L is for Lace


The salty spray of the ocean does nothing to quell the sweet, fresh scent of her hair as it is threaded and pinned to the nape of her neck. The act is precious and Jacob wishes to sit and watch the two quietly, as the world slowly spins around them.

Her big brown eyes flutter softly as the older woman fixes each wildflower perfectly to the bun style; patience and years of practice showing through. Only several tendrils lay loose, one piece tickling over her lips, making her smile, while another hangs near her cheek and ear.

He doesn't mean to stare, but there is something so heart-breakingly beautiful about the girl, and he starts to try and pin point the moment she changed from a child into a woman.

He remembers seeing her for the first time. Smelling and touching her, being afraid of breaking her in his huge hands. From the soft skin of her hands and feet to the small ringlets matted to her tiny head, she was perfect. She'd smelt like fresh linen, like something wild and free yet familiar and tame at the same time. She was a warm sun shower on a bright day. A flower opening for the first time in spring.

His breath catches in his throat as he remembers the first time he held her, held her as those big brown eyes looked up with amazement and wonder, her mouth forming a perfect 'o' as she yawned and fisted his shirt. He could feel her warmth that day, the comfort she radiated.

Letting his memories run forward he sees her again, this time with Emmett. She is the fastest little girl he's ever seen, her legs moving her body gracefully around the thickest trees of the forest just as an adult would. The golden brown leaves barely shift as she runs and laughs, playing tag with her certified godfather.

She grows at an unnaturally fast pace but it doesn't worry him because his thoughts don't drift to the future. His thoughts are only with her; in the here and now. He's learned to take each day as it comes, memorise every moment as if it's the last.

In his mind she's now five, her curly hair held tightly in braids which sit against at her shoulders. She's learning to ride her first bike and his heart stammers in his chest at the act. She's doing so well that he only smiles and waves, hiding the absolute fear he possesses, the emotion manifesting into a tightening of his spine.

He doesn't want to see her hurt and would do anything in his power to keep her safe but her mother insists that she experience every opportunity that a normal child would. Even if they both know she is anything but normal.

A few more years sweep by and he's out in his truck, worry and panic evident on his face. She's been gone two days.

At thirteen, she has threatened to run away before but he hadn't had the heart to believe her. She'd screamed that he didn't trust her to make decisions of her own, that she could look after herself, do what she wants and love who she wants.

The thoughts make him sick and he crumbles as he pulls the truck over and empties his stomach on the sidewalk, the bile burning his parched throat.

It isn't until five hours later he heads home, a call from Rosalie making him almost jack knife a truck to pull a U-turn on the main drive.

When he arrives at the house he doesn't speak just stomps up to her and shakes her fiercely. He can only mutter a 'why' before he breaks down at her feet and holds his face in his hands.

He flinches when she tries to touch his shoulder but he looks up anyway. Tears are falling down her cheeks and the moment she hugs him he knows all is forgiven.

She's eighteen now and off to college in a few days. Her mother warns her about boys once again and he can't help but growl, thinking of all the sweaty little hands fumbling with his girls' blouse.

She does nothing but laugh at her mother, telling her she'll be fine, not to worry, and that she will call every other day.

Her grandfather gives her a book about her history and she hugs him tightly knowing it will come in handy. The old man already knows how special his granddaughter is and he is proud of her for wanting more than a simple life. Even if they all know her life is anything but simple. Especially with the burden of belonging to the Alpha.

She hugs everybody and thanks them for the gifts, asking him to walk with her to the car. Her mother gives them a moment alone together and he feels his throat close.

"I'm only going to be a call away," she says with a smirk, big brown eyes secretly pleading for his approval. His never been able to deny her anything and this time is no exception.

Nodding, he hugs her tightly, kisses her temple and watches her drive away.

"Jacob, it's time," Sue announces as she snaps him from his thoughts and steps away from the girl.

He stands quickly to pat down the crinkled lapel of his jacket and gets ready for one of the most important days of his and her life.

Hearing a knock at the door he smiles as Leah steps in the room, her eyes going wide at the girl in front of her. Leah hugs her tightly and kisses her forehead before moving to stand by him in a warm embrace.

"Do I look okay?" she asks him as she gingerly touches a flower by her ear. "Is it too much?"

"You look beautiful. Like always," Leah answers first, stealing his words straight from his mouth. She's always done that and now that she has, he feels tongue tied.

"Daddy, do you think Embry will like it?"

Jacob gnaws his teeth discretely, not wanting to picture his pack brother and daughter doing anything but running patrol together. He smiles slightly and nods his head, knowing that part of him will make Embry Call like it, even if he doesn't. She's perfect after all.

"You're terrible Jake," Leah laughs as she takes her thumb and rubs it across his cheek. The only people who have ever seen him cry are right here in the room. His wife, his daughter and his mother in law.

"Daddy," Layla smiles softly as she walks over to stand in front of her mother and father, "are you okay?"

"He'll be fine once he finds his backbone," Leah snorts, causing their daughter to roll her eyes.

Jacob feels nothing but pride as he pulls his two girls close to his chest. Everything in his life feels meager compared to the well being and safety of the two closest to him. His alpha position within the pack, the matriarchal position of chief within the tribe, all of it means nothing without them.

"Daddy?" his daughter chuckles as she pats his back softly, returning the hug. "You're kind of squishing my hair."

He sighs and releases his daughter with a kiss on the forehead, paying no attention to Sue Clearwaters glare.

"Sorry honey," he grins sheepishly as he tucks a fallen tendril behind her ear. "Look at you," he begins as he squeezes his wife closer, still trying to find the words in his gumbled mind; the words he's practiced since she was born, for this very moment. "All grown up and no longer my baby girl. Are you sure you really want to marry Embry Call?"

He is met with a growl from his wife, a snort from his mother in law and a giggle from his daughter. He knows he could never win against the three Clearwater women in his life but he would still try as he might.

She wears lace that day. The day of her wedding, the day where he gives his only daughter away to his pack brother. It's a small intimate affair with the pack, her closest family and friends from college.

They had promised themselves years ago, that no matter what, that their daughter would have a life they didn't, opportunities that they had missed out on and regretted their whole lives. Layla would grow up amongst the supernatural regardless but they would do everything in their power to be the parents she needed.

He sits with his glass half empty and his tie undone at the end of the night. He sees his wife laughing and slapping at the wandering hands of Emmett Cullen as they dance. He smiles and leaves it be, his eyes dancing over the thinning crowds that have begun to slowly disperse.

"Hey papa wolf," Emmett hollers as he spins a happy Leah towards him. "Whatcha gonna do now the pups left the den?"

The vampire is smirking, his years of banter and practice coming through. Jacob's never understood the friendship between his wife and the bulky sparkling hemorrhoid, but he has come to except the things he cannot change.

Like the fact that his daughter has fallen in love with his best friend. The best friend that was a year older than him.

"What's the matter, baby," Leah coos as she takes a seat on his lap. Brushing a hand through his hair she massages his shoulders and feels him start to relax at her touch.

Sighing, Jacob pulls her closer and buries he face in her neck allowing her scent to overcome him. "Are we doing the right thing, Lee?" he murmurs as she rubs his neck. He loves it when she touches him and he's never wanted to let the feeling become foreign. "Are we right to let our little girl go?"

"Jacob, look at me," Leah says sternly, taking his chin. Her eyes soften when she sees the watery eyes of her big, tough alpha.

Ever since the birth of their daughter, Layla, Jacob Black has been a blubbering mess. The term daddy's girl far exceeds the relationship Leah had with her own father when he was alive.

He's a great man, a great leader, husband and father. He's never done anything without his whole heart and this is no exception.

"You know Embry, Jacob. You know him. He would never betray you and he would never treat Layla with anything but love and respect. I know you're scared and so am I. But we need to let her do this."

"I know," Jacob sighs as he presses his forehead to his wife's. "I know," he whispers as he kisses her softly.

As the cars are loaded his daughter takes his hand and hugs him tightly. The lace of her dress feels unbelievably soft under his rough palms, just as her first baby suit had.

"Thank you, Daddy," she whispers as she kisses his cheek.

"What for?" he frowns as he looks down at his little girl.

"For showing me what a real man should be like. You've always put me and mama first. You've always been there for me, forgiven me, taught me right from wrong."

She giggles as her 'uncle' Emmett gives Embry a shakedown, and with her added supernatural hearing, some pointers for their week long honeymoon.

"You better get going," Jacob growls, glancing at Emmett and imagining tearing the vampires limbs off, slowly and one by one while he grins over the screaming sparkly body.

"Love you, big guy," Layla snorts as she nudges her fathers shoulder and goes to hug her mother goodbye.

He stands and nods at Embry as the pair drive away into the night, headed toward Sea-Tac. He swallows tightly as his heart pounds in his chest. He closes his eyes and catalogues the night, his little girl happy and dressed in both her grandmothers lace.

"Come on, Alpha. Let's get you to bed," Leah drawls as her fingers creep along his waist.

He smiles down at his wife and nods, knowing that no matter what; when he woke up Leah would still be his wife, and Layla would still be his baby girl.

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