"So you've never—"

"We've really already established this Kal. There's no need to keep dragging a dead cow to the slaughter."

Clark winced. She'd mixed up a few different sayings in there, but one glance at her face said that now was hardly the time for corrections. But she had made her point.

"That...was an interesting picture. Yeah…right well, what I was going to continue on with—"

"Sweet Hera, didn't—," Whatever words had come to her lips were promptly and rather effectively stopped when Clark pressed a firm kiss to her lips. Firm but surprisingly pliant. Aphrodite, is this what I've been missing all along? Diana's thoughts melted away like an ice cube in the Sahara. Was it just the kiss making her heart race, or was it the fact that he'd pressed it on her right there in the middle of the Monitor Room? Instantly memories started playing back like someone had shifted a projector from pause to play. His hands, his lips, his body.

"Diana?" His voice was soft, gentle, easing her back into reality. When had he stopped kissing her? Suddenly, Diana snapped to attention, her eyes narrowing as that nasty shade of smug started to surface. It was one thing for him to have that kind of effect on her; it was another thing entirely for him to know that he had that kind of effect on him. A lesser man probably would have used it to his advantage every second of every day, used it like a leash and paraded her around like the defeated woman she was. Clark, bless him, seemed to only use it when he wanted her quiet. Thankfully. Of course that only made her love him more. The fact that he could wield his power over her but chose not to? Could there really be a trait any sexier? Well…his eyes were definitely a close second, followed maybe by his lips—

A chuckle. "Diana."

Heat flared covering every surface of skin from the bottom of her sternum up. Shit.

"Did you just swear?"

"Shit," Was the only appropriate response she could come up with.

"Yes, you said that. Now I really want to know what you were thinking, Princess." Diana narrowed her eyes and Clark knew not to push too far. Heaven forbid she actually admit to not only participating in carnal relationships with a man, but fantasize about them as well. This was new to her and Clark understood she'd need a bit of time to get used to it all. That wasn't to say he wouldn't have a bit of fun along the way. Because if he had his way, by this time next month she'd not only admit to her fantasies, she'd tell him about them. That was, of course assuming that they could get through an entire conversation which was proving more and more difficult, lately. Not that he was complaining. "Alright, alright, don't want to tell me? Fine. We'll just go back to the topic we were discussing earlier."

Her huff only made him laugh. "Will you let me finish? What I wanted to ask you, before was—," Clark paused, realizing that he already knew the answer to his question. Yes, Diana had been on dates before. Steve. The thought of the man had his hackles rising before Clark could talk himself into doing anything else. How could it not? He knew that Trevor had taken her out, showed her Washington, courted her, sent her flowers, kissed her—Anger had him gripping the side of the chair so hard it creaked in protest.

"Clark?" This time it was her voice pulling him back to reality, but all he could hear in it was amusement. Clearing his throat, he tried to shake away the jealousy, and maybe the uncertainty. He was nothing like Trevor. Not in coloring, not in attitude, not in actual social standing. Sure, in the uniform he was Superman, and his genetics were pure Kryptonian, but somewhere in between all of that, he was just a simple boy from Kansas. Powers aside, Clark knew he'd be a farmer; he'd been raised to be nothing else, though what he was born to be…that was a different question all together. What were they doing? Jesus Christ, she was a princess and—"Kal," This time it took the touch of her hand against his face to bring him back. "Where did you go? You were just a million miles away right now."

Clark sighed, but turned his head into the palm of her hand, a hand that was quickly, though dare he say reluctantly, removed. "No one is around." There wasn't another heartbeat within a hundred feet of them and a glance at the internal monitoring system confirmed it. Diana let out a soft sigh. Was that of relief? Suddenly Clark felt exhausted. He'd had enough of navigating romantic quicksand with Lois. It hadn't taken long to realize that it was Superman that she was interested in. She held absolutely no interest in a farm boy from Kansas, and probably would find even less in common with an alien from Krypton. So where did that leave him and Diana? Did he really want to know? They'd been friends for years but for one reason or another had never been given the chance to fully explore the depth of their feelings for one another. Was that all this was? Scratching an itch that they couldn't reach? Clark was known to be a glutton for punishment but he wasn't truly a masochist. Not really with matters of the heart. It wasn't worth it. A moment of pleasure wasn't worth a lifetime of heartache. It was a lesson that he'd learned with Lois and vowed not to forget.

"What are we doing Diana? Really?"

Blessed Athena, Clark wasn't just miles away, he was light years beyond her and for a second Diana flailed internally, trying desperately to catch up. What had sent him to this? They were fine a second ago. What had changed—Oh. Only after a full replay of the last five minutes was Diana able to come up with something that might have triggered his behavior. Like the detective she was, carefully, she followed the clues and armed with the knowledge she held of Kal, she finally speed to his side. He always was faster than she was.

"We were talking," She tried for humor but was rewarded with a pair of near empty blue eyes. No not empty; lonely. This was the part of him that she knew existed and attempted to get to know better, but that he'd always seemed to keep to himself. Only a shadow here and there let her know that it even existed, but she'd always known it was in there. If only because that side was mirrored within herself as well. Ducking her head, Diana knew this was where she made her choice final. He was giving her an out, bless him, and in the same breath he was calling her out.

The life of a 'superhero', as they were called, because really, no one referred to themselves as a 'superhero' was chock full of gray areas. The whole damn thing was one giant ever morphing, slippery, obnoxious gray area. Every decision, every step, every breath was gray. Of course Kal wouldn't want that gray slipping into his personal life. Diana knew, knew to the depths of her bones that if she looked at her best friend and told him straight to her face that she didn't know what this was, that he'd smile, nod and take that. He'd probably still let her into his arms, into his bed, into his heart maybe hoping that she would come around. Or maybe the loneliness would slip back into his eyes. Either option as detestable as the other and just thinking of it made her feel like a coward. But Diana couldn't do that to him, wouldn't, because it was—what was the right term? Bullshit. Not only that but it was cowardly. If she'd fallen into his arms, wordless and embarked in what would have been a torrid affair, that would have been one thing. No, instead, she'd fallen into his arms, had sex with him and then looked right into his eyes and said she loved him. No, she'd said she wanted every bit of him, and then she said she'd love him. Every bit. Every single bit; even the broken parts. And she'd meant it.

Smart man. He was calling her out on her bullshit, front and center. Just as Lois would only love him in the suit, would she only love him in the dark? Hardly. As if Diana would ever let herself be put into the class with that…woman. Diana had known in her heart of hearts that she'd loved Kal for years. She would not shirk from this now. Shaking her head, Diana reached her hand back out and pressed it back to his cheek. It took a bit of effort, but she ensured her eyes remained on him the entire time, not once glancing at the monitor screens to her left.

"I meant it, Kal-El. Every word of it." Clark's heart started to beat again, beneath the suit and pumping Kryptonian blood through his veins. Closing his eyes he leaned back into her firm touch, feeling her thumb run along his cheek; feeling her as she continued.

"Every bit. I want every bit of you, Clark. I love you. I've always loved you, and if possible, I love you a little more than ever now." Diana smirked; not every man could stand before an Amazon and call her on her bullshit. Yes, this man was her equal. "That does not mean I'm going to announce what we're doing to the world. I am not ashamed of it, but it's hardly their business."

"Alright. Alright."

The air between them shifted, lightened. Diana finally allowed herself a glance at the monitor. Ah, the next shift was coming: Wally and Dinah. Clark had to have heard their heartbeats by now. Fine. He didn't want to hide this, she understood, but she was hardly going to start sharing everything. Obnoxious man. Unexpectedly, Clark pulled back and smiled sweetly. "What I wanted to ask was will you go to dinner with me, tonight? A date?"

"Of course. Was that really what you were going to ask?" Diana questioned flatly, folding her arms over her chest.

"Eventually." Clark laughed as she rolled her eyes and stood, mumbling something under her breath.

The doors hissed open.

"What was that?" He asked with a bright smile, knowing good and well what she'd just called him.

"I only muttered 'what time', love," The move caught Clark off guard and for a moment he only watched her, open mouthed. Wally and Dinah clearly hadn't missed the term of endearment punctuating her clarification. The two stopped short, confusion written over both of their faces. Oh man. Oh, man, he loved her. Princess or not, now that he had her, really had her, there was no way he was going to let her go.

"Seven. That's in an hour, is that enough time?"

"Plenty. Coming?" Smiling Diana glanced at Wally, cutting off whatever he was about to say by turning away. Ducking her head, she waited for him then stated in a small voice that only Kal could hear, "This does not mean I'm going to announce what we're doing to the world. I am not ashamed of it, but it's hardly their business."

"Of course, love." Diana laughed and shook her head at him. She didn't even move away as his hand snaked around her waist. Obnoxiously clever man. But still, he was hers, all hers.

Unfortunately as they walked away, Clark realized his timing may have been a bit off. He probably should have waited until the door had completely closed before pulling her closer. Especially since everyone knew Wally was good for watching women leave the room. With a small sigh, Clark pressed a kiss to Diana's temple and hoped she wouldn't be too upset when every current, previous and potential member of the Justice League would be aware within the day that—Clark turned his head slightly, hearing attuned to where they'd just came from.

"HOLY SHIT. DID YOU JUST—" Make that within the hour.

"Kal? What is it?"

"Hm? Nothing. You're gorgeous, you know that? I hope you're ready for the night of your life. What do you feel like?"

Diana merely narrowed her eyes in response.

"You do know you're gorgeous even when you're glaring at me, right?"

A slim eyebrow perked.

"Nothing, huh? Well, either way, I love you too. Seriously."

Her lips twitched.

"I mean it, though. This will easily be the best night ever."

"Oh? So sure of ourselves are we?"

"Yes, and want to know why?"

"Do indulge me," Diana folded her arms as they stopped in front of her quarters.

Clark leaned in, smiling all the while and pressed his lips lightly against the skin just below her ear. "Because I know what you like, I know what makes you smile and know what turns you on. And tonight, I'm going to do it all." His hands moved forward, slipping from her waist to her hips. "And if we're being honest, by the end of it all, you'll be screaming my name, again." With that, he dropped a light kiss over her lips and Diana almost forgot to breathe. Again.

When her eyes fluttered open, Diana sighed and watched the back of that—correction—her obnoxious man walk away. She smiled.

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