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I suck at romance junk but here goes one.

A Ranger Valentine

Chapter 1: Plans

"Gilan! You're late. How long does it take somebody to pick up coffee?" Halt said as his apprentice walked through the door to the cabin.

"Sorry Halt. I had to make plans with Rose." Gilan said her name as if it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Why? Didn't you just see her yesterday? And how do you know I'll let you off to see her tomorrow?" Halt snapped.

"It's Valentine's Day, how could you not let me off?" Gilan smiled. "Besides, don't you have plans with Pauline?"

"Shut up and eat your breakfast." If it were even possible, Gilan had just made Halt even more agitated than he had already been. He hated having his coffee late almost as much as he hated Gilan making fun of his feelings for Pauline.

Gilan sat down and looked at his breakfast. "Well do you?" He said through a mouthful.

"Do I what?" Halt started making his coffee.

"Have plans with Pauline." Gilan took another mouthful.

"No." Halt turned his back to Gilan.

"Why not? Shouldn't you make some plans? You could take her to the dance."

"No, I don't dance. Just shut up and eat your breakfast."

"Fine. I didn't know you could be so grumpy. Especially before Valentine's Day." Gilan looked at Halt and saw the veins in his neck pop out a little bit. He smiled; making Halt mad could be so much fun.

"If you do as your told today and don't mess with any of my stuff, you can have tomorrow off," Halt said grudgingly. He hated letting Gilan off, but he hated being teased more.

"Thank you Halt!" Gilan jumped up and hugged his mentor just to annoy him. He then shot out of the cabin.