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A is for Argument


"I'm going to fucking kill you, Black," Leah hollered from the upstairs bathroom, her footsteps clearly indicating where in the house she was. The amount of force she was eluding with her bare feet was causing the old wooden floor boards to shake and groan under her anger.

Seth rolled his eyes from the living room and concentrated back on his game. It had been like this for the past two weeks and coincidently every time he tried to level up on the new Halo game he'd gotten for his birthday. To be frank, he was getting quite sick of baring witness to the epic arguments within his home. With Sue at work, there was no one brave enough to step between the two hard heads.

It was always the same. Leah got pissed; Jacob did something stupid, Leah yelled, Jacob yelled back.

Things were broken more often than not and he hated that they would somehow manage to use his stuff as projectile missiles to 'kill' the other Alpha wolf. Ever since, he had been trying in vain to hide his most valuable items away from the crazy shape-shifters who had over run his abode.

"Why the Hell would you go and do that?" she screamed; the sound of glass smashing against the wall of her bedroom following her.

Seth winced. He only hoped that it wasn't one of his new glass tipped bows that he'd managed to score at the 'Lord of the Rings' convention in Seattle. Touching his chest, he breathed a sign of contentment, realising he was wearing his silver linked 'mithril' vest.

If it wasn't for his sister though, and the blue and white piggy bank she took the liberty of smashing, he would never be the proud owner of something so awesome.

His, precious.

Seth glanced to Embry who looked totally and utterly amused with himself. He had that 'I-know-something-you-don't' glint in his eye and Seth knew Embry was privileged to some kind of information he wasn't.

Focusing back on the game Seth tried to brush the hostile feeling off but it was as if Embry's gaze was taunting him, boasting, and the other wolf even seemed to be snickering under his breath from the confusion on his face.

"You know why I bloody well did it, Leah! Stop being a fucking coward!"

"What the fuck, Embry?" Seth growled out feeling his teeth grinding against each other to the point of leaving white dust in his mouth from the pure exertion of force.

It was getting on his nerves to know that Embry had privy information he didn't. Seth was the Alpha female's brother and he was supposed to know everything. Yeah he was a Gamma wolf, but still.

"I hope you die under the scolding heat of a thousand suns' you self-righteous prick! You had no right!"

Before Seth could open his mouth Embry smiled, holding a finger to his lips and tilted his head to the stairs just in time for Seth's attention to draw to the spot. Seth watched as his sister shot down the steps with a scowl on her face, followed by an even more ferocious looking Alpha. Jacob Black definitely had a temper on him, but compared to his sister and mother, he was just a playful kitten batting at a ball of wool.

"Hang on just a second," Jacob growled, pulling her back to face him. "You told me you were over him."

Jacob could feel the pressure mounting in his neck as he pressed his lips together waiting for a reply. He wanted to scream, kick his legs and bitch at her for being such a fucking hypocrite. But he knew that would do no good. With Leah, he had to fight fire with fire. Backing down was not an option unless he wanted to be called a pussy for the rest of his supernatural life.

"I am over him, you douche," Leah spat, ripping her elbow from his grasp and pushing against his chest. Her hair was in disarray; its glossy blackness looking like she'd just stepped out from the shower. She hated when Jacob got in her face and pushed her. He was always pushing, pushing, wanting more than she was willing to give. "But that doesn't mean I want to go and watch him marry my cousin. Sam can go fuck himself for all I care, doesn't mean I want to watch, Black!"

Seth instantly caught on to the topic of their latest argument. Somehow, someway, each time the Alpha's argued, it was either over Sam or Bella, the two natural disasters that had torn holes through both of their hearts.

Seth could relate. He'd once had an action figure that was kept in mint condition up until the day he became a wolf. He'd loved that little limited edition R2D2 figurine with all his heart and he'd been forced to watch its packaging shred the moment he phased out of his boxers with it still in his hands.

"It will make it easier," Jacob nodded, his voice dropping to barely a whisper as he looked sincerely at her. "To watch him become hers. I'm not promising that it will take all of the pain away Leah, but it will get better."

Leah stood angrily in front of him, her hand wrapped firmly around her wrist to stop herself from socking her big, bad, nosing fucking Alpha in the jaw. How did Jacob Black always manage to get under her skin? He was a plague, infecting and never leaving its host.

Focusing on the small side table beside him, Leah attempted to calm herself from going 'Kill Bill' on his ass. In some small ways Jacob was maybe right. Maybe watching Sam marry Emily would be for the best. Maybe it would finally be concrete evidence that there was no chance or glimmer of hope for Sam to come back to her.

Not that she'd take him back anyway. That boat had sailed so many years before.

"Whatever, Jake. It was still my decision," she spat, though this time with much less intensity. Sighing, she rolled her eyes at Jake's hopeful face.

"And I know what a stubborn ass you can be, Clearwater, that's why I took the liberty in replying for the both of us," Jacob whispered as a small glimmer of a smile began to rise on his lips.

He knew Leah would soon see his point and he knew he had to convince her that this was just another step; much like attending Bella's wedding had been for him. By picking Edward, Bella had made her choice final. There was no question about it. Even though it hurt, Jacob felt something break that day. Like the bonds that he held with the shy, introvert, clumsy girl he'd grown up with snapped and set him free. Destiny was about choosing, and that day, she'd granted him freedom. Friendship was finally enough for them.

Leah's eyes narrowed at the sight of Jacob's mouth, which was threatening to break into a full-blown grin. She really hated losing an argument to him.

Glancing left Leah noticed Seth and Embry seated on the couch, their necks almost twisting a full circle to watch the confrontation.

"Show's over ladies," she hissed, slapping the back of Seth's head which he rubbed profusely.

"Ow Lee, what the hell was that for?" Seth whined as the pain turned into a low throb against his skull. She may have been a girl, but she had the backhand of Andre Agassi.

"Eavesdropping," she replied simply as she shot her glance to Embry who was giggling like a school girl and holding a hand to his mouth. "What the hell are you laughing at Call?" Leah growled as she looked to and from both the wolves who were making permanent dents in her mother's couch and eating her out of house and home.

Embry couldn't help but hold his sides as he burst out laughing, shaking his head and making the windows seem like they were going to shatter under his deep booming voice. "I- I-" he gasped between breaths trying to get a hold of himself.

"Spit it out, Forest Gump!" she snarled tapping her foot and crossing her arms tightly against her chest. She was clearly surrounded by idiots.

Taking a deep breath Embry swallowed his fit of amusement. "I can't believe – you guys - are having sex," he smiled pointing between both Jacob and Leah.

"What?" Leah screamed, dropping her arms and making tight fists. Every wolf in the lounge room wasn't folded by her scowl though. She was blushing profusely as she stared at Embry in a state of shock.

"Do something Jacob!" she commanded when Embry began laughing again with Jacob following closely behind with a deep snort and chuckle.

"Ew, dude, no," Seth whined, placing his head between his legs like he was going to hyperventilate. "I think I'm going to be sick," he groaned, closing his palms over his ears to try and rid the playback of what Embry had said in his mind.

"You good for nothing asshole!" Leah shouted at Jacob who merely high fived Embry and grinned like he'd won some kind of teddy bear from the rigged toy machines.

Spinning on her heel Leah stomped out the front door, slamming it behind her as she darted toward the woods.

"It's good, right?" Embry smirked as Jacob took a seat in the recliner still smiling smugly.

"Hell Em, it ain't good, it's great. Plus, you know what they say about angry sex-" Jacob didn't have time to finish before Seth darted out of the room to one of the bathroom's, his face pale and looking slightly green.

"Poor kid," he said to Embry, listening as Seth groaned and heaved into the bathroom sink.

"Yeah man. Guess he just realised his sister is getting more than him," Embry laughed tossing Jake the now free controller.

Jacob shook his head with a smile present. He'd won this argument by a small technicality but he still took it as a win.

Yeah, life was good.

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