You're Gonna lose that Cat

(A/N:) This is a really special Valentine's Day story. I hope you enjoy! And P.S., The title is a Beatles reference to You're Gonna Lose That Girl.

Chapter 1: A night on the Town

The beloved couple strolled through town on a chilly February night. It was a week before Valentine's Day. Ren walked through the town in a leather jacket. Stimpy sheepishly walked behind him holding onto Ren's waist for dear life. "I'm scared, Ren."

"Eh, shut up."

"And I'm cold!"

"Do you only theenk about yerself?"

"I'm sorry, Ren." He hung his head in shame. "You should be. And don't worry. Eet's perfectly safe" As he spoke, there were two men holding guns up to each other, crashed cars, a dead body in the alley, and two hookers. "Okay, Ren! I trust your judgment. You've never led me wrong!"

"That's right. Now just keep walking."

Three hours later…

"Ren, I think I'm getting hypothermia! And why are we out here, anyway?"

"I dunno! Ask my feest!"

"But honey-" Ren lost his patience and ripped Stimpy's mouth off… literally. "Mpfh mpfh! MPFH MPFH MPFH!" Sounding like Kenny, Stimpy felt around his face frantically. Ren held Stimpy's mouth up and looked him in the lips (rather than the eyes.) "You got something to say?" In an extremely high-pitched voice, Stimpy's mouth answered, "No."

"That's what I thought. Hmph."

"Ren, when we go home, can we please watch our movie?"

"Alright. We can watch Knotted."

"You mean Tangled?"

"Yeah, whatever. And Steempy, trust me, pet, you need thees walk."

"Because you're sloppy, underdressed, immature, and clumsy. Please, they'll eat you up alive!"

"Can you please put my mouth back on my face, Ren?"

"Yeah, sure. And I guess we'll go home." He slapped Stimpy's mouth back on his face. "Yoj ho!" (oh joy backwards.) "Oh, crap! I put eet on backwards!" He fixed his mouth. "Phew! Thank you, Ren." He kissed his head. "Okay, okay, enough sap! Let's go."

Stimpy sat in bed, warming up. He had the DVD player all set. Ren came out of his shower. He was in his underwear, and he flopped down. "Boy, I'm beat. Good night, styoopid."

"But Ren, you promised we'd watch Tangled!"

"Tomorrow. Promise." Stimpy sighed and went to sleep, some tears in his eyes.

(A/N): Well, there you have it! Ren's a dick. And may I say that Tangled is the best movie ever and that I'd cry if I didn't get to watch it XD I hope you caught the millions of references to it!