I nervously fiddle with my thumbs. Waiting in the hall outside of the principal's office. RING, RING, RING! Oh no! Finale bell. Here comes trouble. Walking up came my old besties. Oh. I miss you guys. I am still the same Vivi! But two colors. Walking up now is Cassie. I hate her. I get bullied by her every day I do come to school. "Hey, frosty puke bag!" Cassie was my bff in middle school. Lucky for me it's winter she's in my playground. Once the crowd was gone I slowly slid to the floor. I took my right hand index finger and made shapes of ice. I made a cute little ice heart. I graded it and chunked it at the wall across from me. I put my hands to my side on the ground to help get up but slowly made I floor ice. Sigh

"Don't worry V you'll master your power." There's only 1 person in the world who would say that. My mom. Well she's not really my mom she was my parent's friend. My mom and dad disowned my when the meteor hit Acmetroplis. They wanted a perfect daughter. I became white and light blue.

I lived with Helen for 2 years now. I have to keep reminding myself that I can still have a future. In the car I looked at my nails. My permanent light blue nails. "Stop the car please Helen. I want to get out." Without a word she stopped and let me out.

"Dinner's at five." I didn't listen. Just walked to the park. Why I am I so stupid! Now people well see me and laugh. I kept walking. They were smoke in the air. I ran up to the scene. The loonatics. Fighting a some fire guy. He was like me but firey. I looked down at my hand palm up. I made an ice ball. I looked up. Fire balls. Heading for me! I took my ice and through it at the fire. My ice beat the fire. But of course fire guy saw me do that!

"Well what do we have here a wanna be hero." Said fire guy. The loonatics looked at me. Fire guy through fire at me. I closed my eyes; I put my palm out and made a shield of ice. It may have stopped the fire from hitting me but my shield melted. He got mad. I focused on the snow. The snow covered him. You could hear the sizzle. Then a winter wonderful snow explosion happened. Yeah, I can't control my powers.

So fire guy is frosted and on his way to jail it's the loonatics and me. "Hi." I said shyly. I made a break for it but Rev got me.

"Who are you? And why did you get into a super hero fight?" Tech said that. He's a mad man… I've seen his 'babies.'

"The names Vivian and was protecting myself!" so I ran up to the smoke. It's not a big lie.

"Wait, Vivian Hazal?" Okay creepy Lexi knows my last name? I nodded. News reporters many news reporters crowded us.

"VIVIAN!" the crowd went away. "Get your butt in the car now." I don't blame Helen I wanted away. I got in the car and went home.

With the loonatics

"So Tech what can you get us one Vivian." Tech clicked buttons. Lexi ran out of the room. Minutes later she came back with a book. A middle school year book. Techs still clicking buttons to find the right frosty Vivian.

"I think this may help." Lexi sat on a chair and the other crowded around. "This is my middle school year book. I know I've heard her name but have never seen a white and light blue Vivian Hazal." She opened the book and looks for the grade 8 classes. "Right here." She pointed to her. "She was in my class. A popular classmate too. Everyone loved her. Vivian was nice and sweet not like a mean popular girl. She was my friend." Lexi said in a calm manner.

"WOW- she –looks-soooo- different- now.- I –mean- now –she- white- and- blue- but- in- these –pictures- she's- not." Rev said flipping the pages super-fast.

"Loonatics." Zadavia said walking up to them. "Vivian Hazal, she's wonderful! She's one of the people who got a side effect from the meteor. She hates it. As you can tell her power specializes in ice and snow. And her looks have changed too. White hair with light blue streaks. Light blue nails, eyelashes and pupils and white lips, eye color, skin and eyebrows." Zadavia sounded like a know it all. "I want you to take her in and help her control her powers end of discussion." Then she walked away.

"Okay der Tech fined her address, school and local hangout places." Ace demanded.

Hahaha! First chapter of Ice, Ice Baby! Now you just have to wait for writers block to pass and more chapters well be up. Btw there like 17-18 years old =)