Because it is Valentine's day, I allowed myself some time to write a very self-indulgent story. That's my excuse for being totally unoriginal and cliché today. :D

Title: The Imperial Palace

Setting: Strip Club AU, where everyone is older and of legal age.

Rating: M-rated, in case the strip club part didn't give it away yet.

Reason: Because I can.

Pairing: Alpha Pair, hints of Platinum Pair, some Yanagi and special guest appearances from a few others.

Warnings: Uncreative content, possible OOC-ness, stripper!Yukimura, smut somewhere in there… that should be about it.

Disclaimer: Konomi-sensei owns the characters and their asses.



"Come on, Sanada!"

"I absolutely refuse."

"We're single men on Valentine's day. What else is there to do?"

Sanada glared at Niou. The trickster's bleached white hair stuck out almost fluorescently in the dark evening air as he smirked, trying to drag Sanada forward. Unfortunately, the capped man wasn't budging. Sanada then turned his head and shot the exact same look at the person on his other side; his best friend Yanagi.

"Valentine's day or not, I don't see why we have to come to such a place." said Sanada. He had never celebrated Valentine's Day in his life and he wasn't about to start now… especially not in this type of place.

Sanada looked up at the building before him, hearing the loud thump of music resounding from within and seeing a flashing sign that announced the place's name to be The Imperial Palace in bright neon purple that hurt his eyes.

"It's just like a regular club, Genichirou. Nothing to worry about." said Yanagi.

"T-This is not a regular club! It's a… it's a…"

"A strip club." finished Niou with a grin. He grabbed Sanada's arm once more and Yanagi grabbed the other, pushing Sanada's larger figure forward. Sanada struggled, his feet remaining firmly planted on the ground in resistance.

"Geez, Sanada, stop being such a party pooper. It won't be that bad. You might even meet a nice girl." said Niou, attempting to sound encouraging.

"This is a strip club in a street well-known for having an abundant amount of gay bars. I don't think there will be nice girls here." Sanada pointed out.

Niou smirked. "Guy, girl, same thing. Girls come here just as much as guys. The trick is to find a hot dude and make-out with him. The girls are all over that. If you're lucky, the night will end in a threesome."

Sanada groaned, not in the mood for hearing about the adventures of Niou, the flaming bisexual.

"We'll even pay a stripper to come dance with you!" said Niou gleefully.

"No!" shouted Sanada. God forbid some half-naked man would show up and start grinding against him. Sanada had tried dancing at a club only once in his life and it had ended quickly when some older man touched his butt. Sanada had never slapped someone so hard in his life.

Knowing he would be getting nowhere with this, Sanada sighed, surrendering himself by letting his friends drag him through the building's entrance. At least he was wearing very inconspicuous grey pants and a black shirt. Perhaps he could just find a nice dark corner and sit there pretending to be invisible for the rest of the night.

The inside of the edifice was dim but colourful beams of light swayed back and forth from stage lights stuck to the ceiling. The place was quite large, much larger than it had seemed from the outside. The area along the left wall held regular banquets and tables like the kind one would see at any restaurant. Groups of people were seated around the tables, drinking and laughing loudly. The area on the right side held a bar where a bartender assisted to the clientele seated along the counter, filling orders quickly and efficiently.

Then there was a spacious central dance floor, the place that held the most people. It was a sea of bodies swaying with the rhythm of the music. There was a stage too, as was mandatory to any strip club. This particular stage lit up, constantly changing colors from red to blue and more. A lone metal pole stood in the stage's middle, unoccupied for the moment.

Then Sanada's eyes found the last missing piece that made a strip club what it was: the strippers.

These performers were quite easy to spot as they were all handsome young men without any clothes covering their upper bodies and tight leather for pants; an attire that left little to the imagination. Sanada even spotted a figure walking along the stage, one that was fully bare except for tight-fitting briefs. Besides the one stripper on stage, the others were all spread out along the dance floor, chatting with clients and dancing with them, grabbing tips when they came their way. Sanada tugged down his trusty black cap, tearing his eyes away from the dance floor and thanking the heavens that this wasn't one of those fully nude stripping bars.

There was a surprisingly large amount of girls, as Niou had said. The girls were all squealing in high pitched voices when they saw two guys dancing together. Sanada shook his head, not seeing why ladies would come to a gay strip club just to see two guys together. It made no sense to him.

Sanada found one empty stool at the bar, claiming the seat as his own and immediately working on ignoring everything that was around him. His friends didn't follow. Yanagi had vanished in the crowd on the dance floor while Niou immediately went to work, cornering a rather stiff and plain-looking man in a business suit and glasses. The man Niou was after really didn't look like he belonged in such a place, judging by his straight and perfect posture, his neatly ironed suit and well-combed brown hair. But despite appearances, the businessman nodded to Niou and began a conversation, one that was too far away for Sanada to hear.

The music was way too loud for Sanada's liking. It gave him a headache, especially with all these lights flashing around. He couldn't even hear himself think.

"What can I get you, sir?" said a voice.

Sanada unburied his face from his hands, catching the eyes of a bartender with messy brown hair and glasses.

"Do you have anything non-alcoholic?" asked Sanada.

Bartenders usually laughed whenever Sanada asked this question, but the one before him now showed no reaction behind his spectacles, merely nodding and grabbing a can from under the counter, placing it in front of Sanada.

"Ponta is all we have." said the bartender.

Sanada nodded. "It's fine. Thanks." he said, vaguely wondering who on earth would actually mix grape Ponta and alcohol together. The very idea was repulsing.

Sanada cracked the can open with one hand, sipping it lightly as his eyes travelled around, wandering aimlessly around the dusky club. His gaze paused at the stage, where two strippers were rubbing their hips together, giving a strip tease by slowly pulling down their pants while receiving cat calls from the audience. Sanada looked away, not quite seeing the appeal.

"So what brings you here tonight?" came a voice from Sanada's left, thick with a Kansai dialect. Sanada looked up, a dark aura emitting from him as he found the owner of that accented drawl. A man with dark blue hair winked up at Sanada from behind round lenses, holding up his glass. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Don't even try." growled Sanada.

"Ouch, you're no fun." said the navy-haired man, looking amused nonetheless. He leaned closer from his seat. "You seem tense. Maybe a drink's just what you need in order to loosen up. Or perhaps you'd prefer to relax in some other way?" His tone was far too suggestive.

Sanada shot the man the deadliest glare he could muster before deciding to take his leave, grabbing his can of Ponta and making his way out of his stool without a second glance. God, he knew this had been a bad idea. He shouldn't have let Niou and Yanagi drag him in here.

Sanada slowly made his way to the exit, wondering if he could make his escape without anyone noticing. But then Niou showed up next to him, dragging his latest conquest by the hand and quelling Sanada's escape plan instantly.

"Don't even think of leaving, Sanada." said Niou, shouting it above the loud beat of music and standing between Sanada and the way out. "The party's just getting started. Go have a bit of fun!"

Sanada felt like his frown was soon going to be permanently etched onto his face. His hand tingled with the urge to just backhand Niou across the face and leave.

"By the way, this here is Yagyuu." said Niou, pointing to the businessman with whom he was joined at the hand with.

The man in the business suit came forward and nodded his head to Sanada.

"Nice to meet you." said Yagyuu politely, extending out his unoccupied hand for a greeting. Sanada shook the hand briefly, his mind filled with nothing but plans about how he could make his escape without his friends noticing.

"Come, that table over there's free." said Niou, pointing to the left. "Yagyuu, I'll pay you a drink. And you better come too, Sanada, or else I will paint your new couch and curtains bright pink."

Niou proceeded to drag Yagyuu to a small table nearby. Sanada sighed, following them. It was never a good idea to take Niou's threats lightly. The trickster was very likely to remain true to his word and Sanada did not feel like buying a new couch.

Maybe things wouldn't be too bad now, thought Sanada, taking a chair on the opposite side of Niou and Yagyuu. The man with the Kansai dialect who had flirted with him was still at the bar and Niou was too distracted with his latest catch to pay much attention to Sanada. Hopefully it meant Sanada still had a chance at being invisible for the next few hours until it was time to leave.

And then Sanada had the unpleasant experience of having to sit awkwardly at the table while Niou decided that making out with Yagyuu right then and there was a great idea.

Sanada exhaled in exasperation. Watching two people sitting in front of him and sucking each other's tongue was really not what Sanada wanted to see. Plus some girls had begun gathering around them now, squealing in shrill voices and taking pictures with their cellphones.

He will never understand girls, thought Sanada, feeling his headache gaining strength. His sipped his Ponta again, reattempting his invisibility plan by sinking into his chair.

Yanagi decided to make his reappearance at that moment. The data man's hair was dishevelled and his clothes ripped in some place. Apparently the dance floor was a dangerous place.

"Heyyy, where have you been, my data man?" asked Niou, pulling away from Yagyuu for a second.

"Ah, I was mingling." said Yanagi, claiming his own seat beside Yagyuu. "And I noticed Sanada was brooding over here quite a bit."

"I told you I didn't want to come here." said Sanada in his defence.

"That's why I took the liberty of going out and finding a nice employee to come keep you company. He should be here soon." finished Yanagi.

Sanada choked on his juice, coughing hysterically. "You went out and got me a stripper?" yelled Sanada as if Yanagi had just lost his mind. Niou snickered at Sanada's face, the sound muffled when Yagyuu captured the trickster's lips in another searing kiss.

Yanagi attempted to straighten up his hair and shirt. "I believe the correct term is an erotic dancer-"

"I don't care! So back down there and cancel it!" shouted Sanada, visibly flustered.

"Don't worry, Genichirou. You are making a big deal of nothing. You look so lonely and you might have up to 43% more fun if you just let your inhibitions go for-"

"Do you want me to slap you?" Sanada demanded, raising his hand threateningly.

"Oh dear, has there been a misunderstanding?" said a gentle and unfamiliar voice from behind Sanada.

Sanada froze. Oh Great. The stripper guy was already here. Just fantastic, thought Sanada, glaring accusingly at his friend. Yanagi looked up past Sanada's head.

"Ah, good, you're here. Don't worry, everything is fine. Genichirou here is just being stubborn." said Yanagi, smiling apologetically.

Sanada growled. It looks like Yanagi couldn't be counted on today. The data man wasn't planning on cancelling this at all. Fine then. Sanada didn't care. He'll just have to tell off the performer himself.

Sanada turned around with the full intention of telling the stripper that his services weren't needed when his words caught in his throat.

The moment Sanada's eyes caught sight of the person behind him, all of his thoughts were wiped clear from his mind. The young man behind him was fully clothed, unlike the other dancers, although his pants were the same leather material and his shirt was a delicate see-through color. But the clothes were not what made Sanada stop and gap. Looking up at the young man's face, Sanada couldn't help but think that this person was possibly the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

The dancer had delicate pale skin and large gorgeous cerulean eyes that gave him an almost ethereal appearance. His hair went just a little past his chin and it was of a dark wavy texture, a veil to his rounded face. When the lights hit the young man's head, it showed that his hair was actually a dark blue hue, matching his eyes.

Sanada swallowed thickly, forgetting what he had been about to say. Stripper or not, Sanada couldn't help but undergo the sensation of being instantly smitten by this young man. The dancer smiled angelically at him and Sanada felt a definite warmth run along his cheeks.

"Stay here with him please, Yukimura-san." said Yanagi, pointing to Sanada. "Sanada-kun is rather mopey and can use cheering up."

"Of course." said the navy-haired young man. Yukimura, thought Sanada, hearing the name of the stripper. The name was oddly fitting and Sanada repeated it in his mind, hoping it wasn't a pseudo. Yukimura pulled up the last chair and sat down right next to Sanada, close enough so that their knees brushed. Sanada felt his breath catch.

Niou was still kissing Yagyuu, too busy to pay Sanada any attention. Yanagi sipped at his own drink, winking at Sanada before turning his chair around in a small gesture of privacy.

"So, Sanada-san, was it?" said Yukimura, smiling pleasantly.

"Y-Yes." said Sanada, ashamed to hear the nervous stutter in his throat.

"My name is Yukimura. It's a pleasure to meet you." said Yukimura.

Sanada's mind whirled. What was he supposed to do in this situation? Should he order Yukimura a drink? He didn't know if strippers were allowed to drink on the job, but that didn't mean Sanada couldn't chance it.

"Do you… want something to drink?" Sanada asked.

"Mm, no thank you. I'm afraid I'm not a huge fan of alcohol." said Yukimura. "But thank you for offering."

Sanada raised his can of Ponta. "Cheers to that then." he said, taking a sip. Yukimura laughed lightly and Sanada marvelled at the delightful sound, feeling like he had just accomplished something great by the simple act of making this stunning young man laugh.

Sanada then sighed, knowing he couldn't really fool himself into thinking that someone as pretty as Yukimura would actually enjoy being around someone awkward like him. He tugged down at his cap, choosing to face the harsh reality head-on before he become too besotted.

"Renji paid you to stay here, right?" asked Sanada, frowning down at his hands.

"He did." said Yukimura.

"Ah…" Sanada felt like it was a stab to his stomach. Of course Yukimura wouldn't be here otherwise. "It's fine you know… if you don't want to be here. The least I want to do is force you to stay here with some depressing stranger."

Yukimura looked surprised. "That's the first time a customer has told me that, Sanada-san. Either you are as depressive and mopey as your friend mentioned… or perhaps you just really wish to be rid of me." He showed his teeth in a feral smile. "So which is it?"

"N-No!" Sanada said quickly. Getting rid of Yukimura was the last thing Sanada wanted to do. "That's not it at all, Yukimura-san. I'm just… i-it just seems unfair to force you to stay here if you don't want to…"

"Well, it is my job to make customers feel welcome here." said Yukimura. He leaned forward, elbow on the table and regarding Sanada in a curious manner. "I wouldn't be doing my job professionally if I simply left now."

Sanada couldn't deny that he felt thrilled at Yukimura's answer, knowing the dancer wasn't going to leave him so soon. "Hn. It makes sense." said Sanada, not knowing what else to say

"And I can assure you, Sanada-san, that you aren't depressing at all from what I've seen." Yukimura added.

Actually, Sanada was rather peculiar, thought Yukimura, observing the nervous twitch and movements the taller male executed. Yukimura couldn't deny that Sanada was quite handsome, with a definite air of masculinity hovering around him. But despite that, Sanada did not seem confident nor comfortable in such a place.

"Tell me, why don't you like night clubs?" asked Yukimura lightly. He was usually required to keep a casual conversation going unless they were dancing, but this time the question was laced with Yukimura's own curiosity.

Sanada shrugged. "There's a lot of things I don't like. The music is too loud, there's always some loud drunks around that cause trouble, I don't like dancing and…" Sanada pondered, not quite knowing how to put it into proper words. "I don't know, it just feels like you are constantly being watched. I'm simply not at ease in these types of crowds."

"Hmm… well I would hardly be surprised if others were watching you." said Yukimura. "You are quite nice to look at."

Sanada turned his head away, unsure of how to respond to that. Luckily the room was dim, hiding the reddening in his cheeks. He had been flirted on by others in the past, such as the creep with the Kansai accent from the bar, but never had someone as beautiful and exquisite as Yukimura complimented him in such a way.

"T-Thank you?" said Sanada, managing to make it sound more like a question. "You are… you too… you're nice to look at…" Sanada added, sounding lame and unconvincing to his own ears.

Yukimura's smile widened at the awkward response. "I'm flattered." he purred. "You mentioned you didn't enjoy dancing either. Why the aversion to it? You might enjoy clubs a bit more if you did dance."

"It's not that I detest it... I'm simply not much of a dancer." admitted Sanada.

"Is that so?" said Yukimura. "That isn't too bad. At least you are admitting to having a dance incompetence. There are many who come in here every night, thinking they dance very well but end up looking utterly ridiculous doing so; especially those who've had too much to drink."

Sanada nodded, a tiny smile lifting the corner of his lips. "Yes, I would think drunks wouldn't have the greatest balance on the dance floor."

"Exactly! Just last week, an old man was so drunk that he spilled his drink all over me while he was dancing." Yukimura said, chuckling silently as he thought back, remembering how irritated he had been at the time.

"I hope he spilled a decent drink on you." said Sanada.

Yukimura shook his head. "No such luck. Whatever he spilled on me made me stink of whiskey and rum for the rest of my shift." Yukimura wrinkled his nose when he remembered. It was funny looking back at it now though, plus it made for an execellent story. Sanada laughed not-so-quietly, as if the thought of Yukimura getting drenched in heavy alcohol was the funniest thing he had ever heard,

"Ah, the perils of the dance floor." said Sanada, frame shaking with laughter.

"Indeed." said Yukimura. Those blue eyes were twinkling with amusement, attention fully focused on only Sanada. "Ah, so you can smile, Sanada-san." he said.

Sanada coughed, pulling down on the rim of his cap. "Everyone can smile." he said.

"Yes, but it's still a relief. When I first heard you screaming at your friend earlier, I was afraid you were the angry and grouchy type." said Yukimura. "I'm happy to know my assumption was incorrect."

Yukimura's hand went to Sanada's knee, the one that was touching Yukimura's own leg. The supple fingers caressed Sanada's clothed kneecap, moving up and lightly squeezing his thigh. Sanada sucked in a breath.

"About your inability to dance... I am not a master myself, but perhaps I can teach you a few moves?" said Yukimura through half-lidded eyes, his smile upturned suggestively.

Sanada swallowed thickly, sensing a sudden seriousness emitting from Yukimura, heating up the leg where Yukimura was touching him. "P-Perhaps another time." said Sanada. He didn't want to make a fool of himself just yet. Yukimura pursed his lips and Sanada took the chance to look away, focusing on the stage as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

A new song started, an upbeat pounding that rocked the building. A fresh dancer stepped up on stage, ready to start a new routine and stripping himself of his pants in one fluid move. Sanada hadn't been paying attention to the performers before, but the one on stage now made him do a double-take. The stripper on the stage had looked like a woman from behind, but now he was circling the center pole, showing off what was definitely a male chest and very shapely legs, running his hands along the metal rod seductively. The stripper moved with confidence, pushing back his honey-brown hair.

"I love this song." said Yukimura, swaying in his seat to the beat. He pointed to the dancer on stage. "This song is Fuji's specialty. Watch, he has the best moves in the whole club."

Sanada's eyes didn't leave the fluid brown-haired young man on the stage, the one Yukimura had named Fuji. Fuji was shorter and slighter than the other strippers, but his every move was done with practiced ease, almost as if he were gliding along the stage. Sanada was hypnotized in the way the brunette moved. When the tempo of the music sped up, Fuji lifted himself up easily, his milky legs surrounding the pole and keeping him up effortlessly as he twirled. Every arch and every twist of Fuji's body was undeniably sexy and it was impossible to not feel attracted to the performance.

"Ah, impressive." agreed Sanada. He had never seen such a performance before, but surely this Fuji must be amongst the best. The flexibility and accuracy needed for it was flawless.

Sanada looked back, shaking his head to regain his senses. As attractive as Fuji's moves were, Sanada couldn't help but wonder if Yukimura also danced like that on some nights. A part of him longed to see Yukimura up there, back arched, hips swaying in a dizzying rhythm and thighs bucking against the metal pole. But in Sanada's imagination, Yukimura was dancing just for him; there was no other audience to see Yukimura's private show.

The capped male's eyes were drawn back to the beauty next to him, his gaze running down the line of Yukimura's sensuous body, looking down at the see-through shirt Yukimura wore. Sanada had no trouble seeing the slim waist and lean abdomen that lay beneath it. He wondered why Yukimura was the only one still wearing it; all the other dancers were topless.

"I just started my shift so no one has asked me to take it off yet." said Yukimura, catching Sanada staring and practically reading his mind.

Sanada blinked, surprised for a moment at Yukimura's quick wit. "So you take off your clothes the moment someone asks you to?" he asked

"Only if that person is a client and pays for it." said Yukimura. "It is my job after all."

Sanada bit his tongue. Right. It was his job. Sanada knew he had no right to object to that, especially seeing that Yukimura was practically a stranger to him.

"Of course, I don't take everything off. The shirts come off easily but only the head dancers, the ones who have a dance routine on stage, take off their pants. We don't strip down more than that." said Yukimura.

Fuji's performance ended. The audience clapped and cheered, yelling for an encore. Sanada and Yukimura also clapped politely until Fuji had retreated backstage.

Sanada was internally struggling, trying hard not to think about Yukimura without clothes... not a single material cloaking his perfect body. The question from before arose in Sanada's mind and it slipped out of his lips before he could stop it. "Do you have a dance routine too, Yukimura-kun?"

Sanada immediately regretted asking. It was none of his business if Yukimura pranced around the stage practically naked on other nights. Sanada wanted to slap himself for asking.

Luckily, Yukimura seemed to think nothing of it, his tone teasing. "Why? Do you want to see me dancing up there?"

"N-Not really. I mean, I'm sure you would be good but… I mean… y-you can just do whatever you want." said Sanada, stuttering and feeling his entire face heating up, all the way to the tips of his ears.

Yukimura chuckled lightly. "Don't worry, Sanada-san. I haven't been here long enough to have my own dance routine yet. I mostly mingle with the clients on the dance floor and get tips from dancing with them. Sometimes they will pay extra for more, but that's all."

Sanada sipped at his Ponta calmly, swallowing very slowly.

"I see…" he said as serenely as he could even if he was blazing on the inside. "What do you mean by paying extra for more?"

Yukimura's answer was a mocking smile. "I mean, I am still an entertainer in a strip club. If the client wants something, as long as it is a reasonable request and the proper amount of money is paid, then I am capable of putting in a little additional effort."

"What additional effort?" growled Sanada, wanting Yukimura to get straight to the point without beating around the bush. He wasn't feeling particularly patient now and Yukimura's teasing was not helping.

Yukimura's gaze was challenging, looking straight back into Sanada's eyes. "Why don't you find out for yourself?"

Sanada felt like he needed a real drink now. He realized how awful he must be sounding to be demanding answers in such an impatient tone. Sanada leaned back in his chair, biting his tongue to stop himself from saying something he would later regret.

Yukimura let out that infuriating chuckle once more, his fingers playing with the rim of Sanada's Ponta can. Sanada looked down at it idly, trying desperately to make himself see reason. Really, who was he to get jealous and possessive of someone he had just met? This whole thing was absurd.

"Don't frown so much, Sanada-san. You'll get wrinkles." said Yukimura.

"I wouldn't have to frown if you weren't being so difficult and secretive." countered Sanada, crossing his arms.

"Oh, but it's no fun otherwise." said Yukimura. Sanada's face was so close to a pout that Yukimura couldn't help but find it rather cute. "Besides, it's not much of a secret. It's common sense that customers in a strip club can pay extra to have a striptease or even a lap dance."

The reveal made Sanada exhale in relief.

"Ah…" Sanada said. Thank goodness. His mind had been imagining far worst things. Sanada shook his head. No... just because Yukimura's profession was that of an erotic dancer didn't mean he was the type who slept with anyone. Sanada mentally slapped himself for having such thoughts.

Yukimura observed Sanada in the same curious way as before, as if pondering something. Then suddenly, Yukimura stood up. "Would you like a demonstration?" the bluenette asked, his tone low and husky.

Sanada was snapped out of his thoughts, wondering if he had heard correctly. He held his breath for a second, trying to wrap his mind around what Yukimura was hinting at.

"I-I don't have money on me." said Sanada.

"It's my treat." replied Yukimura. He shifted, standing behind Sanada's chair, his hands finding Sanada's shoulders, stroking and squeezing invitingly. Yukimura couldn't resist. Sanada may have the appearance of a large muscular type of guy, but he just seemed so innocent. Besides, it wasn't everyday that Yukimura was assigned to a client who sat down and did nothing but talk to him as if he were a real human being, not an employee or an inferior person. Yukimura lowered his mouth close to Sanada's ear, breathing against it and feeling Sanada shiver in response. "What do you say, Sanada-san?"

Sanada's mouth was dry. "Do you do this to all your clients or is this one of your generous days?" he asked.

"Hmm…" Yukimura pondered it for a second. He indicated for Sanada to push his chair back so that he could step between the seated man and the table. "Neither. I've simply met a kind man who caught my attention." Yukimura's hand came forward, lightly brushing Sanada's cheek before retreating. Sanada heard the squeals of girls from around him but he honestly did not care right now. His whole body felt hot, enflamed by Yukimura's touch.

Yukimura smirked down at him, taking Sanada's silence as an affirmative. Yukimura stole Sanada's Ponta and drained the rest of the juice in a long gulp, licking at his lips. He then grabbed the edge of his shirt and pulled it over his head, dumping it on his now abandoned chair. Sanada felt his brain stop functioning at that point. The shirt hadn't really hidden anything, but seeing the smooth torso just inches away as Yukimura stretched his arms up was enough to make Sanada's eyes grow wide.

Yukimura turned around, lowering himself slowly until he was sitting on Sanada's lap, his back to that broad chest. Sanada was assaulted with the smell of lavender, coming from Yukimura's soft-looking hair. The capped male didn't know what to do. As much as Sanada was longing to run his palms along Yukimura's bare sides and mar that silky white neck with eager lips, Sanada settled with keeping his body perfectly still and his hands to his sides. He wouldn't want to chase the bluenette away, not now that Yukimura was right here, a pleasing weight on his lap and a dream come true. Sanada kept his self-control in check, waiting to see what Yukimura would do.

His answer came in the form of Yukimura pressing his hips down, grinding down against the front of Sanada's crotch. Sanada was surprised, the sharp spike of sensation rushing through him, escaping in the form of a gasp. Thankfully the noise was swallowed up by the loud music. The bluenette grinned deviously, repeating the motion, slower, spreading Sanada's legs for more contact to his inner thighs.

"Ngnn!" Sanada gasped, feeling more lost than ever now against the onslaught of pleasure. His heartbeat raced in time to the quick beat of the music. Sanada licked his lips, a keen moan on his lips as Yukimura continuously grated their thighs together. One of Yukimura's arms rushed up, angling around to clutch behind Sanada's neck for leverage. "Oh... Yukimura... ahhh."

Sanada looked down. Yukimura's ass looked so perfectly rounded in those tight pants, so mesmerizing. It didn't take long before Sanada's pants were feeling tight. If Yukimura noticed the distinctive hardness between Sanada's legs, he said nothing about it, continuing his pace uninterrupted.

Sanada's thighs trembled. He found his hips drawing upwards as well, meeting Yukimura's body in a desperate attempt at receiving more friction. His instinct for faster, harder, more drove him forward, his hands clutching Yukimura's waist to secure him as their movements turned even more frantic. Yukimura's sweet bare skin was right there. Sanada's thumb flitted along the edge of Yukimura's pants, floating between perfect translucent skin and the black leather. Yukimura's head turned to the side for a second, giving Sanada a coy smile.

The dancer paused for a second and Sanada groaned, thinking it was over already, that he would be stuck with this lingering desire and smouldering heat in the pit of his stomach. Instead, Yukimura stood up, flashing Sanada the full-view of the bluenette's back and that enthralling behind. Sanada swallowed thickly, his eyes no longer having the will to look away.

Yukimura turned back, facing him. He leaned forward just slightly. His small hand massaged Sanada's knee, an almost comforting gesture amidst the flare of craving. Yukimura's hand proceeded inward, crawling closer and closer, lingering on his inner thigh for what felt like an eternity. Then, those fingers dipped forward, nails scratching the growing bulge and Sanada had to bite his lips to keep from crying out.

"Good?" asked Yukimura.

Sanada nodded helplessly, not trusting his voice. He looked into Yukimura's eyes, trying to convey that he desperately needed more, that it couldn't just end like this.

That was why he nearly breathed out in relief when Yukimura's knees straddled him again, this time facing each other. Sanada's hands could no longer stay still. He wrapped them around Yukimura, his rough fingers running along Yukimura's silken back, sliding down to the tight leather and squeezing firmly.

Yukimura voiced no complains. The bluenette's skin appeared to have taken on a pink tinge, his eyes glazed over. Yukimura's hands planted themselves on both of Sanada's shoulder for leverage. And then, right when Sanada felt that nothing could be better, Yukimura moved.

The tempo increased to a merciless pace, always faster until they were humping each other in earnest like two desperate teenagers who had just discovered masturbation. Sanada heard Yukimura's letting out little gasps against his ear and Sanada realized at that moment that he wasn't going to last, and worse; he was still in public.

Sanada jerked. "Wait, ngh! Yukimura- s-stop, I-I'm-"

Sanada didn't say it on time. One second Yukimura's hips were frantically pushing up against his and the next second, all of Sanada's muscles were strung tight as he shuddered and went limp in the chair, breathing deeply in an attempt to regain his senses. Yukimura paused, his brain clicking into place what had happened.

Yukimura's mouth installed itself close to Sanada's ear once more. "Sanada-san, did you just…?"

Sanada blushed profusely, mortified that he had just come in his own pants from a simple round of grinding. He nodded. "S-Sorry…" he said. God, this was so embarrassing. Now he became aware of the attention they had amassed. Several girls were now watching them more than they were watching Niou, hooting with glee. Sanada felt a bead of sweat run down his neck. Niou was never going to let him live this down if he found out.

Looking down, Sanada could see a dark wet spot on the front of his grey pants. Damn… There was no way he could hide it. Niou would see it… no, not just Niou; everyone would see it, Sanada realized in dismay. The light-headed feeling of his orgasm was still humming through his body, mixing with Sanada's now panicked state.

Yukimura looked noticing the stain as well. "It's alright, Sanada-san." he whispered. "It was just unexpected. But… I don't think walking around with those pants is a safe bet."

"Ah…" agreed Sanada. At least Yukimura was being sensitive to his dilemma and not leaving him alone to face the embarrassment. Actually, it was thanks to Yukimura still situated above his hips that Sanada was able to hide it.

"I can get you new pants." said Yukimura. He whispered secretly, as if they were plotting a secret mission. "The back door is in the far corner. If we walk carefully with me in front to cover you, then no one will have to know."

Sanada nodded, not having much other choice in the matter. He followed Yukimura's lead, carefully standing up with their hips still close together. They walked away, Sanada nearly stumbling over Yukimura's feet a few times because of their close proximity. When Niou looked up and saw the sight of Yukimura dragging Sanada into the backroom, he wolf-whistled and shouted "Way to go, Sanada! You da man!", making Sanada's face flame in yet more embarrassment.

Sanada was all too relieved when they reached the back door. He sprinted in the darkness and Yukimura closed the door behind them, blocking out a lot of music and making Sanada's ears ring.

Sanada let out a breath of relief. "Thank you. You're a lifesaver." he said.

Yukimura waved it off. "It's partly my fault that you soiled your pants. I couldn't just leave you there. Don't worry. I don't think anyone noticed."

"I certainly hope not." said Sanada, looking down at his dirty pants. His crotch area felt really sticky and gross now. He's going to owe Yukimura big time after this.

"Come with me." said Yukimura, grabbing Sanada's hand and dragging him down the hallway that was for staff only. The place was very dark with no lights being on to illuminate their path, but Yukimura knew where he was going. Yukimura shivered lightly, his torso bare to the chilly air. Sanada was lucky because they ran into no other staff members on the way.

The hall was empty, holding nothing but several wooden doors on both sides. They stopped at Room 03, one that had Yukimura's name among the three listed. Sanada looked at the kanji of Yukimura's name, seeing that the dancer's first name was Seiichi.

Yukimura opened the door to his dressing room, holding it so that Sanada could walk in first.

"You know, this is the first time I've actually brought a client back to my dressing room." said Yukimura with a giggle. He closed the door behind him, hoping his co-worker who shared the dressing room wouldn't be coming back for a while. "It feels so risqué, doesn't it?"

"I guess." said Sanada, shifting uneasily. He looked around the room. It wasn't big. There was a huge vanity on one side, complete with an enormous mirror and lights. Lotions and brushes were layered on the table in a messy array. A small red couch was up against the wall. There were also three large wooden wardrobes, one for each occupant, Sanada assumed. It was quite cramped, every corner taken up by something and clothes hung haphazardly on top of each piece of furniture.

"I share this dressing room with two others." said Yukimura. "Shiraishi isn't working today and Fuji's shift doesn't end for another while, so we shouldn't have to worry about them coming in." Sanada grunted, standing there awkwardly as Yukimura opened one of the wardrobes and shifted through the clothes.

"I'm sure Shiraishi won't mind if you borrow one of his pants." said Yukimura. Shiraishi was the tallest of the room's three occupants, so his pants had the greatest chance of fitting Sanada.

"Looks like I'll owe it to him too." grumbled Sanada.

Yukimura laughed, pulling a few pairs of pants from the first wardrobe. "He doesn't have to know. He rarely ever wears half of these pants." Yukimura put down the clothing articles he found. Luckily Shiraishi was a health freak and had quite a few loose sweatpants for when he exercised.

Sanada looked down at the pants, happy to note that none of them were tight leather. They all looked a bit too small, but Sanada couldn't afford to be picky now.

Sanada picked up the loosest pair he found and began unbuttoning his own pants.

Yukimura watched, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Hmm… I suppose it will seem odd for you to walk out with a new pair of pants. What will be your explanation?"

Sanada froze. Crap. Yanagi would notice the change for sure. Sanada had to think of an excuse or else the others will find out what had really happened.

"W-What should I say?" said Sanada.

Yukimura hummed, deep in thought. He approached Sanada, resting his hand lightly on Sanada's half-exposed hip. Sanada held his breath.

"Well, since your friends are most likely to think that I dragged you back to my dressing room in order to have sex with you… I suppose you can just say you lost your pants as we were frantically clawing at each other in a desperate attempt to undress." said Yukimura matter-of-factly.

There was no way his blush could get any redder, thought Sanada. "No way." he said firmly.

Yukimura rose an eyebrow, his hand retreating. "You can think of a better excuse?"

"No but… I'm not good at lying. Renji will know for sure. And Niou too… that idiot will blackmail me for the rest of my life if he finds out." said Sanada. "I can't lie about this… especially since I've never really… done it." He looked away in embarrassment at what he had just admitted.

Yukimura sounded surprised to say the least. "You've never slept with anyone before?"

Sanada shook his head.

"But… you're so handsome. Don't tell me no one has ever been interested in you." said Yukimura. What a waste. And Sanada seemed so kind-natured, unlike the arrogant musclemen that often frequented the place.

"No… there have been offers." said Sanada slowly. "I've just never really been interested in anyone before."

"Ah, so no one has caught your eye." said Yukimura. "That's hard to believe, Sanada-san. Surely there must have been one person you liked. Perhaps you have a childhood crush you never got over or an unrequited love?"

"That's not-"

"You can tell me. It's the least you can do after I saved you from embarrassment. You owe me." said Yukimura, reminding the taller man.

Sanada swallowed heavily, feeling like a trapped mouse in the hands of a small cat. "I wasn't interested in anyone." Sanada repeated. He then hesitated before adding, "But… you are very… nice Yukimura-san."

Sanada never thought he would fall for a stripper for all people, but he had definitely been hypnotized by Yukimura's beauty the moment he had laid eyes on him. Yukimura seemed so well-grounded and kind even if he did have a sharp wicked streak.

Yukimura blinked. "Oh... I'm flattered, Sanada-san." said Yukimura, unable to deny how happy it made him to hear that. At that moment, Yukimura decided that it really would be far too much of a waste to let Sanada go just like that. And really, with the way Sanada was talking, the capped man was practically asking to be taken in.

Yukimura's casual upturn of lips hid his secret intention, one that was ready to tempt Sanada just enough to get the desired result.

The bluenette was suddenly very close to Sanada, his fingers leaning in and toying with the edge of Sanada's briefs.

"Y-Yukimura-san?" said Sanada, jumping at the light touch.

"Shh." Yukimura said, his eyes glossy. A single digit went up, tracing Sanada's lower lip tentatively. "Let me." Sanada's pants were already loose and low on his hips. It took no effort for Yukimura to shimmy them down. He was pleased to find that Sanada offered no resistance.

Yukimura smiled against the heat of Sanada's neck, pressing his body flush against the taller male. His hands rubbed circles along Sanada's chest, continuing to move downward. Sanada's chest felt firm and well-toned from what Yukimura could feel through the black material of the shirt.

"I had quite a pleasant time with you today, Sanada-san." whispered Yukimura.

Sanada was well-aware of the returning heat in his pants. He backed up, away from Yukimura hands. No, Yukimura couldn't see him like this. He would think that Sanada had no self-control to be getting hard again from such light touches.

But Yukimura would have none of it. He continued to approach, letting Sanada back away until his back was against the door. Then Yukimura pinned him there, one knee spreading Sanada's legs open. Sanada's face was that of a lost puppy, unsure of what to do even if his skin was flushed and the front of his briefs were straining.

Sanada obviously worked out quite a bit, thought Yukimura as his hands found muscular inner thighs, massaging languidly and watching as Sanada closed his eyes, his breath starting to come in quick pants. Yukimura teased him, the delicate touches roaming hips and exploring thighs, but never touching the growing bulge.

When Yukimura traced the outline of the hardness between Sanada's thighs, Sanada let out a pitiful-sounding whimper.

"I'm sorry." gasped Sanada.

Yukimura paused, raising an eyebrow. "What for?"

"F-For… this." said Sanada, looking down between his legs, ashamed that he wasn't able to keep his desire in check. He hoped Yukimura didn't think he was disgusting.

Yukimura laughed, slightly muffling the sound against Sanada's throat, planting light kisses along the tanned skin. "You have nothing to be sorry for, Sanada-san." he muttered.

"B-But- Ah!" Sanada gasped when Yukimura finally pressed the palm of his hand against the heat, pressing his thumb down where he felt the tip was, on an area that was already wet from earlier, soaking through the material. Sanada groaned, Yukimura's name a chant of his lips.

So responsive, thought Yukimura, sucking on a patch of skin at the base of Sanada's throat. He dipped his hand inside the underwear's material, giving Sanada one long stroke. Sanada moaned, biting his lips and failing to trap the noise in his throat. Sanada was no longer looking uncertain, his eyes half-lidded and needy. Instead, he was now pressing up for more.

"Good?" asked Yukimura, nuzzling his head into Sanada's neck.

Sanada looked overwhelmed, nearly unable to respond properly. "Yes." he whispered. He gasped when Yukimura went further, massaging the sensitive skin of his balls, stroking them idly before moving all the way back up again. "Yes." He moaned again, mouth open as he heaved air in thick gulps.

"Ah…" answered Yukimura, breathy. Sanada's neck was layered with lovebites. Yukimura decided it would be better to move things along; Sanada wouldn't last long at this rate.

He gave Sanada's throat a final nip before pulling his hand back, wet with the dripping pre-come. Sanada groaned, his hips thrusting into nothing, feeling empty and cold. Yukimura flashed him a smile before dropping down on his knees, between Sanada's trembling thighs.

"Yu-Yukimura, y-you don't-" Sanada began, eyes wide with the sight of Yukimura pulling the briefs down to Sanada's knees, showing his thick erection standing at full attention, white droplets oozing down from the tip.

Yukimura was aware of the distinctive hardness trapped in his own leather pants, tight and uncomfortable. But he pushed it out of his mind. His own desire could wait until another time. Right now, Yukimura was so close to capturing Sanada for good.

He brought his mouth forward, slightly opened and breathing hot air onto Sanada's cock.

"Ngh... Yukimura!" said Sanada, looking down between his legs and seeing those pink lips so close to his throbbing length. Only a small movement would close the distance.

Yukimura chuckled. "I'm not even touching you, Sanada-san." he said. But he quickly decided that Sanada had gotten enough teasing for one day. Yukimura stuck out his tongue tentatively, rasping the leaking tip with the lightest touch.

Sanada's reaction was immediate. His head slammed back and hit the door. Yukimura's tongue probed the head, moving down to lap at the crown and touching the underside with circular motions. Sanada groaned, riding out the sensations in waves. His muscles were tensing, his hands twitching as if looking for something to grasp as Yukimura caressed him with agonizing strokes.

"H-Haa!" Sanada shuddered violently when Yukimura's actions became bolder. His tongue retreated and then Yukimura's lips were open, swallowing him in. "Hnn… Yuki… mura…"

It didn't take much more than that for Sanada to reach his peak. Yukimura brought him far into his mouth, humming softly. Sanada then cried out, his back arched against the door and the tension snapping as he spurted out his essence into Yukimura's mouth.

Sanada's face was contorted as he gulped in air, slumping against the wood of the door. Yukimura made sure Sanada was fully spent before swallowing the creamy liquid, licking him clean.

Yukimura stood back up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and looking very satisfied. "Well, wasn't that nice?" he purred, looking at Sanada's sagging form.

Sanada attempted to recompose himself. His eyes went to Yukimura's lips, looking like he couldn't believe what had just happened. "Oh my god." said Sanada, not sure whether to be mortified or impressed. "Y-You just… on my... oh my god."

"You really should get out of those pants now." pointed out Yukimura, handing Sanada the pair of jogging pants that had fallen to the ground.

Sanada nodded, feeling like he was in a dreamlike trance as he kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the pants and underpants that had pooled down to his ankles. He stepped into the jogging pants quickly. They were rather short for him, showing his ankles, but anything was better than his other pair with the big wet spot in the front.

"Sorry that I have no underpants to lend you." said Yukimura, looking at Sanada up and down. "But it doesn't show. You'll be fine like this."

Yukimura was feeling exceptionally triumphant, seeing Sanada looking at the bluenette's pale torso, then down at his pants. Yukimura had won this match. What he had given Sanada had been just a sample of the real thing. There was so much more to be had and Sanada knew it.

There was absolutely no doubt in Yukimura's mind that Sanada was now trapped in his grasp. Sanada would definitely come back, seeking more than just a quick blowjob. This tall and handsome man was definitely what Yukimura had been desiring. The fact that Sanada was a nice and untainted boy was a bonus. He could tell that this was the start of something.

Yukimura laughed again when Sanada stood there silently before lowering into a full bow.

"There's no need for that, Sanada-san." said Yukimura. "I was glad to help out."

Apparently Sanada had been rendered speechless because he merely nodded, not uttering a word... or perhaps he was not sure about what one should say in these circumstances.

Sanada had never guessed that such a thing would have happened. He had liked Yukimura from the first second they had met and had hoped to perhaps spend a nice evening talking to the bluenette… but this was completely beyond all expectations. Sanada still felt hot, remembering the feeling of Yukimura's mouth on him. He knew he wouldn't sleep that night, his mind overcome with thoughts of Yukimura.

So he felt sad when Yukimura opened the door, saying they couldn't stay here for long in case someone spotted them.

Yukimura walked Sanada back down the dark hallway. They were quiet on the way there, all the way until they stopped right behind the door that separated the club from this private and silent hall.

"Well, I can't keep you here forever." said Yukimura. "I have a job to do for the next few hours. I suppose this is good-bye."

Sanada nodded numbly, not feeling like leaving just yet. Once they stepped out of this hall, they would part ways. Yukimura would go dance with other men and Sanada would go on home, not knowing if he would ever see Yukimura again.

Sanada reached forward, wrapping his arms tentatively around Yukimura's lithe figure. The bluenette froze with shock but then melted into the warmth, letting himself lay in the sanctuary of Sanada's arms. Sanada breathed in the scent of Yukimura, the feel of him in his arms. He wanted to savour this moment, to memorize how Yukimura felt as he held him.

He didn't seem to want to go, but Sanada pulled back his arms, looking at Yukimura as if he were the only thing in the world that mattered.

"I... I'll see you around then." said Sanada, a promise of seeing each other again. He opened the door. "Thank you for everything."

It was the last words Yukimura caught before their voices were drowned in the loud music. Sanada left the back hall, walking back to the table he had been at previously, one where his friends were still seated. Yukimura smiled, standing in the doorway and looking fondly up ahead at the odd man for whom he had developed a strange affection for.

Footsteps sounded from behind him and Yukimura turned back, seeing a small figure emerging from the darkness of the hallway.

Fuji smiled at him, his eyes only slightly open and showing a piercing blue. "Saa… what a handsome man." Fuji said, knowingly. "He seems nice." The shorter dancer was looking forward at Sanada's table.

"Eavesdropping is not nice, Fuji. Just how much did you see?" said Yukimura.

"I was hiding under the couch in our dressing room, so I saw pretty much everything." replied Fuji, smile not faltering for a second.

Yukimura jolted in shock. "W-What? You saw when I-"

Fuji laughed, seeing Yukimura's mortified expression. "I'm only joking, Yukimura. I was merely walking backstage and saw him hug you." His eyes gleamed wickedly. "But since you just admitted to it… what exactly did you do in the dressing room with him?"

Yukimura shook his head in disbelief though his eyes were laughing. "You are terrible, Fuji." He paused. "I'll tell you later."

Yukimura never took a client backstage before so this man must have been quite something, thought Fuji. "I'll hold you to that promise, Yukimura."

"Of course you will." said Yukimura. His head turned back to Sanada's table. He was disappointed to see that Sanada and his friends were standing up, ready to leave.

Sanada looked back for a second, gaze hopefully and then softening when then saw Yukimura still there. Yukimura waved back at him. Then, just like that, Sanada walked away and left the building.

Yukimura sighed, the only thing keeping him there was knowing that Sanada was going to come back another day.

Fuji grabbed Yukimura arm. "Come on, a bit of dancing will cheer you up." said the brunette.

Yukimura let out a loud exhale. "Fine." he said, following Fuji to the dance floor. "But if someone drops their drink of me again, I'm holding you personally responsible."