Mura desu! Since What Happened After is going to take a while, I've decided to post my fifth story! Hope ya like!

Erica's POV

I don't know how angry you must have been

to have known that your dad had been taken away from you.

I'll bet you wanted to explode more than anything.

And you did.

When you took your anger out, I could feel your pain.

I could tell you didn't want anyone to calm you down until you were ready.

I always liked you better when you were calm.

When Colonel died, you were there to give me a hug

to give me a whole different outlook on life

I loved it when you hugged me that day.

You made me feel better.

And now you're gone.

No more pain, no more cigarettes, no more war.

I'm sure you're with your dad.

It'd be too unfair if you aren't.

I hope you know I'll miss you.

If you see Daryl or Aardvark tell them I miss them too.

I know you will.

I hope I will see you again.



P.S. I have your hat.

I re-read the letter to make sure it was perfect. I tucked it into Robert's baseball cap as a tear rolled down my face. I placed it on the rock, as close to his name as possible.

"Goodbye, Robert," I whispered as I walked down the hill.

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