A/N: This is the first installment of yet another fic I've been toying with for a while. I wanted something that didn't exactly follow a storyline, so I could write when inspired and not really be leaving anyone hanging plot-wise.

In any J/N I write, canon, AH, AU, whatever, the one thing I always keep in mind is that they are truly soul mates. That's the point of Jake and Nessie. So whatever their personalities or interests, they are still perfectly suited for each other.

This is a series of stand-alones about finding your soul mate. This short, first piece is canon - the rest will not be. Most will probably be AH, unless I specify otherwise. I'll do my best to update tomorrow. Please let me know what you thin

Disclaimer: Kismet is a word of Turkish origin, meaning fate. I do not own it. I didn't even come up with it - that was the work of the lovely BlackImprint. She also helped me through the summary fiasco, so I hope you like that as well. I'd love to hear what you think. As always, I own nothing but the words.



Cold. Hard. Bright.

Not soft like Momma. Not warm like before.

Quiet voice. But not Momma. Not Daddy. Not good voice. Where was good voice?

Quiet voice sings nice. But good voice is better. Quiet voice too pretty. Bright, bright. Want Momma.

"Sh, sh, sh." Quiet voice. "I've got you."

Everything moves. No see quiet voice. Quiet voice moves, everything moves.

Feel. Pull. Like leaving Momma. But not scary. Not bad.

New one. Not bright. Pull more.

See eyes. Pull hard.

Good voice?

"H-hey there."

Good voice. Love good voice.