A Wolf's Worst Nightmare (5)

"Okay, I'm back with the supplies."

"Where were you?" Humphrey asked. "You've been gone for 20 minutes!"

"I know. I was checking other people's blood on the way over here. But enough about me. How are you doing on those antibiotics?"

"She's barely eating them…" Eve said.

"Hu-Humphrey…" Kate started, but she just started to cough and wheeze.

"Oh honey, rest. It's all going to be okay."

"I…I…" Kate whispered. She couldn't finish. Aaron was going around the den checking their blood, including his own.

"Okay, I got all the blood and it's labeled." He started to do the test for each sample and compared it to Kate's. First it was Humphrey; nope. Then Eve, then Winston, then Garth, then Lilly. "Ugh! This is getting me nowhere!" Aaron said, slamming his paws to the ground.

"You still have one more blood sample. And it has your name on it." Lilly said, handing Aaron the sample.

"Yeah. I really believe that my blood will be compatible to… holy shit!"


"My blood is the same as her's." Aaron said with his jaw dropped.

"Well, what are you waiting for?! Give her the blood!"

"Okay, okay. Now, she needs a certain amount of healthy blood and that will fight the rest. But…"

"But, what?"

"In order to do that, I need to give her at least half my blood."

"Wouldn't that kill you?"

"Just like I told Tony; I can't die…" He said with a smirk. "I need one of you to help me with the transfusion."

"I'll do it." Winston volunteered. Then they got started. Hours passed and they heard a few sounds of agony and pain from Aaron. We knew he was dying. Then after a few more hours after the screams stopped, Winston came out with a joyful look.

"She alive!" Everyone jumped in in joy and happiness as they ran into the den. They saw Kate resting while Aaron was half dead. He was on the brink of dying.

"Wow. I can't believe that you gave up your own life for Kate." Garth said. Aaron smiled weakly.

"It's what I… do…" Aaron almost fell dead when a sudden shock made him jump back to life.

"Ah! Where am I?!"

"Aaron, don't worry. You're safe and apparently alive. Which to normal wolves is crazy and impossible." Humphrey said with a smirk.

"Oh, you're just saying that…" Aaron said embarrassedly.


"What?" Garth asked Humphrey.

"This has been a wolf's worst nightmare, even for Kate." He said with a sigh as he looked at his mate sleeping. "Good night, Kate. I love you." He kissed her on the head and walked out of the den.