birthday. Now being just 4 days away to my 19th Birthday, I wouldn't let anyone hear what song I had on to wake me up. I slapped the sleep button. Knowing that I wouldn't actually sleep. I thought about it, I hadn't had the song playing all 3 years, but since Puck was leaving…

I glanced at the calendar just to make sure I hadn't messed up the date all along. Nope, still today. I threw on some clothes and nearly yelped when I saw my hair. I screamed for Daphne down the hallway (who was now sharing a room with Red).

"Daphne I need you!" I screamed a little more urgently ,"Now!"

"What?" I heard a muffled grunt, a door slam, and footsteps. "What's so-" She didn't really even have to ask. "Oh man. Sit down on the bed." She grabbed a brush and started to battle with my hair. "It's really today. I'm really going to miss him."

I looked down at my lap trying not to let Daphne know that I was going to miss Puck too. I'd be doomed for a life-long of 'I-told-you-so's.'

"Yeah. Ouch!" I held my head in agony. She had hacked at my hair so much she had a hunk of blonde knot in the brush. Remind me not to use that brush again. I thought to myself. Daphne snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Have you seen him yet?" She was half-way done with my hair now. It puffed out to the left side, but the right was flat.

"No." I replied. I had been sure that Puck would've tried to pull one last stunt. He hadn't, unless he was responsible for the rats nest on my head. I was still going to stay away for as long as possible.


I really didn't like this one bit. I ran away from the responsibility of running Faerie twice. And now, they were wanting me to be responsible for America! Not me personally, but they had drafted me. How they got my address even dumbfounded me. Although , being dumbfounded seems to happen to me a lot. I slowly got off my trampoline and went towards my closet (It wasn't really a closet, just a bunch of low branched trees I hung stuff on). I grabbed the uniform I had been instructed to wear. I looked out my window and saw the old lady talking to a man in a black suit in a black car (intimidating much?), in the driveway. I got everything on and started down stairs. I stopped short at Sabrina's, I mean Grimm's, bedroom. I put my ear to the door. I smirked. She had the song I had sang for her 16th Birthday playing. I knew she was probably still trying to pull the rats nest I had cleverly made in her hair last night. I didn't want to say good-bye to her. I barged into her room and looked at her. I guess I didn't know I was staring.


Puck barged in to my room. I had just gotten that stupid rat's nest out of my hair, and had put it in a low pony over my shoulder. He was starring a little too long.

The A.D.D. part of my brain made me blush when I heard Puck's song- God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton playing. I had asked him why he had sang a song -especially that song- instead of just buying me something in the dollar store. He replied just saying simply that he didn't have the time to bother with going to an actual store for me. I was okay with this since…I noticed he kept glancing at me while he sang this song.

Anyway, He was staring at me still. A grin crept onto my face. "Shake your head, your eyes are stuck." To my surprise and amusement, he actually shook his head ever so slightly.

"Very funny. It's just your ugliness, I admire it," he said. Then turned and walked out.


I shook my head. Why was I staring?

"Very funny. It's your ugliness, I admire it." Oh, man. I insulted her again! I wanted to be nice to her today of all days.

I turned and walked out of the room. How was I going to make this up? Flowers? Chocolate? Nah, Sabrina wasn't that type.

I looked at the clock in the kitchen. 7:03. Twenty-seven minutes left, then I'd be on my way to boot camp. Literally.


I stumbled down the stairs. I HAD to eat something. I couldn't get those words –Puck's words- out of my head. 'You're ugliness' but of course, I tried to cheer myself up. 'I admire it.' Nope. Wasn't working. I heard Timber-Elvis' son- bark at the door. I let him in and he tumbled upstairs. Yeah, tumbled. He wasn't through the 'puppy' stage. I walked to the fridge and opened it up. I grabbed a pudding and shut the door, well, tried to. My hand was stuck to the fridge handle. I let a sigh escape my lips.

"PUCK!" I winced at the harshness of my own tone. Then, realizing I'd have to see him, winced again.

"Yes?" He asked. He looked at me with his 'I'm totally innocent' look. Which he had down so well. I almost thought it might have been Daphne that glued the handle…No. It was Puck. The stupid grin broke onto his face. The one that made me melt…inside. I tried to get that out of my mind. So I looked at his uniform. I hated the color. His sweater that he used to wear was better. A little lighter, and less formal.

I pointed at my hand. "Uh, get my hand off?" I couldn't pull that demand off.

Stupid grin.

"Crap" He muttered " Um, ok here." What? He was actually going to do it? And what was with the mutter? He sort of looked…angry with himself.


"Yes?" I walked into the kitchen. Sab-Grimm had screamed my name. The scream itself could've shattered Mirror's mirror in an instant. I didn't know why she had called, then trying to act normal, I grinned.

"Uh, get it off?" she, well, I assuming it was supposed to be a '!' instead of '?'. Then I realized I had pranked her- again! I wanted to only prank her- at the most- once today.

"Crap" I muttered. I had to make up for 2 pranks now. "Um, ok here". I leaned over. I started to take her hand off. This was –to say the least- awkward. I moved to a different position. Oh, great, now I was looking at her eyes. Her very…no! This is your last day! You can't start with these feelings again! I said to myself. I got off as quick as I could smiled-sort of- and walked to the front door.

7:17. Good-bye was coming to soon.


I shook my hand out a few times then practically inhaled my pudding. I wanted-no needed- to say good-by to Puck. He couldn't leave yet. I ran out, then ran back inside and called for Daphne. She came barreling down with Timber hot on her heels. We sped out. Puck looked…sad? I thought he'd be happy! They were lifting the barrier for him!

I went up to Puck and looked up at his green eyes (he was at least 3 inches taller than me). I was going to miss him. He looked at me too. Wow, were we having…a moment?


Daphne, Grimm-no, Sabrina, and that mutt came barreling out. Sabrina walked right up to me. She was staring, I was too. She was, well, beautiful, and I had been trying to ignore it. I was 4,020 years old now, I should have learned by now. She made one swift movement and kissed me on the cheek. I had dreamed of her kissing me before but it never happened. Unless you take the time I almost drowned. I hugged her-hard. "I love you" she whispered. Whoa, wait, what? My mind screamed at me. Had she just said…. Now? I WAS LEAVING! I had tried so hard not to stir those feelings again…and now... Well, I loved her too.

I swooped her up in my arms and we kissed. For the first time in a long time. "I love you too." I whispered after we broke away.

She rested her head on my shoulder, "Don't go."

I wanted so badly not to. But I couldn't. "I have to. I'm sorry, but don't worry." I grinned for what I was about to say, "I'll be back." She kissed me once more. We came back to reality then, as I noticed Marshmellow staring up at me.

"Uh, can I please say bye…please?" Marshmellow had been watching, she had a smug grin on her face though.


Whoa, I so didn't expect my feelings to get away from me like that. Oh, well. It turned out alright.

"Uh, can I say bye…please?" Daphne had a goofy grin on her face.

"Oh, of course." I hugged Puck and then stepped back.

Red came over and handed me a tissue-that's Red, always there to comfort me- I was so glad I wore tear-proof eyeliner. I heard Daphne say behind me," If you try and of that on me," she said glancing over at me," things will definitely get funky!"

"Don't worry," Puck said chuckling," I've got a girlfriend." He looked at me with that grin. Daphne gave him a humungasaurus hug-yeah, I've started to use a couple of Daphne's words- then let go. She walked over to mom and dad and hugged them-not that they were going anywhere.

I gave Puck one final kiss on the cheek. "You better come back, or else…"

"Or else you'll send the wrath of Henry Grimm?" Puck said nervously glancing at Henry. Henry let out a grumble that actually sounded more like a growl.

"Yup," I said tears already escaping my eyes again.

"Ok, then, I'll definitely be back."

He slowly got into the black car. The man, chauffer I guess, got in. He cranked up the the radio…wow, fate really had it in for me today…the song God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton blaring. I started to feel tears fall down my cheeks. Then quickly wiped them away. I had my first boyfriend. I also wasn't one for cliché moments…this totally was.

Even though this day brought me and Puck so much closer, I still hate the color of army green.