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Chapter 2:


It had been two years since Puck was gone. He was supposed to be coming home now, and he was, just not the way I had expected.

I sat in the funeral parlor, staring at the American flag folded on my lap. The mourning ceremony was about to begin. A tear slipped out of my eye. I quickly brushed it away- I was going to be brave, for Puck. It's funny how my life always seems to resemble a song. This is Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood slipped into the back of my mind. This definitely wasn't a dream, no matter how hard I wished, he wouldn't wake up.

I glanced around the room. The rest of the family was on their way here. I wanted to say my good-bye with no prying eyes around. No words of comfort could heal this wound.

I slowly stood up, brushing invisible specks of dirt of my black dress. I set the flag on the chair I had been sitting on and walked up to the black coffin. It had orange flame designs all over the rim. It was specially tailored for Puck- he would've liked that.

On top of the casket was a picture of Puck in his most dashing pose. I couldn't help but let a small, sad smile escape onto my lips. This definitely was what he wanted- he told me himself. Well, I'm not making that museum.

I stepped towards the small table to my left, on it was sitting Kraven the Deceiver, his wooden sword, and his flute. I picked up Kraven and held him to my chest.

I turned my attention back towards the casket now. I placed the picture onto the table and slipped open the lid of the casket. I didn't notice my eyes were shut and I was holding my breath.

There, in the casket, was…nothing. I rubbed my eyes, how could there be nothing? I lost my boyfriend and they didn't even have the decency to send me the body! I fell to the floor, but no tears would come. I had cried them all.

From the corner of my eye I saw someone slip quietly into the room.

At first no words would come, but then when I reminded myself that there was no body, a new wave of anger hit me and I found the words. "If you haven't noticed, this isn't the right time. Leave, would you?"

A man's voice came from the figure of the person I had previously spotted," Glad to know you missed me Grimm."

I immediately recognized the voice and spun around. My mind was buzzing. First I thought, Ghost? No. I know what this is. Prank. Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. It was a PRANK!

I stood up and stared at him for a minute. It was him right? Yes, it was definitely him. I broke the silence with a simple word. "You." Not what I was going for, but it would work.

I needed to touch him to know it was true. I walked up to about a foot away from where he was standing. I reached out to him and pinched his nose. A frown spreading over my face.

"What, you disappointed it didn't honk?" He questioned, a smirk playing with his features.

"And what if I am?" I retorted. He didn't respond so I continued, "I'm so glad you didn't die out there," I whispered. I wrapped him in a hug and went on my tip-toes to say something in his ear, "No I can do the honors myself."

He pulled away and looked at me like I had three heads. What? Could I not be mad that he had played yet another prank on me? I went to do so, elbow him in the stomach, but he grabbed my arm before I could. He was already holding my other wrist anticipating what I would try to do next.

"Originally I was going to hide in the coffin and then pop out during the ceremony. You got lucky, I wasn't expecting you to come early."

Since he had immobilized both my arms I wrapped my leg around the back of his own and tugged powerfully, bringing us both down in the process. Now I was on top and had the upper hand.

"I cannot believe you, you moron! I thought you were dead and you just…you just…" I couldn't find the words and tears started to escape my eyes again. He pulled me down into a hug. I pushed myself off of him though, breaking the hug. Even I was surprised by that action.

I sat up onto the wooden floor and stared at him. It was almost like I was seeing a new person. I had just started to realize that he might be really gone, and now…this happened. He had grown a bit more during the two years. And he even had a five o'clock shadow, which I thought looked a little silly. His eyes gleamed with knowledge that I know he wished he didn't have.

Wait until I tell the others, I thought, Wait, the others! Well…now that I think about it…where were they? It was 10:30. The funeral was supposed to start now. Were they in on it, too? Those butt-faces! I shook my head of my thoughts and jumped up.

"Excuse me," I told Puck, "I have to go murder my family now."

Puck looked distraught for a second, then brightened up.

"Wait for a second." I looked at him impatiently.


He muttered something unintelligible then pulled himself onto one knee. He pulled out a bunch of flash cards and looked up at me. The pile was at thick as my thumb.

"What on earth…I have to go see the rest of the family, Puck!"

"Can you hold these for me?" He handed me the cards.

"Uh, ok…" I took them and stepped backwardly.

"I can't read them if you're that far away!" he complained.

"Grandma needs glasses?" I taunted.

He huffed and obediently– like the good doggy I am- stepped forward.

He breathed out slowly and started, "Dear Sabrina, I…" He trailed off. "Next card, please."

I rolled my eyes and he said, "Oh, Sabrina's got some attitude."

"Oh shut up fairy boy." I changed cards and he started again.

"Have loved you since…" He stopped again, figuring this was the end of the card I changed again. "We first met. What type of crap is this? Uncle Jake, I'm gonna sue!"

"Puck can we get on with this?" I guess it hadn't actually sunk in what he was saying.

"Uh, fine. Take this will yah?" He handed me a little jewelry box. My eyes bulged.

"Puck is this what I think it is?"

"Depends on what you think it is." He rolled his eyes like I was the stupidest person on the planet.

My mind was reeling. "Isn't it a little…soon?"

"Hey, I just spent two years in a war, and lived to talk about it! I'm living life in the fast lane." I snorted. This was classic Puck right here. "So, will you? Please? You can consider it…are you done yet? I want an answer!"

I play pondered. I loved toying with him. "Well, I'll have to ask my parents…especially Dad."

"Already taken care off. He has a new found love for me. I mean, give him a couple rare baseball cards from 1865 and he forgets all debts!" I giggled at his childish behaviour.

"Well…I mean, it's a big commitment…" I drew this out for another two minutes until he was on his knees and begging me.

"Come on Sabrina! Don't do this to me!" I looked down and he had his best puppy dog face on.

"Well, ok." He jumped up and did a little fist pump in the air. I grabbed him and hugged him tight. Then I pulled back and socked him in the nose. He cried in pain, holding his nose in disbelief.

"But I swear, do that again and you will find yourself decapitated," I said in a dangerously low voice. He nodded quickly, tending his now bruising nose. I stocked off making my dramatic exit.


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