Well this is my new fan-fiction! After thinking about a mysterious blue soldier on the Season 9 case, I came up with Ideas of who he could be. This is a story based off of that Idea. Don't be upset about anything written in here... it's just an idea that I am writing. It takes place in the imaginary world of Red vs Blue Season 10! I also used Rhode Island, because it has an awesome nickname (RHODY!) So yeah, I hope you enjoy! I also don't own Red vs Blue of Halo! I JUST MADE THIS PURELY FOR FUN!

"So Carolina, how did you get here?" Epsilon asked her as the Reds continued working on a new body.

"I needed information," she answered indecisively. Washington sat beside Epsilon's 'ghost', Caboose and Tucker on the bench across from Caroline.

"Do you still have your AI's?" Washington asked, they glared at each other for a while and she finally answered.

"Yes, both of them,"

"I thought you were dead." Epsilon spoke and she sat up straighter and tried to sound sane as she spoke.

"Obviously you were wrong!" She growled and Washington took notice.

"How have you lived with 'them'?" Wash tried not to press any buttons.

"We all found something that we were driven to… driven to kill The Director." She seemed to relax. "And how did you live 'David'? I thought Epsilon killed itself in your mind." She asked him.

"He didn't, he's right there. I am perfectly sane…" Washington drifted off.

"Yeah you blew up a dead body!" Epsilon told him.

"Your insane," Washington denied him. "You listened to too many of Caboose's stories." They all turned to Caboose who was already sleeping.

"So he seems interesting…" Carolina spoke about Caboose and pointed to him.

"Indeed," Washington agreed with her.

"Dude, he's a fucking idiot." Tucker commented.

"Yeah, total, but he's unbelievably fucking strong." Epsilon defended him.

"Carolina… Utah… shot…" Caboose mumbled.

"What's he talking about?" Carolina seemed curious of the sleeping blue.

"I don't understand what he says half of the time. Just leave him be," Epsilon told her to ignore him.

"Fine, where were we?"

"Carolina, do you know of any other freelancers?" She shook her head.

"It's only been us three, you're the first run I've meet in a while… though I did run into CT a while back…" She spoke and took off her helmet. It revealed a thin faced short red head; her green eyes were faded from the many battles she had fought.
"Oh sorry about that… she's kind of dead…" Epsilon apologized, partially sincere.

"Connie…" Washington and Carolina looked to him and then looked at each other.

"What's wrong?" Epsilon asked.

"Nothing," Wash answered.

"When people say they have nothing to hide, they really do… so what is it?" Tucker asked him.

"Why don't you check on the reds?" Carolina told him. He glared at the red head and then finally got up and left.

"So what is it?" Epsilon asked. "Who was Connie… wait… she was Connecticut, wasn't she?" Both of them hesitated and finally both of them nodded.

"Yeah, she knew the truth… even if she herself didn't know it." Wash answered him, solemnly.

"So he knew a freelancer… maybe it was just a coincidence?" Epsilon shrugged it off.

"Maybe, he could just be that stupid." Wash commented.

"Or maybe he knows more than we know…" There was a moment of silence.

"That's the worst idea ever… of all time."

"Yeah that's fucking retarded… I've been with him for a while… he's an idiot." Epsilon told her strictly. The light above them flickered and silence flooded the room again. Carolina got up and began to walk away.

"It's late I am going to bed, night." She told them with her helmet in her hand.

"Do you think that she could be right?" Washington asked.

"Well… maybe… I don't think so… Man I don't know! I am only a memory of the AI that knew him… I haven't been with him for that fucking long!" Epsilon became aggravated and Wash back down.

"It was just a thought…" Washington got up and left.

Epsilon sat in thought. Could Caboose know anything? He shook the thought off. "This place sucks," he hissed under his breath and looked over to Caboose.

"York, don't… that's not… internet… bronies…" Caboose mumbled.

"No he's fucking retarded." Epsilon joked to himself.

That was a really short chapter, but I am excited to finish the story! If you have any thoughts PM me or Comment on this! So until the next time,